Hulk -- The Redneck Hugh Hefner

9/11/2008 1:52 PM PDT

Hulk -- The Redneck Hugh Hefner

If it weren't for Hulk Hogan's mullet, orange skin and matching bandana, you'd swear this was Hugh Hefner and his bottle blonde girls next door.

Hulk was snapped in Miami with his 20-year-old daughter Brooke, while holding his creepy Brooke-alike girlfriend Jennifer McDaniel -- or was it the other way around?!

Just like Hef's harem, they're one big happy family.

Kanye Attack Caught on Tape

We just got the video of Kanye West grabbing a still photog's camera at LAX this morning.

You see Kanye (in a gray hooded sweatshirt) and his bodyguard/road manager (in the red) grabbing the camera away from the photog. It appears the bodyguard, Don Crowley, gets the camera and Kanye gets the lighting component. Crowley smashes the camera to the ground and Kanye does the same with the light.

Erik, our camera guy, then comes closer and the bodyguard then comes up and wrestles his camera away, ultimately breaking it.

As we first reported, both Kanye and his bodyguard were arrested for vandalism. They're both being held on $20,000 bail.

"Benson": 'Memba Him?!

Robert Guillaume is best known for playing sassy butler Benson DuBois on the '70s TV series "Soap" and later on his own '80s spin-off "Benson." Guess what he looks like now!

As a Lawyer, Star Objects to Divorce Questions

The pappers outside Mr. Chow were congratulating Ms. Jones on her divorce -- only in L.A. folks -- but Al's ex wasn't having it.

Kim K Hauls Butt in 90210

It's not exactly OJ, but guess what we found out? Kim Kardashian has the long arm of the law around her waist -- she was popped yesterday for speeding in a school zone.

It happened in Bev Hills, when Kim was going from "Dancing With the Stars" rehearsal to her home to shoot the even lamer "Keeping Up with the Kardashians." She took it like a man, not even arguing with the officer who cited her for speeding as well as driving with tinted windows.

Who says Khloe's not an influence on KK?

The Original Angelina

Does Angelina Jolie have all her original parts? Judge for yourself. These photos were taken when she was a teenager.