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Alicia Not Keys to Swizz Split

9/15/2008 4:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Super-producer Swizz Beatz is splitting with his wife -- but it's not Alicia Keys' fault. So he says.

We've seen Swizz and Alicia out all over the place getting real cozy, but Alicia insists to US Weekly she's not "in any way linked" to his decision to separate. Swizz claims estranged wife Mashonda is trying to smear Alicia.

The ex-couple also have some cash issues -- there's a lien out for $800K in back taxes.


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2195 days ago



2195 days ago

dylan michaels    

HA!!! Funny! This is a total lie. Alicia is the reason for their break up. She is what she is, a happy home wrecker. Don't try to clean it up now Swizzy.

2195 days ago


i think some things happen and even if he was cheating. it isn't alicia's fault... I do believe that his wife is mad tho, because he's seeing her. I would be too... but Alicia is dead wrong too. There are some things you just don't do.

2195 days ago


"Mashonda"?? Oh, come on!! Well, whatever. She can't be any worse than Alicia Keys who is a piece of trash. Thought she was a lez??

2195 days ago


poster # 4 you are such a hater... alica keys is super sexy and very talented... HI HATER BYE HATER

2194 days ago


lets see a keys hmm well she might be sexy but she still seeing a married man...and in why couldnt she wait until after the ink dried on the papers.. i think she need to listen to her song "superwomen" because someone clipped her cape..

2194 days ago


Hey Everyone! Please take the time to examine and really analyze the "facts" of this case, I know all seems compelling, but there is no evidence of Alicia Keys being linked to their divorce, or an intimate relationship with one another @all. The only pix of them are from like 4 years ago-and just because she said he was her boo does not mean she meant it in a romantic sense, I know plenty of females who call their male friends boo (boo can be friend, homie, best friend, someone I care for, like we care for a friend), and introduce them that way but they are in no way romantically involved. PLEASE, wait until there is some real evidence of their involvement-this is exactly what the media wants us to do-indulge in whatever rumors and news they put out there, it's a stunt from my view, the media, especially entertainment wise, know that they have power, and want to use it for their gain-so use your own mind and think for yourself!!!!

2191 days ago


It's not like they have to expectation of privacy if they're in public, so why not show your proof? Is it because you have none? TMZ posts isht on every damn body there is and have had Alicia on your site before, so what's the problem? You guys are such liars!

2185 days ago


"we've seen these two all over getting cozy" Ok then show us. This is one of the most unfounded and baseless rumors all year. I could care less so long as Miss. Keys drops another hot CD ASAP and comes back to the ATL to perform!

2152 days ago


Wow Alicia! TMZ published a true story. All the whining that you were going to quit singing, because of the rumors. Look back two years ago, and tell the fans that this story was a lie.Your ego has appeared!

He will leave you. When he does, I won't buy your CD to hear how it went down.

1542 days ago


Alicia Keys is a homewrecker. Whether a marriage is having problems or not wait till they are divorced. Then, Alicia gets pregnant by Swizz Beatz that was just another slap to Mashonda's face. I know Alicia has lost a lot of fans because of this and right now she doesn't care because she is in the "honeymoon" stage of her relationship, but when that wears down she will realize soon enough what a dumb slut she was!

1522 days ago


Leave Alica keys out of it, Swiss just seperted from his wife he never got a divorce but that was is plan the whole time, then he met Alica and then he decied to get a divorce. Then that's when they decied to get married before the baby comes. If I could mad I would be mad at the ex wife she just needs to get over swiss and move the f*** on before she gets hurt.

1501 days ago


Just got some facts Alica Keys started dating Swiss in 08 of 2000 and swiss and his wife M.. were trying to get a divorce for about 10 years, and then Alica knew he had seperted from her before they started dating but never got a divorce, but was trying very hard to get one after he met alica. Then swiss finally got a legal divorce from his wife this year. Then that's when Alica said she was dating swiss and they decied to have a child together, and get married later on this year. That's why alica is not the bad guy if anyone is the bad guy it should be swiss's ex wife she was trying to be diffucult because she still wanted swiss. But swiss didn't want her. I really am mad at Alica because she wants her job because of a stupid rummor.

1501 days ago


Listen this is my last time telling everybody that alica keys is not the bad guy, I really am mad at Alica because she wants to quit her job because of stupid rummors by dummies.

1500 days ago
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