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Miley & Male Pal -- 15 Will Get You 20

9/15/2008 12:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Wearing matching tank tops, America's favorite middle-aged 15-year-old Miley Cyrus went to church this weekend with her possible new boyfriend -- 20-year-old underwear model Justin Gaston. Somebody get a purity ring, stat!

Justin was also a contestant on the Billy Ray Cyrus hosted TV show "Nashville Star." So, unlike an Annie Leibovitz photo shoot, daddy must approve.


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ditto, ditto, ditto, on all the comments regarding their clothes. They look horrible - the Bible is a nice touch....
and the question is : CAN YOU MAKE A SILK PURSE OUT OF A SOW'S EAR? There has got to be a reason
they look so awful, does anyone know?

2168 days ago


I hope Miley is saveing her money because she has no tallent and it totally produced... Whe she trys to sing it sounds like finger nails on a chalk board ... The "Male Pal" is hot .. Miley is not

2168 days ago

psychic rina    

shes so fake on disney shes a future trainwreck and he wants to ride the graveytrain

2168 days ago


He's hot she is NOT !!! .. Miely Ray HasBeen has a big fat horse face !!!
P.S. Do these blow up shoes make my butt look FAT??!? ..

2168 days ago


Miley is a ho ... I ran into her are Universal Orlando and she has a big nasty horse face and no tallent... Why was she hanging at "Universal Orlando" when she works for "Disney" .. If I was Disney I'd boot her no tallent poser ass out the door... Next ..

2168 days ago


Miley has a horse face.. Whats the cute boy doing hanging out with a poser like Miley anywayz?

2168 days ago


TRAIN WRECK in training ... She has no tallent and a big fat horse face.... I hope she's saveing her money because she will need it later when Disney drops her...

2168 days ago


I"m just not a Miley fan .. I wish she would just go away.... She can't sing and has no tallent at all other then some producer decided to "tweek" her nasty voice to make her sound like something...

2168 days ago

Big Bear    

Miley would look like a porcupine if all the male members stuck in her were sticking out of her!!!!

2168 days ago


37. Since when did it matter what you wear to church? Last I recall, it's not about what you wear, what color you are, how much money you have etc......It's about going to worship the Lord. You people that want to point the finger and judge people over their sunday attire, might wanna look in the mirror. Thou shall not judge.....Look it up!!

Posted at 1:06PM on Sep 15th 2008 by Who cares

.. and now you're the one in the judge seat judging us. feels warm doesn't it?

2168 days ago


What the heck are her parents thinking? No parent in their RIGHT MIND lets their teenager date a 20 year old guy. My dad would have had the shot gun out and chased him off , had I even had the nerve to try to pull that one over on him.

FURTHERMORE, for the inbred twit named Switch. Miley dresses like that for church because that is how the trash in Hollyweird she hangs out with dress. I can assure you that in the South, anyone "raised right" as they say, still gets gussied up for church, so you can kiss my grits!

2168 days ago


Amen Dr. Vuth! I would never think of wearing such to Church! My momma would slap the taste right outta my mouth. It's a shame that they put good, decent southerners in a bad light just because of the actions of one, poorly parented young lady. In the South, we have respect for the Lord and put on our "Sunday best" (where do y'all think that term came from anyway?) I hope someone gets ahold of this young lady and sets her straight! Going to Church sure doesn't seem to be helpin'!

2168 days ago

name withheld    

LOL @ Our Lady of Doublewide!!!!!!!!!

2168 days ago

It's Wrong....    

How RUDE! Everyone knows ALI LOHAN is our favorite middle-aged teenager!

2168 days ago


i guess the term 'jailbait' doesn't mean anything when the jailbait has money.
hey, the cross on his chain that a bible he's carrying?..........are nice touches. did they know the camera's would be waiting??

this is not a serious role model for young girls. actions speak louder than words.........she can deny all she wants, but if she's lyin...........well, tell her to look in that book he's carryin! or better yet, HAVE HER SO CALLED PARENTS look in it and see if they can find a better way to raise this child.

2168 days ago
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