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Shakes Her Ta-Ta's

at Letterman

9/12/2008 7:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Yoko Romo was actin' a wannabe-country fool last night on David Letterman. And when she wasn't cackling that insanely annoying laugh, she was all about gyratin' her jigglies up in Davey's face.



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She is what People call "simple minded" Has no idea what is going on around her, she just lives in her own world. Remember the "is this chicken or tuna"? how many yeas ago was that??? Well, I dont think it's an act people!!!! She really is BLONDE!!! Poor thing!!! she needs "home schooled" or better yet "life schooled"

2196 days ago


She was charming - funny. I don't know why some people dislike her so much. She strikes me as pretty normal and down to earth. *I think there may be some jealousy here at TMZ and the posters*

2196 days ago


I like Jessica Simpson...she's herself and I respect that. I didnt think she sounded bad on The View...I did think the facial expressions were a bit over the top though. She sang her heart out last week on that special for the US Soldiers and she sounded awesome.

2196 days ago


Whether she's singing or simply talking, she always looks like she's having a seizure to me.

2196 days ago


Yes, she is quite obnoxious. But at the same time almost funny to watch due to her being so mentally deficient.

2196 days ago


another has-been ho shaking her cutlets for cash

2196 days ago


Oops! Wrong place- I was looking to comment in the Sarah Palin-haters section.. Jessica is a harmless caricature doing her thing, very easy on the eyes and who cares about her career or personal life- I don't follow it. But on to more serious matters- excuse me- gotta find the McCain/Palin ranting section.. Now That's some obnoxious, serious, scary stuff! Too scary to be funny.

2196 days ago


As soon as I saw her coming out to visit with her ta-ta's held up hydraulically under her chin - I changed the station. Actually they arrived on stage before the rest of her. I didn't want to have nightmares about being suffocated by giant breasts.

She's a no-talent ditz - who's fifteen minutes should have been over a while ago. She has a decent voice but then thousands of women can sing as well or much better.

2196 days ago


When Romo enters his locker room I bet the other players have to hide their laughing faces because when they see him all they can think of is her dumb a$$ doing what she does, being a dummy with a hole.

2196 days ago

ANAL DriP    

True That ! Tony's teammates are probably Like "Dude! What do U do w/ this DUMb BROAD for the rest of 23 Hrs. and 55 Min. of the day??????????????????? Now that Football has started Tony's happy to be traveling & hitting new Tang in ever City.

2196 days ago


LAdy G, You are a hater. Jess is awesome, I don't like her music but she's cool. Let her live!!

2196 days ago


I agree she is not a Christian if she shows her cleavage like thai in public. ANd I agree that Rev. Billy Graham's wife would not have done that in public either.

2196 days ago


She got so FAT what happened????

2196 days ago


I watched the segment with Jessica last night and I have to say, is there ANYONE dumber then this girl. All I could do was shake my head at this and wonder if she was acting like this for a laugh or if she really is this airheaded and if she is how the heck did she make it in Hollywood.

2196 days ago


I never did think that Jessica had any talent. And to tell the truth...I saw her on The View and Letterman & it just reinforces my opinion of her. She is ditzy. I am curious what kind of an education does she have?? I mean she does not come across of having any brains. What is with the horse & snorts laughter & reference to sex?? I seriously do not think that she will be welcome in coutry music or the Nashville scene. Why would they want to encourage stupidity?? And my God, what does Tony Romo see in her than the obvious occasional romp in the sack?? I agree that his teammates are getting a good laugh behind his back. Carrie Underwood has much more talent, education and class.

2196 days ago
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