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Miley & Male Pal -- 15 Will Get You 20

9/15/2008 12:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Wearing matching tank tops, America's favorite middle-aged 15-year-old Miley Cyrus went to church this weekend with her possible new boyfriend -- 20-year-old underwear model Justin Gaston. Somebody get a purity ring, stat!

Justin was also a contestant on the Billy Ray Cyrus hosted TV show "Nashville Star." So, unlike an Annie Leibovitz photo shoot, daddy must approve.


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He's prettier than her !

2194 days ago


you guys are dumb, her whole family was with them, and he is gay, and i'm pretty sure gay guys date other guys, hence them being called gay.

2194 days ago


15 will get you 20. And, it's 20 to 1 that this "pure" disney whore is pounding the penis pogo right now...

2194 days ago

Dakota Smith    

Hm ... you know, as long as Billy Ray's pimping out his daughter to older guys, I wonder if I have a shot? I mean, I could sure use her money!

A big point in my favor is that I'm already the father of two girls Miley's age, and I know how to NOT pimp them out. If Miley and I hooked up, I could raise her to be a rational human being rather than a train wreck just leaving the station.

I'm sure I could get her into a nice dress for church, too -- and get her to stop posting slutty pics on the Internet.

Plus, since my daughters are Miley's age, they could all be instant BFFs!

Billy Ray -- call me!

2194 days ago


Miley! what a funny name! it was supposed to just be a disney show name, but now, she is miley! hmm..

2194 days ago

You Wait And See    

Totally illegal. I wonder will the police throw him in jail like they do every other guy on "To Catch A Predator".

2194 days ago


justin does not smoke. he is a good friend of mine. he is one of the nicest, most down-to-earth, good guys i have ever met. and he currently lives in nashville, not LA. as far as i know, this is his first time back in LA since before nashville star started back in may and he has only been there for a little over a week. and who cares about what they wear to church? at least they are going. i bet most of you don't even go to church.
P.S. that IS a bible. he always has that with him. he also always wears the cross.

2194 days ago


isn't it against the law for a 20 year old male to be "stooping" a 15 year old girl?

2194 days ago


Not all churches expect non-casual clothing - I'm sure they're dressed like the rest of the congregation. The casual approach has a sound basis, keeps the emphasis on the worship service and not on what everybody is wearing (also keeps the playing field level for people of different income levels). Seems better to me than the fashion shows too many churches put on every Sunday. It also was probably quite hot that day.

They don't actually look "boyfriend-girlfriend" in that picture or the fuller video I saw elsewhere. Look at the body language. More likely her father invited him to church and do other family stuff, and not to date his kid.

2194 days ago


Dressed like THAT for church? Was this a real church or one of those mega churches?

2194 days ago

James E Baude    

Isn't their a law against a 20yr old dating an underage 15year old?

2194 days ago


Carrying a Bible is a nice touch though, huh? Even at 15, dating/sleeping with someone more than 3 years older is against the law--oops, my bad, this is the south we're talking about.

2193 days ago


Wow,that guy is HOT.Miley is a good looking girl,but I don't care about her,when I look at that picture I only see the guy.If I could borrow him for a day..........................

2193 days ago


He's 20. She is 15. He is a pedophile child molester, and this goes to show that Billy Ray Cyrus is pimping out his daughter to the highest bidder. Disgusting.

2193 days ago


Technically, as long as there is no concrete evidence of an "inappropriate relationship" between Miley and Justin (A photo of them holding hands or kissing, an X-rated video, etc.) , Justin wouldn't have to worry about the law arresting him on any "corruption of a minor" charge.

Also, if say Miley reaches age 16 and she and Justin have an "inappropriate relationship" only in certain states with a "Lowest Age of Consent =16" law, Justin is legally safe.

2193 days ago
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