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Obama -- Palin's No Porker

9/11/2008 9:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Barack Obama tried to explain his "lipstick on a pig" remarks to David Letterman last night. We're not sure how much he fixed things.
Barack Obama: Click to watch


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American politics have gone "Hollywood"... the world is laughing. How embarrassing!

2231 days ago


Hey Osama - Doesn't your UGLY wife wear lipstick?

Yeah, I thought so.

2231 days ago


Sarin Palin IS A JOKE!
1. She governed the state with the smallest population in the nation.

2. Is under investigation for ethic violation and abuse of power.

3. She allowed friends to hunt wolves from a helicopter. Bunch of cowards

4. Wants Polar Bears removed from the endangered animal list.

5. She objected to listing beluga whales as endangered in Alaska.

6. She voted against a proposition to limit mining where runoff would threaten salmon populations.

7. Does not believe in global warning.

8. Over reaching the eminent domain laws to build a stadium.

9. The bridge to nowhere scandal. Lied and said she was always against it, despite proof she was for it.

10. Wants the failed abstinence-only taught in place of sex education even thou she has a pregnant teenager at home.

11. Her husband once belonged to the group known as the Alaska Independence Party. This is a group that wants Alaska to secede from the United States. She took money from them when she ran for Mayor.

12. It is being reported that she said: She urged students to pray “that our leaders that our national leaders are sending [soldiers] out on a task that is from God.” She added, “That's what we have to make sure that we are praying for: that there is a plan and that that plan is God's plan.”

13. According to John Stein, the town's former mayor. Stein says Palin asked the Wasilla library "how she could go about banning books" with offensive language. It's not clear whether any book was ever banned.

14. She is outspoken about opening the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and other offshore locations for oil drilling.

15. Palin slashed pork requests in half during her tenure, the state still requested $550 million in Palin's first year in office. This year she has requested about $198 million—$295 per person—which is still the highest amount per-capita in the country, according to Taxpayers for Common Sense.

NOT sane enough for the White House. Pair her with McCain, Mr. Senile, and this is the ultimate disaster ticket for America.

2231 days ago


Lipstick on a pig means cosmetically making something look good although underneath it is falling apart. Example putting new drywall on a 80s trailer. So I don't know how he meant it to be.

2231 days ago


We will all be laughing in your racist bigoted faces when Obama wins in November,
This is a very common expression, he is a brilliant man and is still down tro earth and funny too and his wife Rocks.
Get over it Haters, change is coming!

2231 days ago


This is standard Republican style politics. They took part of what Obama said and created an ad that made it seem like he was talking about Sarah Palin. If you watch the video of what Obama said there is no doubt he's talking about McCain's POLICIES. Let me say that again to the idiot voters out there who are easily fooled by this type of neo-con dirty politics. Obama was comparing MCCAIN'S POLICIES to a pig with lipstick, not Sarah Palin.

2231 days ago

your mother    

This just shows me the Republicans are desperate and are grasping at anything, including the manipulation of words" to try to win. They can't deal with the real issues so they will try to win with cheapshots.

2231 days ago


To be very honest my ancesters where white and also picked cotton, not only blacks were made to pick it. Next of all Obama simply blew it, what a jerk.

2231 days ago


The point is not whether other people have used the comment before, even if Mccain used it before, its not the same thing.

The point is, When Palin was introduced at the Republican convention, she said.........You know the difference between a pit bull and a soccer mom dont you? ..............LIPSTICK

now this changes the enviroment around the word lipstick , You would not be surprised if any sane person referring to The Alaska Governor Palin, used Lipstick in some this point, But you certainly could not refer to Mccain or his running mate and use the word lipstick, a week after her famous line at the Republican convention. and act shocked when someone said you were referring to Palin. Of course Obama was referring to Palin. Only thing is, Obama Osama is too stupid to know how to even try to get out of this mess, he only made it worse and infuriated more women by saying they were concocting a fake outrage and exaggerating the issue.

The comment was distasteful, and immature, something you would say to your bar buddies when you are drunk, and Obama cannot believe that he is now tanking in the polls, especially after his Animal House toga party convention in Denver. and this is because of a woman, OF ALL THINGS

Now the dumb A&* comes on letterman, after he is already in double hot water and manages somehow to stick his foot further down his throat by saying, Well if there was to put lipstick on some pig, she would be the pig, or some insane logic like that

Obama is a bigger gaffe maker than Bush ever was, he is quickly drowning in the polls, Gallup shows him now FIVE POINTS behind,,,,,,,,,,,

the dems just cant believe what is happening but every time they try to bash Palin they come off as women bashers, or jealous or desperate

this is so fun to watch

2231 days ago


I agree with Scrotum. Why do we have to have these polarizing extremes? Why does it have to be socialism or fascism?

2231 days ago


RutRoe- That was the corniest and most ignorant and immature joke I have ever seen. Do us all a favor and go play in traffic

2231 days ago




2231 days ago


Casey J- THANK YOU!!!
You are awesome

2231 days ago


Oh and now Miss Oprah has helped Mccain and Palin even more by outraging even a lot of democrats in her audience by refusing to accept Palin on her show. while throwing her considerable weight and money behind Obama, ..............and obvious hypocrit

this has caused a huge uproar and a lot of women want to boycott everything oprah, if you dont believe it just google BOYCOTT OPRAH and see what comes up

the dems have shot themselves in the foot so badly with their desperate reaction to Mccain, I would not be surprised if Mccain is ahead by 10 points in two more weeks, He has already gone from 9 points down. to 5 points up because of Palin
get used to it you liberal idiots, your golden boys star just got shot down..............hahahahahahahaha

2231 days ago


# 17: After all the blabbering you did on the republicans, do you think Obama is the solution? Do you know why you can't write anything like this about OBAMA? because the man has not worked on anything......HE HAS NO EXPERIENCE in government WHATSOEVER! All he knows to do is TALK. So in your mentality it is sufficient to govern this great and complicated Country. I don't know who's dumber, you or the freaking talker

2231 days ago
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