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Jonas Bros

Lords of the Purity Rings

9/11/2008 2:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Russell Brand be damned! America's favorite Evangelical Christian dandy boy band virgins, the Jonas Brothers, showed off their sexual abstinence bling in London on Wednesday.

Their bodyguard, Jordin Sparks, was nowhere in sight.


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yer mom's soo effin hot!!    

well what the hell on earth are they gonna do with all them teeage girls who flock to their concerts then??! just woo them singing? i'm sure the stage hands and managers'll be happy though.

2235 days ago

c'mon now    

They're gay!!!! And they are missing out on a really good thing. Not
everyone that has sex (guy or girl) is a slut. Jordin Sparks is just
mad cause she can't get laid. She'll get drunk and give it up sooner
or later! hahahahaha

2235 days ago

al loanese    

5. I think #1fitty scent wants him som som Jonas ass but is mad cuzz he cant have it, see the rings are a good thing!!!

Posted at 4:17PM on Sep 11th 2008 by Flower Boy
Naw I aint into homos..cause I am old stale fart....they are as homo as you are freak

2235 days ago


Are you really going to make fun of these boys for having morals? We throw our kids at Miley Cyrus and pray our little girls are "popular" and our "boys will be boys" but you let someone walk on the scene with character and values and we point and laugh?

2235 days ago

c'mon now    

Which one is which? And how old are they? I think Mina M is right! Good call!

2235 days ago


I think the rings are a joke. I seriously can put a ring on my finger right now and declare to the world i'm saving myself for marriage but then a hour later i go and have sex with a guy and no one would ever know because i'm wearing a purity ring. It means nothing. It just a really good cover up. who's to say that the Jonas brothers haven't already had sex with someone. Those rings are just a really good front. we all remember Britney when she first came out saying i'm going to wait until i'm married to have sex much later on we found out what, that she didn't wait. So don't put your trust in apperances alone people.

2235 days ago


Just because someone is saving themselves does not mean they are gay or homos or whatever. I'm so tired of 99.9% of the people that post on this site being complete idiots.

2235 days ago


they took it as a joke..but i still do think its kind of rude.!
nd russell brand was very annoying..he wasnt even funni
..i dont get why hes famous in britain or where ever
he came from..nd even the haters have to agree he was
NOT funni..just retarded

2235 days ago

Angry Democrat 'Sky Blu' from LMFAO attack GOP Romney on Purpose .    

Host Russel Brand tried to turn the MTV event into an Angry Political Rally . Russel Brand really does have hate management issues he needs to get a hold of.

2235 days ago


Didn't Britney have a pledge of purity at one time?? Or was that Christina Aguilara? Either way, purity rings don't mean diddley crap! And, we all know how well preaching abstinence works....ask Sarah Palin. Hmmmm, maybe I will send each of her kids a purity ring.

2235 days ago


Please..these punks are slamming everything in sight just like I was in the 80's

2235 days ago

#645732 - Cell Block H    

You're never too young to be on my list. Just keepin it real.

2235 days ago


Wow. so nt hand jerking allowed too.
These guys are pure.

2235 days ago


Girls will faint over these guys. They are skinnny little boys with middle school band talent. Worth fainting over? Losers.

2235 days ago


for all the people saying that their rings are fake... THEY HAD THEIR RINGS BEFORE THEY WERE FAMOUS! whats so wrong with saving yourself for marriage anyway???

2235 days ago
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