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Jake "The Snake" Implodes

9/15/2008 1:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Forget everything you knew about wrestling legend Jake "the Snake" Roberts -- all that appears to remain is Jake the Junkie.
Jake Roberts: Click to view!
TMZ has obtained extremely disturbing footage of the former WWF superstar -- and former substance abuse rehab patient -- self-destructing during a live benefit event in Ohio over the weekend.

The footage shows a stumbling, overweight, rambling Roberts struggling to form a coherent sentence, while addressing the crowd moments before his match in the Firestorm Pro Wrestling league.

But the story behind the scenes is even more tragic. According to several sources, the 53-year-old legend was found passed out backstage moments before he was scheduled to perform. We're told when Snake was woken up, he was aggressive, violent and asking for "an 8-ball."

We're also told nearly two dozen empty airplane bottles of vodka were found by his gear.

During the match, Roberts was clearly unable to perform, barely responding to the barrage of "fake blows" he received from the other wrestler, J.T. Lightning. Around one minute into the match, Roberts' opponent -- clearly frustrated with the situation -- whispers to the ref to end the fight. Afterwards, Lightning grabbed the mic and told Roberts, "I've wrestled drug addicts ... you are a piece of s**t, Snake. You gypped these people. F**k you."

Click to view the gallery!After the verbal assault, Jake pulled down the front of his pants and exposed his penis to the crowd.

Backstage, the madness continued. People close to the situation tell us Snake broke his hand punching a wall, then ran into the street crying. An ambulance and police were called to the scene, but Roberts, who refused medical treatment, was not arrested.

Calls to Jake's rep have not yet been returned.
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Oh this was so sad. He desperately needs help but the people around him are only going to keep trying to make money off of him until he dies. Which is what is going to happen unless he gets some much needed help pronto. I remember him from my childhood and he was one of my favorite wrestlers. I'm really saddened to see this and hope someone...anyone close to him performs some kind of intervention and gets him some help.

Where the hell is McMahon?

2196 days ago


Aw, hell...

I don't know why this one bothers me so much. I agree with the poster that said Jake STILL has more class than the Hogan clan! Really hope he gets it together, poor guy.

2196 days ago


19. It's former WWE wrestler, not WWF.

Posted at 1:59PM on Sep 15th 2008 by John

Actually, he WAS in the WWF when it was still the WWF in the 80's (before that it was the WWWF, 'member?!). So it's not wrong to say he's a former WWF wreslter, so nya.

2196 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

I just do not understand why anyone that is not a 13 y/o male would
even watch 'pro wrasslin'? Just a bunch of frustrated wrestlers and
failed stuntmen and women who do dumb skits to promote the next PPV!
"Well in Summer Scam, we'll settle this once and for all!" Yeah,
right. Sure. Then they roll around and someone pulls out a blade and
cuts themselves for added drama. Sure, there are some real athletics
involved and people do actually get hurt, but someone could just set
up a stunt show and fake fight symposium and do the same damn
thing-and probably do a better job of it too! I mean WTF and HowTF
does this crap still pull viewers? Just lame beyond lame!!
As for this douche, it must be getting pretty bad when you can mess
up a show staged in a high school gym and where they spend $3.50 of
their hard earned SSI checks to get in the door. Oh, beer. That's
right. Get people drunk and they'll watch trained seals playing car
horns for fish. This guy is just typical of this crap. I can see why
superstars are leaving in droves to try to get into the UFC and
similar programs to distant this mess for good! Crap, just crap!

2196 days ago


How the hell does he have an assistant? What's up with him showing is 3 inch python. That dude is wiggady whack.

2196 days ago


It's just too bad TMZ reports incidents like this one cause, they are making tons of money over people's tragedies. And this is serious, Jake was one of the most popular wrestlers back in the days, he was like Hulk Hogan. Unfortunately, the aftermath of the WWF, makes some wrestlers flip like what we see right now.

Jake probably didnt have a good life (think Beyond the Mat who was very negative about him see Poison Jake Roberts Story for info) and now he's stuck with that. Now as a FORMER fan, I can say it's not even funny, it's a shame to see this and it's a shame to see where he is right now. Jake usually has a GREAT mind for the sport, is a great persona and something was wrong.


2196 days ago

Rick "The Model" Martel    

Poor Jake is still suffering from long lingering after effects of Arrogance that was sprayed into his eyes

2196 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

I read that LAUGHABLE post by TeamSNAKE. Someone drugged him? HAAAAAAAA!!!!!!! Liar.

2196 days ago

Infamous A.J.    

Sad sad sad. He was a mentor to so many up and coming guys. It's sad to see him this way. Hopefully this will embarass him back into rehab, before he winds up in RIP wrestler list.

Good luck to you Jake. Your real fans and friends support you during this tough time.

2196 days ago


Steroids, drugs and drink will mess you up bad. He's probably still seeing flying monkeys.

2196 days ago


All I can say here is I hope This Man gets some help, or A real Friend gets help for him, before its to late, God Bless You my friend.

2196 days ago


The fact that TMZ even posted this video is deplorable. Take it down. This is not entertainment - this is a man on the edge, who clearly needs help. I can't believe the insensitivity...sad day for humanity.

2196 days ago


37. What kind of sick freak exposes himself one minute, then runs away crying the next.

McLying McCain & his alaskan mongrel!!!! For Karl Rove to admit that these two are liars, the distinct stench has reached it's peak and all of America is about to find out who these two really are!!!! Actually McLying his ass off, is pretty much putting it out there for all to see. How many more lies are these two going to tell before someone calls them on them. This election has become a joke and this country is slowly becoming a joke to the rest of the world, They both distort and spew the facts and when confronted, they start that "whining". I have Palin's speech memorized because in every interview, every public appearance, it's all the same. Get over yourselves and drop out before it get's even more ridiculous and embarassing!

2196 days ago


Hey J.T. your beef was with Jake, not Tommy Rich or Jimmy Snuka. After 16 years, you'd think you'd have a little respect. Clearly, you said these things out of anger. Next time, please direct your anger directly to your intended target and dont involve ones who are not there to defend themselves. I totally agree with your angy words towards Jake, I have experienced the same thing on occassion. Just dont involve people who have nothing to do with that situation. Thats very disrespectful. Thanks.......

2196 days ago

Omar the Weslacoan    

LEAVE IT ON ! I come to TMZ for all it's got, including the implosions. At least I'M being honest about it. Those that come to TMZ knowing this kinda thing goes on but complain about it should realize they aren't getting sympathy points anywhere. LEAVE IT ON TMZ !

2196 days ago
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