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Lilo to Palin: Stop Being Such a Mag Hag

9/14/2008 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It looks like Sarah Palin may have trouble getting the rehabbed and rumored-to-be-gay vote come November.

LiLo ripped Palin apart last night in her blog, asking, "Is our country so divided that the Republicans best hope is a narrow minded, media obsessed homophobe?" She then added the totally non-ironic comment, "Oh, and...Hint Hint Pali Pal- Don't pose for anymore tabloid covers, you're not a celebrity, you're running for office to represent our, your, my COUNTRY!"

Lesson: Leave the gossip mags to the professionals.


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Be careful of the use of the word pig. That has been the major controvery in this election. Perhaps you are refering to yourself????

2232 days ago

Byron in Wahroonga    

'.....last night a reporter from FOX news interviewed people in a Russian night club about Govenor Palin and they they laughed at us.......'


2232 days ago


Tony Knowles the former Mayor of Anchorage Alaska has confirmed most of her shortcomings. Her own motherin law has sais she may not vote for her. And Fox is discussing her noew Turn on the TV

2232 days ago

Later dude    

She has no more intelligence than a flea. She shouldn't make public statements like that because it exposes what a dummy she really is

2232 days ago


i couldn't agree more with lindsay... how moronic has our country become?

2232 days ago

Maine Mama    

While Lindsay's comments aren't the most educated, I do, for the most part, agree - I think it's scary that so many people are for Palin just because she's a younger attractive female, and most of these idiots aren't watching the news to hear how she and McCain are full of lies and blunders - she can't even do an interview right, and is so scripted because McCain's scared to death she might say something stupid. She is a Bible thumping, environment hating, animal killing, gay hating, book hating, cheating woman.
I mean come on, look at McCain's record - you really want another Bush in there to send this country to hell in a handbasket? How is someone as old as he, who's been voting on the same track for 20+ years, going to suddenly change so fundamentally in a matter of a couple of weeks? It's just to get the votes. After that, we're screwed.

2232 days ago


Sorry did not have time to proof read #75

2232 days ago

L.A. Hoxie    

ha, Lohan is so desperate for attention she has to pretend to start giving a siht about current events.
Did Palin ever say anything about hating gays? no? Well that's weird, she's a conservative right?
Liberals should really practice what they preach when it comes to being open minded, then maybe people would stop leaving the party.

2232 days ago


I guess it would help if she would really come out herself. I guess she must be ashamed too. It is a little hard to take her seriously because if she was she would say i gay and proud of it and this is why I do not believe in what Palin says this is how it affects me and my other half. you want people to hear you that will do it!

2232 days ago


Why doesn't LiLO shut up. NO ONE gives a sh** what she or any other celebrity thinks about this election. They ALL should keep their rich mouths shut and concentrate on entertaining the world. Because that is all they are good at whether it's singing, acting, or entertaining me with their personal lives - that's all I want them to do. Save the election for real people, with real problems, and real issues - not hag like her.

2232 days ago


Again...not so much of a Republican, but come on! When did LiLo become the expert on how people should behave. She's such a good example. One I want my daughter to look up to.

2232 days ago

Georgia Girl    

OK. I was on the fence before. This does it. I'm voting McCain/Palin.

2232 days ago

Georgia Girl    

Yeah. I guess a rich lesbian (Oprah) has thrown her weight behind Obama. Actually, I heard Barack was a little light in the loafers too.

2232 days ago

Frank Olivo    

Hey, Dr. Wolfe...I agree with Chicagopearl...your post rambled on and was filled with inaccuracies. You pulled blurbs and generalizations about Palin from other reports/blogs and printed them as the truth. Moreover, if all you have heard from McCain is his war service, than you are not a very good listener, which I am inclined to believe. That is if you suffer from diarrhea mouth as evidenced by your rambling rant.

2232 days ago


How dare this young and wreckless child pass judgement on woman who has done something with her life and is trying to make our country a better place. Lindsay has contributed nothing to this country but a poor example of a mal-adjusted, drug and alcohol-addicted, and sexually confused little girl. What an embarassment she is.

2232 days ago
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