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Jamie Lynn Decoy

Triggers Investigation

9/12/2008 8:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Imagine flying into L.A., when cops ask you to become part of a Britney Spears decoy caper.

Take a look at this video. The pappers thought the woman flanked by LAX police was Jamie Lynn Spears, who flew in yesterday on Delta. Now here's where the plot thickens.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ that, on Tuesday, someone from Britney Spears' camp contacted LAX police, asking for a security escort. The way the cops understood the call, Britney was flying in Wednesday with Jamie Lynn, her baby and Lynne.

At the last minute, cops found out Britney was not on the plane. They still were sympathetic because a bunch of pappers were at the airport waiting for Jamie Lynn. Cops were concerned her baby might be at risk in a pap crush, so they allowed Jamie Lynn and crew to exit the plane onto the tarmac, where a car drove them away.

Now here's where it gets good. For some reason, the cops wanted to fool the paparazzi, so they got a random woman on that flight who kinda sorta looked like Jamie Lynn and asked her if they could escort her to baggage claim. She said yes, and the ruse began.

By the way, we've learned there's an internal investigation because some big wigs in the police department are pissed.


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Good! This just shows how much they love the paps! They are the ones causing the chaos! not the celebs, its obviously the celebs trying to avoid it. Perfect example for the paid of Chief to see!

2197 days ago


ok so you *allegedly* want to buy your sis a $9 mil home but you cant afford to rent a private jet and private security to get through an airport?

the spears should be given cameras and locked in a airport bathoom with kanye then thrown on a plane back to assbackwards louisiana

friggin waste of tax dollars

2197 days ago


Haha so clever of them! I mean they were already there so what was the harm! They shouldnt investigate it!! Do they not have any sense of hmour???

2197 days ago


well well well...if you spent less time reporting about the presidential candidates, maybe your "team" could have been "on top" of this one...

2197 days ago


IF paps would behave like professional photogs instead of Wild, rude, animals this would not have been necessary. Babies of stars are in danger today. The paps lost their real photo because of their actions and lack of respect for the children of celebs.

2197 days ago

Me, myself and I    

25. I think that that was a good thing to keep jamie's baby safe and those who dont think it was great of them to think of the baby and keeping her safe are stupid as hell!!! I mean come on if you was in her place and you had a new baby and people were trying to rush you wouldnt you want the police to help you... some of you dumb people are just jackasses and only think of the negative!!

Posted at 9:09PM on Sep 11th 2008 by liza



Jamie Lynn and party got off the plane on the tarmac. They were driven away and none of them even went into the terminal. There was no need for a security detail, and the cops were just playing with the paps.

2197 days ago


There are lesser known airports in the Los Angeles or even Orange County or San Bernardino County areas. I wonder why Jamie Lynn couldn't have come in on one of these?? Here's a "shout out" to John Wayne Airport in Orange County... Yea!!! Sorry; couldn't help myself...

2196 days ago


Incredible, on the anniversary of 9/11, cops playing games on the paparazzi! You would think they had better things to do at one of the largest airports in the world. Were they all on a break? Were they off their assigned posts ? Hopefully these clowns will have to write reports on their escort detail, that way the public will be able to see their version of this incident.

2196 days ago


Why do cops protect celebs like this. Britney & family has millions of dollars, they should hire their own security if they need it. Taxpayers shoud not pay for this crap. Those airport cops should be suspended pending further investigation.

2196 days ago


Loosers-more tricks are in store I'm sure--How does it feel to be humilated??? Tables are turned....ha ha ha

2196 days ago


ashley STFU! no one cares about your blog. god. and wtf at the cops

2196 days ago

Wow my goodnesss    

Actually, the world's richest man is indeed Warren Buffet. The second richest man on earth is Carlos Slim Helu, worth between 60-68 billion dollars. I live and work in Marina del Rey and his yacht/ship was docked right in front of us. He has a matching helicopter.. So, if you have any questions then respond.

2196 days ago


Yet another waste of tax payers money!!!!!

How on earth can something like this even be justified by superiors?

2196 days ago


Jamie Spears who cares she is the defintion of white trash - her whole family is.

2196 days ago


Haha....TMZ got made a fool!

2196 days ago
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