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Rob Lowe:

Nannygate is

Killing My Career

9/11/2008 5:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nobody wants to buy a product from a married guy accused of gettin' down and dirty with the help -- just ask Rob Lowe.


According to court docs filed yesterday, Rob claims he's been passed over for at least three commercials since the second nanny sued him for sexual harassment. He says he's lost over a mil as a result. That's a big paycheck -- where is he filming these commercials, Japan?

Rob swears he never acted inappropriately with the nannies but it doesn't sound like the advertisers are buying it.


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Mary Worth    

To Country First:

Bill Clinton is warning us in no uncertain terms, that America cannot afford an indefinite and ultimately illegal stay in a country that it invaded!

We have to have the monies to take care of our own country! We are blowing billions on an immoral war on a country that had nothing to do with 9/11.

Sarah Palin is a "red herring"! McCain's own "Paris Hilton", there to distract us from the Bush administration's hardcore attacks on our Constitution!

This thread is about the victimization of actor, Rob Lowe. But your using it for your own personal agenda had to be addressed!

2233 days ago


He has been kinky,inappropriate and oversexed for years.

2233 days ago

Maya's Mom    

Because he has a big mouth and this isn't the first time he has been caught say or doing something STUPID! He deserves everything he gets!!! All of these hollyweird- holier than thou types ALL need to be thumped back into their places and remember where they came from! Just because you do visual lies for a living does NOT MAKE YOU BETTER THAN THE AVERAGE HARD-WORKING JOE THAT GETS UP EVERYDAY AT 5:00AM TO KEEP THIS COUNTRY RUNNING!


And that is MY opinion!!

2233 days ago


Maya's Mom is dumb, and her opinion is like her butthole.. WAAAAY overused by the republican party.

2233 days ago

I don't understand people    

Rob Lowe is most definately handsome & he also did really creepy stuff in his past. alot of time has gone by and people change. I love watching him on Brothers & Sisters. I think his past makes him a good target for things like this. I'm not taking sides, but looking at history as a whole it could go either way.We all know how things get outta hand. People do things out of spite, revenge, because they're all messed up in their head & a whole mess of other issues. Only those involved know the truth. Being a mother of 3 children it's his children that i worry about. They have to believe in their dad. Reading all this judgement has to be difficult for them. I know we all have a right to free speech, but I wish we would all try to express it being alot less judgemental for those real life kids out there. I can be just as judgemental as most at times. It's not something i am proud of. Yet since becoming a mother it's easier to practice what I preach. I do wish the best for all involved not just for them, but for all of us.

2233 days ago

I don't understand people    

Maya's mom's opinion does not represent all of us republicans out there.

2233 days ago

barry Gordy is genius    

Where is Devine Brown?

2233 days ago


Where there is smoke there is fire.

With all due respect; why would these women jepoardize their career (what they know) to make an obstacle of themselves if there were no validation.

After you pay the legal fees and high priced attorney's they sure aren't going to retire on what they would get.

He has a reputation in the business for being a sexual letch. Anyone who knows anyone knows that as a fact. You don't think that these advertisers did their homework before they pulled the plug on this guy? Think again. Money talks and bs walks. The guy got his hand caught in the cookie jar. For just years he has thought that he was above any reproach.

Is he guilty? Is his wife guilty? Apparently not all intelligent people are laying their money on the Lowe's. What's that tell ya?

2233 days ago


Rob lowe says he fired his nanny because she used the n word, described goings on in the hood in graphic detail to his kids, and talked about cutting off peoples limbs to his children. Yeah Rob, I believe she did those things (because I believe everything a celebrity says). Robs just throwing a pile of garbage on the wall hoping something will stick. Like he really fired a white girl for using that word.

2233 days ago


I am sorry Rob Lowe is older and not really good actor. I needed to be his nanny and we can settle out of court ,One million dollars . He probably ain't got no money now.He not cute . I sorry I have to turn down the jobs so ,I can be Micheal Jackson nanny . I am wrong for his nanny but at less .I know I wanted be touch. It safe for women.

2233 days ago


This is horrible for Rob Lowe. If what has been reported about this nanny, about her past, present and future. The material they have gathered about her family. Her previous employers. If I were Rob Lowe I would be pissed off and would go after everyone who encouraged this seemingly bogus claim including the ambulance chaser that started this whole thing. Gloria Alwaysred through a curve ball in delaying the deposition when she claimed she wanted to stare at Rob Lowe with her beady little eyes the first month these allegations came out. Now Lowe can't take anyones deposition because Alwaysred is appealling the Santa Barbara courts decision to throw out a bunch of the nannies allegations. TMZ start digging into this nanny and her family and reputation around Santa Barbara. People or one of the magazines already reported that two sisters are not talking.

2233 days ago


i'm sending in my applications to be his nanny.. o boy o boy.

2232 days ago


I believe him. Why would you go so public otherwise. Settle it quietly if you're guilty. As for the commercials. You don't have to be guilty to be shunned, just the apperance of guilt does that.

2232 days ago


Rob and his wife do three some ,They both of freak .

2232 days ago


Rob, I saw Doctor Vegas. I had to stand there, on set, while you MADE Doctor Vegas.

I don't think nannies have anything to do with your inability to find work.

2232 days ago
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