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It Be?

9/14/2008 3:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Maybe we're just too cynical, but is it possible John McCain actually picked Tina Fey -- not Sarah Palin -- as his running mate?

Tina probably knows what the Bush Doctrine is.


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Fey WISHES she had Palin's good looks, AND political views!

2197 days ago


Props to clearer! It's just unfortunate that most of these idiots don't read.

2197 days ago


First of all we never even heard of the job Community organizer until last week, A girl Scout could be considered a community organizer.

The first black President of the Harvard Law Review? I didn't realize Obama was all black nor that affirmative action gave one qualifications above those of other applicants.

Did he create the drive that registered voters? I don't think that is accurate, His Champaign management did.

12 years as a constitutional law professor and accomplished what? there is so little information on just what he did other serve on a committee with a terrorist.

We are not filing law suits we are electing a President

8 years as a senator? huh? where have you been ? Seems to me you have Obama doing a lot of "sitting" on this and "sitting" on that and very little results from all that "sitting ". that would better qualify him then his opponent John McCain, not Palin who so many of you seem to feel threatened by,

Why if Obama is all that you believe him to be are you so threatened by Sarah Palin? A VP NOMINEE,


lmao dose he wish he was?

2197 days ago

Goerge Bush    

Actually Iwas fooled at first, thought it was Palin. God help us allif the Right Wing gets elected. If your raped you WILL have that baby.............................

2197 days ago


Tina did an absolutely fabulous job of parodying Sarah Palin! She picked up on the mouth-thing (pursed lips --- much like the church lady in SNL -- isn't that special???) the accent, and the utter spaciness. If that chick ends up a heartbeat away from the Presidency, I, for one, will pray every day for John McCain's continued good health.

2197 days ago

blues fan    

The skit was hilarious -- omg, "I can see Russia from my house!", too funny! Unfortunately, what's UNfunny is that people are actually going to vote for her based on her good looks and gun-totin', moose-eatin' persona, in spite of how obviously unprepared she is to be a heartbeat away from the Presidency, which the skit highlighted so humorously. And, as Amy Pohler said, Palin and Hillary Clinton have NOTHING in common when it comes to their political views, so it is insulting to Hillary supporters that McCain made such a clumsy and obvious attempt to lure votes with this self-declared "pit bull with lipstick".

2197 days ago

Democrats are evil    

Last nights SNL had to rank up there as among the top ten worst shows I have ever seen. The writing for Michael Phelps was horrible. And Tina Feys skit was pretty lame. NBC has clearly stunk up the joint and a ton of Lysol won't get rid of the smell anytime soon. So, where is their token black actor with Dumbo ears to play the part of Obama? They should consider the look alike seen at the Democratic convention. The problem with him though was that HE was a muslim and didn't speak any english. On second thought, on NBC, that shouldn't be a problem.

2197 days ago


I WOULD vote for Tina Fey. I WILL NOT vote for Sarah Palin.

2197 days ago

john wayne gacy    

obama is made from the same added
ingredients as okra winfrey and condi rice;

just a creamy white filling
with absolutely no substance.

an OREO...........

2197 days ago

bsb fan    

Hey Jason!!!!!!

First, he was a STATE senator for 4 years!!! Get that? And then a US Senator for 4 years.

He went to freaking law school, he was a law professor..


Obama is much more qualified than Palin. The poster "Clearer* was correct and truthful on all accounts stated. Maybe you should get your facts straight Jason before looking like a complete jackass!

And learn how to spell 'does' and how to write a proper sentence, douchebag.

2197 days ago


You have to be either an ASS of a FAR LEFT Looney to think they look alike !
Sarah is MUCH better looking!

2196 days ago


You either have to be a total ASS or a FAR LEFT LOONE to believe they're the same.
Sarah is MUCH better lookng !

2196 days ago


RE: * If your total resume is:" Don't forget her first two jobs were Miss Wasilla and PTA participant.

2196 days ago

Baseball Junkie    

But seriously. Any woman who does not vote for McCain/Palin is probably still a cave dweller.

Posted at 3:23PM on Sep 14th 2008 by Tarzan say NO!

What kind of an idiot are you that you think that because I have two X chromosomes I should vote for someone else with two X chromosomes? I am not going to vote for a woman just because she's a woman. She is totally unqualified for the position of VP. I would have voted for Hillary if she were on the ticket but that's because she is intelligent and is willing to consider all sides of an issue. Palin is a "I've made up my mind, don't confuse me with the facts."
No women should vote for Palin unless they really think that they deserve to be barefoot and pregnant because that's how far Palin will set back the cause of women's equal rights.

Go Sox

2196 days ago

Jared Bradford    

No, they're not the same person - Tina Fey is very intelligent. Sarah Palin... watch her interviews and you'll see. Scary.

2196 days ago
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