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Kanye West May Skate

9/12/2008 1:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kanye West was not provoked into attacking a still photographer, according to an American Airlines employee who witnessed the whole scene that was caught on tape. Nevertheless, Kanye could easily beat the rap.
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Law enforcement sources told TMZ, at the time of the arrest, Kanye could be charged with felony vandalism. But here's what we know. The still camera that was broken is a Canon 40D -- retail price $1429.96. In California, someone who criminally damages property worth more than $400 can be prosecuted for felony vandalism.

But here's the rub: look closely at the video. Kanye and the bodyguard wrestle the camera away from the photog, but the bodyguard ends up with the camera ... Kanye is holding the light unit. We did some checking and found the light unit is only worth around $100, so here's the irony -- the bodyguard could be processed for a felony, but not Kanye.

BTW -- It was the bodyguard, not Kanye that broke our cam (retail value: $7000).

If Kanye is prosecuted at all, it's likely it would be for a misdemeanor. But prosecuting a celebrity where the victim is a paparazzo -- good luck, Mr. City Attorney.


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if they ripped his chain off his neck and smashed it on the ground would that be vandalism? nope. it would be assault.

2230 days ago


He wasn't provoked but acted out anyway? So what. Sounds like the same defense girls use. They claim they are 'not provoked' but go on to act out like two year old children. Assault is against the law. This butterwhip ought to be doing time. Let's do the math. Girls act out, many not provoked, and skate. This dude acts out, was not provoked, and will probably skate. Pop tarts and rappers seem to have a lot in common. What up with the 'bad look' on his face 24 hours a day? He ain't bad AT ALL. Bad attitude maybe, but that's about it.

2230 days ago

Jaylike Birds    

More power to you Kanye. Mind body and spirit you inspire. I'm thankful for folks with both vision and balls.

2230 days ago


Earl has a small penis everyone

2230 days ago


Wow...this **BUMP** person posting is SOME KINDA IDIOT!!! Just read the posts & see for yourselves! Must be junior high kids on here during the doubt!

2230 days ago

steven c. jackson    

You may not touch and you may not get in somones face and yell.Battery and assault occured here not to mention robbery and vandalism.Pick or chose he's on thin ice doing these things which young men are wont to do.
But he will be careful or he will be in prison next time.
Don't be stupid let your bodyguard who should be a perfessional, unlike that idiot we see on the camera , deal with the paparazi. As far as being in the mans space it wasn't the mans space it was a public area in the airport.
Besides he was at least 4 ft away. Sorry but in your face is up close and personal.Usually eyeball to eyeball
is considered well into the persons face.

2230 days ago


Kanya is such a douche bag cry baby whiner and it's too bad his songs are mediocrely good so he stays in the spotlight. Cuz I would be fine never seeing or hearing about him again.

2230 days ago


Reread the TMZ article, there were two cameras broken a still camera the Canon 40D with flash unit and TMZ's video camera which they assert is $7K.
I would love to know what camera that is, I'm thinking... maybe a Sony PMW-EX1 XDCAM EX SxS Pro HD Camcorder?

2230 days ago


Another temper tantrum by a fake ass rapper; born and raised with a silver spoon in his mouth. (Mommy had a Ph D.) Time to grow up and accept the fact that being a celebrity has its down falls....namely privacy.

2230 days ago


I really hope the Judge doesn't put Kanye in Jail. With TMZ's Proof that the bodyguard did it. He should be the one in trouble i was soo shocked to hear that kanye got in trouble. Stupid Paparzzies.. i love TMZ tho. U guys totally respect the celebrity's personal space.

2230 days ago


If you are close enough for him to grab the camera, you're too close. Lesson learned. Invest in a telephoto lens.

2230 days ago


A charge of conspiracy could also be labeled against both parties, and they could also be charged with criminal mischief. Furthermore, there are clauses in the federal Patriot Act that make such behavior at an airport a felony because it endangers the public.

2230 days ago

Maggie Blaise    

What a douchebag! If he is convicted of this felony, then he loses his right to vote FOR LIFE! Was it worth it just to not have your pic taken? You wanted to be famous, here it is BITCH!

2230 days ago


What is that a silly expensive girls backpack? What an idiot!!

2230 days ago


Ay TMZ, uh that's not his bodyguard. That's Don C, his manager. If you watch the "Everyone Nose (Remix)" video by N*E*R*D ft. Kanye, Lupe and Pusha T, Kanye points to the dude you are calling his bodyguard and says "Don C we go the right one." Any type of reporter who does research would easily find out that Don C is his manager. Step your game up, TMZ

2230 days ago
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