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Obama -- Palin's No Porker

9/11/2008 9:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Barack Obama tried to explain his "lipstick on a pig" remarks to David Letterman last night. We're not sure how much he fixed things.
Barack Obama: Click to watch


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caseyj is a joke he/she cuts and pastes from and tries to pass it off as original thoughts...nice try
Sarah Palin has governed a state. That's as close to running a country as you can get. She has more experience than anybody running including John McCain. Democrats are running scared as cowards often do.

2199 days ago


It's kinda comical to hear someone make a statement then try to fix it by only making things worse and worse. Is it that difficult to stay away from comments most likely to offend a race, a group of women or men, etc.?

2199 days ago


"Condascenda" #6 THAT WAS EXCELLENT!

2199 days ago


Obama really IS losing it. This was stupid, stupid, stupid. I've watched that clip at least 10 times, and heard all kinds of comment about it. No matter how he mean it - he is DUMB! I, personally, think that he WAS likening her to a pig with lipstick, since that's the most famous sound bite of the Republican convention. He was mocking her. Having said that, even if we WASN'T it was so damn dumb to use that expression KNOWING what she said a week AGO!!! He should have KNOWN that people were going to infer that. AND THEY HAVE. There are scores of women who are hugely pissed off and are sending tubes of lipstick to his Chicago headquarters. He is an IDIOT. Either he INSULTED HER KNOWINGLY, or he INSULTED HER UNKNOWINGLY. Anyway you look at it, he insulted her. He's a fool and doesn't need to be a kindergarten teacher, God Forbid a President!

2199 days ago

Ja' Wilborn    

Mack> so it's okay for Palin to compare Soccer mom's to pit bulls?? hmmm... seems a bit contradicting... I am a soccer mother and am NO dog or b*tch!!

You are aware that McCain used the phrase twice? His first reference was directed towards Hilary...No one made a big deal about that...!!

Why can't the Republicans just concentrate on the issues and stop sowing discord... it's childish...
Bottom line - Americans are hurting - I wanna know how the republican party is going to mend the wounds? We are beyond band aids because the wounds are seeping and oozing... you are buying into the hype!


Barack for President!!

2199 days ago


Barack Hussein Obama said it's a common phrase in Illinois. I am from Illinois, and have NEVER, EVER heard that phrase. Also, the only thing Barack has done for Illinois is get his name on the ballot. Let him wallow in the slop with Al Sharpton, Rev. Wright and the rest of the PIGS!

2199 days ago


What is with Obama and that Southern Baptist Preacher sermon delivery style of speech. This guy is an empty suit.

2199 days ago


obama's ugly wife is the real pig with lipstick

2199 days ago


Personally, I'm tired of party-line partisan rhetoric. By both parties. If I'm a Republican, I don't want to be labeled as a gun-toting Christian wacko. If I'm a Democrat, I don't want to be labeled as a baby-killing Socialist.

As an American, I am tired of being lied to by both parties and the media. I'm tired of voting people into Congress and them lining their pockets and selling their votes. By selling their votes, they are selling the people who voted for them down the river. I'm tired of the Washington good old boy politics. I'm ready to get the opportunity to look at all of their voting records and vote their self-serving, money-grubbing asses out of office.

I do like the idea of their voting records being more readily accessible. If they author a bill, tag on legislation that is beneficial to ANY special interest group, I want to know about it. I want to know what it is, who benefits and why they chose to vote the way they did. I want them to stand up and convince me that it is the right thing. Don't hide it. As a Congresperson, you are working for the American public. You are supposed to be working for us and you should be accountable to us. Don't place the blame on anyone else. Not the current administration. Collectively, you have the power. I want to know what you are doing with it because I'm tired of the misdirection and rhetoric.

2199 days ago


Could these idiot Republicans be anymore shadier? Why can't they just try to win fair and square? McCain and Palin make me want to puke.

2199 days ago


Let's keep it honest. The majority of people just don't want to vote for Obama because his skin color is not pale. So they make up things to try and distract people from the truth. More and more I believe in the term blue-eyed devils.

2199 days ago


Actually, It was quite clear and more importantly there was no issue in the 1st place. It is a common term and McCain has used it recently. As Obama said, using that analogy, Palin would be the lipstick and McCain and his policies the pig. The fact you place "We're not sure how much he fixed things" in the headline that tells me TMZ editors have their candidate chosen.

2199 days ago


He sounds so Presidential.

He makes Bush look smart.

2199 days ago


Ok so on talk radio yesterday in the am someone called in and said this before Barack did. The radio host made the comment that "some smart dem is out there listening...' sure enought someone was listening and Barrack took it like it was his.
See for your self:

Obama: Palin is the lipstick

I told you this would happen. Appearing on David Letterman last night, Barack Obama said, “"Keep in mind, technically, had I meant it this way, [Palin] would be the lipstick. The failed policies of John McCain would be the pig.” You first heard that proposed defense of his “lipstick on a pig” comment from a caller on Nashville’s Morning News early Wednesday morning. I predicted that an alert Democrat in the audience would get it to the Obama campaign and he would be using it by the end of the day.

2199 days ago


This is such a sad state of affair, here we have a man that truthfully is concerned about the american people, our economy etc. but the only thing a lot of americans see is that he is black and has an unamerican name. Because of that they will vote for a party and a woman that does not share their views. McCain is stooping to dirty politics to win votes and sadly enough it is working, judging from this blog. Very Sad!

2199 days ago
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