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Kanye Attack

Caught on Tape

9/11/2008 2:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We just got the video of Kanye West grabbing a still photog's camera at LAX this morning.

Click to watch
You see Kanye (in a gray hooded sweatshirt) and his bodyguard/road manager (in the red) grabbing the camera away from the photog. It appears the bodyguard, Don Crowley, gets the camera and Kanye gets the lighting component. Crowley smashes the camera to the ground and Kanye does the same with the light.

Erik, our camera guy, then comes closer and the bodyguard then comes up and wrestles his camera away, ultimately breaking it.

As we first reported, both Kanye and his bodyguard were arrested for vandalism. They're both being held on $20,000 bail.


No Avatar


I love TMZ ! You know what ! Print the mug shot !

That's sweet revenge ! Kanye should know better. Erik keep the camera rolling ! See ya tonight on tv.

2232 days ago

my name is bindy not bindi    

lord love a duck

2232 days ago


What an angry black man! Kayne dear, you need professional help. STAT!

2232 days ago

Mr Manny    

If your rich and famous and have soo much money then the rest of us; of course there is a price to pay! Along with Fame,Glamour, and Being Rich Like Crazy. You will have paparrazzi on you, thats the price you pay for being famous; be lucky that they are even taking pictures of you because if no one see's you NO NONE knows who you are!!! Kanye is an IDIOT!!!

2232 days ago


I've seen kanye in person. he's a pretty short guy.

2232 days ago


It's sad that there are so many racists condemning Kanye like this--saying 'throw the book at him.' Sure, it was wrong for him to destroy the camera, but he could've done worse--like physically assault the photographer. Sean Penn went to jail for assaulting photographers. Alec Baldwin punched a photographer in the face and Pierce Brosnan recently punched one in the stomach. Let's not forget the surfers who beat up photographers recently because they were looking for Matthew McConaughey at the beach. When that happened, everyone was on the side of the surfers and now that Kanye destroyed property, he should go to jail forever? At least Kanye did not cause bodily harm to the photogs. Kanye is not a thug either. I doubt he has ever been to jail or gotten arrested before this. He wasn't raised in a ghetto. You may not like his "brash" or "spoiled" celebrity persona, but your comments are disgusting and uncalled for. As for you racists, the white celebrities I mentioned above did worse--they caused physical harm. Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake physically assaulted paps, too and nothing came out of it,

2232 days ago

I hate snobs!    

I don't blame Kanye at all. You paps harrass to get your story with cameras in people's faces. The thing that makes you a bunch of ignoramuses is that you don't care. Burn in hell...a much worse one than you make these people's lives.

2232 days ago


If I was at LAX this morning I would have helped him beat the crap out of the stupid guys suck Period! Go Kanye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2232 days ago

TMz sucks    

Haha good for you kanye kick all the paps asses they deserve everything, Mother's should have swallowed them all... All paps deserve to have their head bashed in on a curb... Kanye is my hero now for that... Same with the surfer's got to love them all...Tmz you all are a bunch of f*cking loser's....I watch your site for stuff like this to happen to you guys hahahah LMAO

2232 days ago


Good GOSH are these photogs SISSIES! "Kanye attacked me.....Kanye West".

He didn't attack you - he took your camera from you and he broke the light.
And I bet he will happily pay whatever fine he must for the joy that brought... but you will be watching your back for the rest of your life, cause you are one sissy arse photog.

2232 days ago

just some facts to get in the way    

It seems like in these post 9-11 times there should have faster and better security at an airport.

2232 days ago


I hope he missed his plane.

2232 days ago


what a dumb ass bitch. beat his f'n ass tmz...

2232 days ago


Kanye West hates white people.

2232 days ago


We get it already... Enough Kanye stories! Isn't there anything else going on? Reality check: it's just big news to TMZ because a TMZ guy was involved. The rest of us would like to hear about something else already.

2232 days ago
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