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Lilo to Palin: Stop Being Such a Mag Hag

9/14/2008 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It looks like Sarah Palin may have trouble getting the rehabbed and rumored-to-be-gay vote come November.

LiLo ripped Palin apart last night in her blog, asking, "Is our country so divided that the Republicans best hope is a narrow minded, media obsessed homophobe?" She then added the totally non-ironic comment, "Oh, and...Hint Hint Pali Pal- Don't pose for anymore tabloid covers, you're not a celebrity, you're running for office to represent our, your, my COUNTRY!"

Lesson: Leave the gossip mags to the professionals.


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She is so stupid.
Come to think of it, Stupid doesnt even come close to what this nimrod is.....
Go back to your drug-induced coma Lie-Low.

2233 days ago


who is media whore HOhan to say anything about anything? She should stick to posing with her fake girlfriend for the papps, and leave things that require brain matter (like thinking) to those who do it on a daily basis...

2233 days ago


who is media whore HOhan to say anything about anything? She should stick to posing with her fake girlfriend for the papps, and leave things that require brain matter (like thinking) to those who do it on a daily basis...

2233 days ago


Hey Lindsey, intellegent people don't talk about people they know nothing about. isn't this what you say when people say bad things about you? why don't you practice what you preach.

2233 days ago


To those of you who continue to defend Govenor Pailin please do some research. This woman is minimally educated. She attended 6 colleges in six years. The second college was junior college. Her course of study was general studies IE. remedial education. Most people learn basic Reading, Writing and Arithmetic before they finish High School. She has no foreign policy experience and by her own admission has never even talked to a foreign head of state. She applied for her first passport 2 years ago. She said she used it to visit the troops in Iraq and Kuwait. Today on the CNN it was revealed she never visited the troops in Iraq. She lied about not supporting "The Bridge to Nowhere" Congress killed that bill long before she changed her position and when asked about it yesterday her answer was there is always something that is an embarrassment". And all she could really say that was positive about Russia was that you could see a portion of the Russian coast line from Alaska. Last night a reporter from FOX news interviewed people in a Russian night club about Govenor Palin and they they laughed at us.

She has attended a church with radical views her entire life. She actually spoke at this church in June. They preach a "Pray for Gay, Convert Jews to Christ, Speak in tongues and you are speaking directly to God, No choice for women, Iraq is a God Ordained War Theology". She has now joined another Assembly of God Church with similar views.

She does not want her daughters pregnancy to be discussed but she paraded this very pregnant, single adolescent before America and The World and litterally dared anyone to criticize this. What example will this set for the millions of other young women who wrestle with morality and chastity every day. I have no problem with the girl or her pregnancy but do not throw it in my face and expect me to be silent when I am trying to teach my daughter that this type of behavior is not something to be proud of. I talk to social workers daily who are growing frustrated with having to deal with the crisis of teen pregnancies in this country and the subsequent illiteracy, poverty, abandoned and neglected babies babies born to this segment of our population. We criticize girls from poor families who become pregnant and have their babies but are now saying it is great that a person running for the 2nd most powerful position in the world has a daughter doing the same thing.

Sarah Palin has yet to answer one question that she has been asked with any true clarity. When questioned by Charles Gibson on ABC she dodged, confabulated and just plain lied. It sounded fairly good but when put to the test the answers were empty. Her body posture revealed she was lying. Leg moving, hands crossed across her body, hunched over posture, wild eyed stare. She was just plain angry that she was caught. She didn't even know doctrines of her own party. She has refused to give any unbiased interviews. Charles Gibson is tame compared to what a woman reporter would do to her. And if another woman interviewed her she could not say it was a sexist interview.

The reality is that Senator McCain is 72 years old. He is the oldest candidate to ever run. The Presidency ages even young Men. What do you think that it will do to a 72 year old man. The next oldest person to run and win was Ronald Reagan. He was developing Alzheimer's Dz at the end of his presidency. And he was 69 when he ran. Sarah Palin is not running for Vice-President. She is running for President. And each of us needs to seriously think about whether we want this woman to be President if something were to happen to John McCain.

At this age John McCain has a fairly high probability of not being able to complete his first term in office. He is highly unlikely to ever be able to serve a second term. He is desperate to win and will do so at whatever cost. His only platform for being president that he is pressing is that he patriotically served in Vietnam and was a POW.

Does anyone here realize that 2.6 million US military personnel served in the Vietnam war. 1.6 million were either direct combat troops or combat support troops. 60,000 died and 75,000 came back severely disabled. There were 766 known Pows and 114 of those died while still in captivity. Senator McCain came home I am sure that the family's of those lost feel that the service of their loved one was just as significant as his. This fact alone does not make him qualified to be President of the US.

And before you say this is a liberal rant let me advise each of you. I am a Southern, Conservative, Republican. I am educated (M.D.) due to my abilities not from handouts or from a wealthy family. I have been a hockey mom,soccer mom, basketball mom, softball mom and swim team mom.I can drive a mean tractor, operate a hay baler and a bush hog. I am fully capable of using a chainsaw to drop a tree within a few feet of where I spot it and yes I hunt an

2233 days ago


The more idiots like Lilo and Tina Fey continue making their ridiculous, insane, and inaccurate comments against Palin, the better she looks to me. Keep going you fools....

2233 days ago


Yes, Lilo has the freedom and the right to voice her opinion -- but when she vomits forth such an uneducated and vicious attack on a wonderful and accomplished woman just because she doesn't agree with her views, well, then who is close-minded now? Lindsay, pull yourself together and keep silent. For your own good.
I love celebrities that have the arrogance to think that the public actually cares what they say regarding political candidates. Have you ever noticed that the Libs are so darned angry?...And, intolerant? And, the kicker is, they haven't figured this out yet -- every time the media or a celebrity opens up their stupid mouth to unfairly bash a candidate (in this case, Palin) -- they just drive voters away from Obama.
I believe the heart and soul of most Americans is essentially moderate to conservative. It's just the wackos on the far left or right SHOUT the loudest. Once the love affair with Barack wears off, and people look at a record where he voted "present" 90 times, not taking a stand either way on issues, Mccain and Palin should win this race.
McCain/Palin -- the best choice we have for America.

2233 days ago


The lesson might be if you're going to run on a platform that says your opponent is some sort of "celebrity" and that's a bad thing, then maybe you shouldn't make yourself one. Just a thought.

2233 days ago


If Palin loses the election, she'll go back to being the Governor of the State of Alaska. If Obama loses the election, he'll go back to voting PRESENT on every controversial bill that crosses his desk.

I have no idea how the rest of the country feels they have Obama figured out when the People of Illinois have no idea who he is. Some of you should try closing your ears & opening your eyes & read Obama's voting record!

As for Lilo - gee..... we WERE ALL just waiting with baited breath to learn what her opinion was (NOT). BTW - Palin isn't posing for covers - the mags are photo-shopping them because Palin is the new hot topic. We can understand Lilo's jealousy - but we frankly don't care about that.

2233 days ago


#63 -- I love the fact that Palin has not attended an Ivy-League school. We know how Liberally-biased and intolerable those institutions are of other viewpoints. I don't believe you have to go to Harvard to be President. I believe you need to have some kind of record we can look to, as well as courage and character. I really can't say I know or feel that Obama has any of those things.
BTW, what kind of Foreign Policy experience does Obama have? He's been a senator for 4 years, but campaigning for two. Does anyone else see this as a problem?? Substance, people. That's what we need, and that's the one thing Obama cannot offer.

2233 days ago


GOOD GOD woolfetn:

WORD PIG MUCH??? Give it a freakin rest!

You can't summarize any better than that?

You lost people 15 paragraphs ago!

2233 days ago


"Jesus hangs with the devil", You just showed your own stupidity... 1st of all, name calling? wow, applause! Your use of the english language is amazing! *sarcasm* 2nd - Someone doesn't have to be a celebrity to have accomplished great things in life, in fact theres numerous people, I'm sure, that have accomplished way more than Lindsey lohan... who's resume includes her personal antics along with her professional ones.

As a ballerina, I've lived in Russia as a young girl and went to one of the most prestigeous ballet schools in the world and
live as well as dance professionally in Japan and around the United states, is lindsey lohan secretly a ballerina? Has she done the same? Has lindsey lohan been accepted into Harvard law? Yale? Did lindsey lohan become an enterpreneur at the age of 12? Is lindsey lohan a secret agent in the CIA? Is lindsey lohan a well decorated police agent? Oh, I'm sorry... I thought you said celebrities accomplished more than the rest of us will in a life time. Different people have different dreams, just because they don't wish to be a drugged up, attention obsessed whore in movies and that makes albums because in hollywood that seems like the popular thing to do this day in age, DOESN'T mean that people can accomplish things the equivelent in their own mine or even MORE in others minds. Perhaps you should think before you speak next time. Then again we're all obese, white, redneck, old hags, right? Racist much? So I'm assuming we're all suppose to see the world like you? Not quite my dear... seems like you need to get out and experience a little bit of life yourself.

as far as lindsey's comments:
Since when did we start listening to what a twice (possibly more) rehabbed washed up star had to say about politics? She looks cute being Samantha Ronsons arm candy, maybe she should stick to that and shut her mouth.

2233 days ago


Lohan ......... SHUT UP!!!!!!! Your not cool anymore . Your opinions dont matter .

2233 days ago


Beauty fades; dumb is forever.

2233 days ago


My reply to comment #62
You certainly did your research all right. Just about every thing you spouted off are liberal made up lies . your liberal tv progran cnn,did a great job making the Gov look stupid and immature and Sen Biden look like a true leader. Who in the hell do you libs think your kidding.

2233 days ago
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