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Britney & Jamie Lynn: Mommies Night Out

9/15/2008 3:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Looking like the ghost of her pre-conservatorship past in a mangled weave, Daisy Dukes and flip-flops, Britney Spears browsed the aisles of a video store on Sunday night with her reblondered unwed teen mother of a sister Jamie Lynn.

"When duz 'The Britney Spears Story' come out, y'all?"


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ANAL DriP    

DING DANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHITE TRASH w/ MONey Yah ALL !

2172 days ago


#28 It"s NEVER been OK to have children without being married. Just because everyone seems to be doing it doesn't make it "ok". The kids are the ones that suffer for their parent's selfishness. But at least they chose to keep the baby. Gotta give them some credit!!!

2172 days ago


ProActiv must be upseet one of their old spokesperson's face looks so splotchey and broken out. I live in a little college town, but i can at least brush my damn hair and wear clothes that don't look like they came from the bottom of the dirty clothes hamper before i step out. Geeeeeeez

2172 days ago


OH COME ON, she cant be normal eh? Get a life, let her be, its you paps that make her crazy, this is not news....go get the scandels, who cares about this, why dont you TRY letting her live her life normally you duds.

2172 days ago


yummy, sisters !!!!

2172 days ago


OMG do a close up Brits Face!!!

2172 days ago


Britney, what happened? That isn't the best look for you. It does make people flash back to last year. I can't imagine having someone follow me around all the time trying to catch me looking bad, but try not to make it so easy to get these unflattering photos. The look on your face is not the one you might one to be showing to the world. Just saying.
I am not a big fan, but I do congratulate you on your win at the music awards show. That is the way people want to see you looking, It helps people believe that you are getting better and growing up. I hope for the sake of your darling little boys that you never repeat the errors of last year. Let them see their mommy and be proud.

2172 days ago


I always loved Britney!!! I wish people would just leave their family alone!!! Use your time to talk crap about someone who deserves it!!! Those girls are just normal americans who have had normal ups and downs!!! Please leave them alone!! They are good people and just want to live life!!!

2171 days ago


gosh, i wish i could be as "ugly" and "fat" as britney. people please give stop judging that poor woman. she looks fine.

2169 days ago


gosh, i wish i could be as "ugly and "fat" as britney. please stop juding her. she looks fine

2169 days ago


why is it every1 always has to hate on them britney looks good she just has fat lower legs but other than that shes in shape

2168 days ago


Brit is not a natural beauty. She has to get herself made up right and help with her clothes choices to be beautiful. When she is made up and dressed well she is beautiful and sexy, but no, it's not natural with her. Jamie Lynn looks better natural but she's not really beautiful, just pretty or cute. And all of you who keep wailing for her to "get rid of the weave" -- britney has sugly ears and she would not look good with short hair. She wants to wait until her natural hair is a length that she is happy and comfortable with. I don't mind the weave, just you weird jealous females who want her to run around with short hair. Halle Berry is the only woman I've ever seen who looked beautiful and sexy with short hair.

2163 days ago


Lara, Lara, neither of those girls look absolutelyg great in that picture. They look like sh*t. And it's true that most people don't dress up to go rent movies. If you look around you, most people look like sh*t when they don't fix themselves up. Including these two. People don't have to be jealous to see the difference between Brit and Jamie Lynne in this picture and how they look when they take trouble to dress and make up. You are stupid if you think they look good in this picture. You must be horribly ugly yourself if you admire this picture. Get over it.

2163 days ago


They look great!!!! i bet you people look reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally good on you sunday night right???? GIVE THEM A BREAK THEY LOOK coooooooooooooooolllll!!!

2115 days ago
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