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It Be?

9/14/2008 3:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Maybe we're just too cynical, but is it possible John McCain actually picked Tina Fey -- not Sarah Palin -- as his running mate?

Tina probably knows what the Bush Doctrine is.


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SNL did a great job! It was so funny because it was a skit based on truths!

Mccain did a great job of insulting the American public by choosing SP as his running mate. She is undereducated , mean spirited towards people who oppose her and a bonafide LIAR!

We've already had a Liar in the white house for the past 8 sad and frustrating years . Mccain is a Liar, distorter of facts, and an old man who cant seem to remember the difference between the truth and a lie or how many houses he owns! (now Thats elitist!)

Mccain has publically insulted Chelsea Clinton,(said she was so ugly because her father was Janet Reno) when she was only 14yrs old
Called his wife Cindy a trollop and a c++t (after she touched his hair and said "It's getting a little thin up there")
Laughed when a lady called Hillary Clinton a B++ch.

Mccain is an elitist sexist stupid (graduated bottom of his class!) opportunist who can offer this country NOTHING!

2230 days ago


Actually, Tina is six years younger with one child, and looks much older than Sarah, who has given birth to five children (none of them the result of incest, I might add). Tina is kind of "the sexy librarian" without the "sexy" part. Tina looks like she needs to change her "Depends" and put her teeth back in.

2230 days ago


As for the rest of the world: I was so pleased and relieved that McCain announced that our economy was in great shape. I had worried that with all these investment house, lending house and Insurance company closures and the weak dollar and high gas prices and the highest unemployment in five years that the economy might be having a rough time - so was so relived to know that its all ok. I think he was making that announcement will sitting on the back of his pet unicorn and holding the pot of gold that he had found that morning at the end of the rainbow. Whew! what a relief. During the speech, Sarah (or maybe Tina) who was staring longingly over at Russia, which she can see from her back yard, and saying to herself, "All of that will soon be mine too."

2229 days ago


All racist people will pay for their ideology in eternity.

2229 days ago


45. I think that Palin is awesome. Everyone from the left hates her because she is white, married to the same man for years and conservative. In the US of A white women are very much ridiculed by the left , Unlesss you're a butch man-hatin woman with clipped hair and a mustache shouting ant-war slogans the left will ridicule white women who are beautiful, stay devoted to their families and husbands I wasn't going to vote at all because McCain was not conservative enough for me, but the more the left schills hate Palin the more I decided to vote the McCain/Palin ticket.

45# Who said we hate Palin because she's a white woman...will you Republican idiots debate the issues rather than who dislikes Palin because she's a whittey. How about John Mccain providing tax breaks for folks who make over 250,000 a year.
I bet half the idiots on this blog don't even come close to that income.

2229 days ago


WOW!!!! I didn't realize John Mccain was a spirit field, speaking in tongues, looking for Jesus Christ to return to earth Evangelical. Learn something new every day.

Middle America will fall for anything

2229 days ago


I again find myself shaking my head in disbelief.
Some of the comments posted I find extraordinary and very hateful.
I wonder, how many of you would verbalize your sentiments in a "face - to - face" situation?
I'm curious as to where all the anger comes from?
And why are most of you so defiant of an alternative position?
Is this really how "we the people" choose to communicate with one another?
Or is this just a remote sampling?
Is it any wonder our candidates resort to "negative" ads?
It's a real shame since we all seem to be chanting the same mantra... CHANGE!! Most pf the folks on here seem to want the same ole nasty politics that invoke high drama.

Come on people, please exercise civility and entertain some restraint with those that do not share your view point. Maybe it will catch on and next thing you know the media and politicians will follow suit....HEY, I can dream, can't I?

Y'all have a great evening.

2229 days ago


Today, I heard Sarah Palin's reaction to Tina Fey's cute little skit on SNL. Sarah thought it was HILARIOUS - and even funny, since she dressed up as Tina Fey ONE HALLOWEEN!!! Of course she had to "ugly up" some to play Tina!

2229 days ago


All I'm concerned about is when my Palin inspired glasses arrive. The wait is mind numbing.

2225 days ago


Palin is the kind of 100% purified liar and selfish opportunity whore that the neocon warmongers would crave to have as a VP so they can put the stupid twit in seclusion, shut her up and keep her out of the way after the election. Neither she or McCain would have any influence whatsoever over the neocons if the Republicans get in again. The same corporate raiders would be there tearing the country apart by neglecting responsibilities and wildly wasting Americas resources on corporate raider and nation (Israel) raider actions.

Palin is a paper tiger, a fraud, a liar and skirt chaser McCain's (where did he go?) little decoy. McCain is a bitter little brat, unfit to lead and Palin is his little cheerleader, totally naive and gee, so perky.

2225 days ago

ron courtade (Louisiana)    

For the record I did not write the comment numbered 151.
Ron Courtade, Jr. (Louisiana)

2208 days ago
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