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Hulk Hogan Definitely Has a Type

9/12/2008 1:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

How the hell can Hulk Hogan tell the difference between his 20-year-old-daughter Brooke and his 30-something girlfriend Jennifer McDaniel?! Or can he?

With her estranged mom Linda busy tending to her teenage boyfriend, new BFFs Brooke and Jen spent some creepy quality time together wearing matching busty white tank tops on Thursday.

Wonder what they talk about?


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Hulks girlfriend is shorter, more petite and not as pretty as brooke you boneheads. If you can't see the difference it's because you don't want to and you are a pervert. Jealous much?

2201 days ago


Man you people are so obssesed with making a case that Hogan's got a thing for his own daughter. Brooke looks a lot like her mom's when she was younger. Guess who dated Brooke's mom when she was younger?? Yes her dad, so maybe he likes busty young blondes (at age 30) that by a coincidence happens to look like his daughter, that in no way is incest.

2201 days ago


I am a 430lb beast, but I will tell you guys to Go outside today and interact with actual people instead of being angry at pictures of celebs..LOL...becaause I am 400 lbs and need to have someone pick up some donuts and cheeseburges for me. I am WAY to fat to get out of the house and get them myself and am SOOOOO hungry!

2201 days ago


You people are idiots. If thats the case just say that all blonde women look similar. She doesn't look like Brooke. Brooke is actually more masculine looking than she is. (Bollea) Hulk likes blondes. Is there a crime in liking blondes?? If he was with a brunette, there would be no incestuous talks. My Dad has put lotion on my back before (not inner thigh, I can't explain that one away) and I think incest probably the single most disgusting and wrong thing on earth. I don't think they are a sick family. They just seem too average, easily corrupted, and innocent. Leave them alone with all the sick talks because it just makes the people doing the accusing look like the sickos.

2201 days ago

TMZ Fraternity    

To No Way and "Sweet"

Give it a break losers

Did i offend you 2 with telling you fools to interact with humans 2day.haha .400 pounds sure buddy, as a matter of fact i just got back from the gym something im sure you have no concept of.

And "no way" the only thing sick is your face..ha Get a life jerk and stop complaining about other peoples relationships and try and start your own..duh

2201 days ago


Big fricken deal. At least Brooke has a decent mother figure in her life. Jennifer is actually a nice person. It's reporters like TMZ that taint the truth and try to paint a different picture. I think it is great they are friends and spend time together. So what if they are both stacked and have blond hair. WTF

2201 days ago

King of Kings    

Queer Harvey Levin is jealous because he has a man-crush of Hulk Hogan's pythons and is jealous Hulk likes hot blonds, so he has his queer workers at TMZ make some deal about how the daughter and girlfriend look alike, which makes no sense, because his wife of 24 years looks like Brooke also.

2201 days ago


OMG! Why are these people getting face time? I can show you hundreds of women who look exactly this in Baltimore! We call them hookers and they are all over the place!

2201 days ago


that family is disgusting! they should be sent to the moon. i hope their son stays in jail for a long time

2201 days ago


Does Jennifer have a J O B ? She is desperately trying to win over Brookay, guess that is her job now! Pay attention JENNIFER......get the scoop on Hulk and the Divorce, etc, and when Hulk dumps you ( which will be soon ) you can go on Larry King and write a book!!

2201 days ago

hot snot    

someone needs to tell that Jennifer she should NOT ever never ever ever wear her hair in a ponytail. Her head is pea sized. It's like a pea sitting on top of a 4x4 - good god woman. did she not bother to look in a mirror before she left the house

2201 days ago

Just sayin.....    

I don't know what's worse Brooke hanging out with her dad's girlfriend or her hanging out with her own mother! I kinda feel sorry for Brooke her family is falling apart right in front of All of America and she's desperatley trying to find someone to hold on too! Although I do think Linda should take Hulk for his money. He was such an ass on the show, I can't imagine how he was "off" camera and how he was ALL their years of marriage! Hulk seems VERY controlling and we'll never know the full extent of what he put his family through just for his own gratification....

2201 days ago

barry Gordy is genius    

Did the two young ladies make a XXX video yet? They should. It would make lots of money.

2201 days ago


Thought you were running a piece on "lady wrestlers"! Or are these transvestites?

2201 days ago

mrs. brand    


2201 days ago
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