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Miley & Male Pal -- 15 Will Get You 20

9/15/2008 12:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Wearing matching tank tops, America's favorite middle-aged 15-year-old Miley Cyrus went to church this weekend with her possible new boyfriend -- 20-year-old underwear model Justin Gaston. Somebody get a purity ring, stat!

Justin was also a contestant on the Billy Ray Cyrus hosted TV show "Nashville Star." So, unlike an Annie Leibovitz photo shoot, daddy must approve.


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That is probably a cell phone in at least one of his pockets if not both.

2230 days ago

Jennifer Bouldack    

You people need to get a grip. Many churches, mine included, are all about people coming as they are and not hung up on what you wear. Dress is not relevant, as long as it is not revealing. I am in my 40s and I wear casual clothes, even jeans or shorts to church, as do most of my friends, and I am a church leader. And those are probably cell phones in the young man's pocket. As for these two, one being 15 and one being 20, being together at church, are their parents waiting for them in the parking lot or just off camera? Perhaps they are - we don't know. We just have this one picture from the paps, which hardly tells the whole story. These are two kids at church. Get off their backs.

2230 days ago

Who cares make no sense!! I'm not judging.....just telling you to look the mirror.....

2230 days ago


If you look at the picture, she's looking at what he has in his hands....clearly something she's never seen before, although they are coming out of church? So, exactly what was she doing in there? Clearly, her parents are more concerned with the money she's making, as I'm sure that is their only source of income. When are these parents going to realize these kids need them as their parents, not their friend or manager. And they say Britney was a traiinwreck, clearly this "skank in training" is the caboose!

2230 days ago


OMG, don't beleive they were being judged from the Lord on what they were wearing. I'll bet half of you posting a message on this board have not been in a church for at least a year.

2230 days ago


They went to church dressed like that? Not that God minds, but Good Gravy - show some respect for the other parishioners unless of course the other parishioners were naked, then these two would look good. My mother would have a hissy if I went to church dressed like that.

2230 days ago


So all those hits on google saying he is Gay are not true?

2230 days ago


That "little black book" is probably no Bible.

2230 days ago


I slept w my husband at age 15 and he is eight years older.
Married 20 years now.

2230 days ago

TMZ Fraternity    

who cares..Miley seems cool anyway. And she is cute..You all are just jealous.

So what if they wore that to chruch..Church is a scam anyway..Church is for retarded people.

"Jesus likes to have sex with many women"

2230 days ago


How much of a good example would Palin's family be to our country??

They have a drug addict son who was involved in a break-in and a knocked up 17 year old unmarried daughter.

So stop worrying about Miley you idiots.

2230 days ago

spread the love    

how delicious!! i think i hear a train whistle in the distance....and it will be flying off the track soon....someone has to be the new nicole/paris/britney/lindsey....and it looks like we may have a winner. stay tuned

2230 days ago


Sounds like a bunch of deluded Mormons posting here, doing what they do best - feeling superior to the rest of humanity.

They go to church dressed to the nines every Sunday while Utah has the highest bankruptcy rate in the nation. Image is evrything in the Mormon cult.

The Catholic church near us does not care how people dress, but their church is filled to overflowing. And no one hounds them to show up - imagine that.

2230 days ago


oh my goodness!!!!! who goes to church in a tank top??? and messed up hair? The jeans do not bother me that much...unless they are torn...

2230 days ago


He is H O T!!!!!

2230 days ago
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