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Lilo to Palin: Stop Being Such a Mag Hag

9/14/2008 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It looks like Sarah Palin may have trouble getting the rehabbed and rumored-to-be-gay vote come November.

LiLo ripped Palin apart last night in her blog, asking, "Is our country so divided that the Republicans best hope is a narrow minded, media obsessed homophobe?" She then added the totally non-ironic comment, "Oh, and...Hint Hint Pali Pal- Don't pose for anymore tabloid covers, you're not a celebrity, you're running for office to represent our, your, my COUNTRY!"

Lesson: Leave the gossip mags to the professionals.


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What is Palins contribute to humanity? Killing off wolves and getting rid of money that will help young mothers. And getting rid of abortion? I dont agree with abortion at all, I dont like it. But what about the women who get raped? They have to live with something that will remind them of that horrible day for the rest of their lives?

2192 days ago


Screw her and that nasty dude she is with. Oh wait... Thats not a dude. Whorelo should talk to her family about doing the same thing. WHAT A FAMILY!

2192 days ago

lindsay t.    

So far, I have read your comments calling Lindsay a "lesbian", "narrow-minded" and "ignorant". You clearly must be republicans if you are calling her these names, as McCain has taught you well the importance of name calling. Note to Americans, lesbians have a right to vote too! And we all have a right to voice our opinions freely which is why you are able to comment on her opinion. If politicians use many celebrities to sing at their conventions, why then can a celebrity not speak on the election? Although Lindsay may have been to rehab a couple too many times, her thoughts on Palin are correct. Palin is media-obsessed... her career goal up until recently was to be a news reporter on television, she is a beauty queen and has given many interviews and photographs to magazines. She is a homophobe, as she does not believe in equal rights for all and she is a woman who is against womens rights... even if a woman was brutally raped, a victim of incest or if her life was in danger. What kind of woman is that?! And if you are making fun of Lohan for her opinions, maybe Palin would be better off giving the world less personal information to give the people something to opinionate about. Take for example, her pregnant daughter, her drugged up children, her beauty queen and college photos, her affair on her husband.... this all relates to the kind of person she is. What also relates to the kind of person she is are her political views- which should be 100 times more important than her personal life. However, she has few political views!! She DOES NOT KNOW what the Bush Doctrine is, she has little to no experience with foreign nations, she says she has "not focused on the war of Iraq", and she said herself she doesnt even know what the VP does on a daily basis. America, lets stop worrying about which celebrity supports who. Worry about what Barack or McCain can do for you... and which one is best for the state of our future and economy. I think the choice is obvious... there is no question in my mind... even if Lohan agrees or disagrees!
PS. Don't post comments on here making fun of someone else or stating your amazing opinions if you cannot SPELL or use correct punctuation. Now, THAT is ignorant.

2192 days ago


I cannot understand WHY celebrity endorsements are given any credence at all. You are talking about a group of people that work at the most 6 mos. out of a year and make obscene amounts of money for playing make believe and dress up. Most have not even earned a high school diploma, much less any degree for higher education. Yet, they feel compelled to tell real people with real lives, and real jobs whom we should vote for, how we should spend and contribute our hard earned money, and how we should think about global issues. What do these people know about the daily lives and struggles of the American public? How many of these people are even registered voters and have actually exercised that right to vote before? How many are not eligible to vote because of criminal records?

2192 days ago

My Gosh ! ! !    

Lindsey, I did feel sorry for you, but now I know you'r, your own worst enemy, and are hopeless.
My feeling sorry for you days are over.....

2192 days ago

Mr. A    

lindsay t.~

Does your computer automatically block out the mean and hateful comments made by your fellow OBAMA supporters? Some of the most vile comments have been laid down here against Sarah Palin, yet your computer must only be showing the comments made against such a well rounded individual like Lindsay Lohan, who gets a free PASS on her pathetic lifestyle, because she's just a ignorant young and troubled HOLLYWOOD whore and not running for a position in our government? OH...she can certainly share her WISDOM on the subject matter, as she has lots of valuable insight into the possible political agenda of governors from Alaska, and that's just dandy, but don't even THINK of defending Palin against these bits of skanky ho wisdom.


Your Messiah Obama has no more experience in the issues you bring up than Palin and in case you forgot...McCain is the one he's running against. If the country can survive with a Dan Quayle or Al Gore as VP's...i seriously doubt this bright young woman is going to wreck the system. OH...another reminder for ya, things are pretty much WRECKED already, so if Obama's fresh new pretty face is what the libs THINK this country needs to put a NEW image up over the face of the U.S....then Palin fits right in to that SAME game plan.

Stop being such a hypocrite and a grammar NAZI!

2192 days ago


lol. She must have been having a high moment. It was probably 4 am when she posted the blog (haha). Anyway I am gay and I rather vote for McCain then the Idiot with NO CLUE!! All I know is people need to realize that there is no politician that is going to have ALL of the same views as yourself. I don't hunt moose and never would. Where I see her as being similar to me is she is strong, opinionated, and not afraid to go to war if she HAS TO.

2192 days ago
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