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Snake's Handler: Jake Was Drugged

9/15/2008 1:54 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jake RobertsJake "The Snake" Roberts' assistant claims the wrestler was drugged before the event in Cleveland.

Jake's rep acknowledges Snake was hitting the bar on that fateful night, but claims he "took his rehab from WWE very seriously, and has not done such a thing in months ..."

He then offers this explanation: "Jake was given an open container of what he was told was a cold drink. That happened when he got to the venue. He remembers nothing between that time, and the time he woke up the next morning in the motel, alone, beaten, injured ... this is not how he behaves ever. On his worst days, Jake has always had total recall."

"Jake was drugged. His standard answer for everything the last two days has been "I don't know."


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What's next? Amy Winehouse? I am sure Vince "da pimp" McMahon could book her to "fight". Maybe Blake "the snake" could get out of the slammer long enough to watch it (providing that he won't o.d.).

2227 days ago


Riiiiight. And I've got ocean front property in arizona to sell ya'. Sheesh!

2227 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Liar! I'm sure some fans will buy this hook, line, and sinker. Wouldn't take much to fool them though!

2227 days ago

artie help    

if this comment comes from the lil' guy who tried to kick his ass after j.t lightning then i believe him.

2227 days ago


Then why did he ask for an 8 ball when he woke up?

2227 days ago


so, as of this moment, over 1,200 people actually believe his story that he was drugged by somebody. Just goes to show that there is a huge group of complete idiots out there--- and most of them vote, judging by the last 8 years

2227 days ago


The guy needs to revisit rehab. He needs 24/7 handlers and he needs to admit that he's got a big monkey on his back named Harry.

2227 days ago

Omar the Weslacoan    

Hey....anyone can post comments here. How do WE know Shannon IS Shannon and that this individual is The Snake's Assistant ? However, for the sake of argument, I'll assume TMZ has verified this post. In which case, what are the first three letters of Assistant ? There you go !

2227 days ago

MCW Doink    

I was at a show in Maryland with Jake 6 / 8 weeks ago and watched people offer him drinks and other things and he turned them all down and drank a coke... The athletic commission gave him problems because things just like this tmz artical... Like Jake said he wants one last run with the WWE and if people SAY he fell off the wagon it will destroy one of his last chances to concrete his future in life with the wwe....

I think you all need to grow up and chill , people try to turn leaves in their lives and if they make a honest crack at it all others can do is shoot them down ...

You all need to grow up !

2227 days ago


Jake has fallen before.He may have this time.But what amazes me is how quickly people want to stomp a man while he is down.I think its just as possible he slipped as someone slipped him something.It amazes me how little sympathy people have and how quickly they forget they arent perfect either.It takes big people to kick a guy while hes down.I cant believe society is such that they take pleasure in others problems,issues or embarrassments.The fact this showed up on tmz proves it.They not only enjoy the slips but publicize them to advertise the embarrassment.He may have done it to himself.I think he was drugged but what gets me is not one person here knows him personally and yet 87% think he is lying.Not even innocent until proven guilty.I dont have to say I hope you live with your conscience because obviously no one has one.

2227 days ago


OH CMON NOW " another fuct up white trash wrestler over the hill that needs money to get his drink on . seriously, if david crosby could just lose his manboobs ...perhaps the rest of the fake wrestling audience will get their act together ....WHAT A BUNCH OF WASTED OXYGEN.......see you in CHOCOLATE CITY SOON! THE W.H IS JUST A TEMPORARY CONDITION

2226 days ago


I believe there may have been something sinister involved. After Jake was pushed from the WWF he never denied it was because of drugs. He always admitted his addictions and never shied away from them as many addicts do. I agree with Tink, its amazing how quick people are to put a man even further down.

Also, 'RAY' if what your horrible unintelligible post was referring to what I managed to translate from it, you're only digging a bigger hole and the W.H. won't just be a 'temporary' condition. I could be wrong, but frankly, I would rather you stop digging that hole. Thanks.

2226 days ago

Glenn Q.    

I think that it may not have been his fault. I agree with Tink & Chere, he has been pretty honest so far about when he has fallen. The lack of compassion and negativity that everyone is expressing here shows just how messed up the world can be sometimes. No one rallies to help someone in trouble, but as soon as someone is down, like a group of vultures everyone is quick to attack and judge, not to his face of course, but on sites like this where they can remain anonymous and stroke their ego by putting someone down that they don't know. If you don't have anything constructive to say, shut up and be ready for the time when you fall and everyone trashes you, since thats what you believe in. Jake if you read this know that there are people who know that tough times happen to all of us. Stay strong and get through this. You were my hero growing up, I used to watch WWF all of the time and you were my favorite.

2226 days ago


I KNOW HIM PERSONALLY!!! I was his former friend, webmaster and traveled with him tro shows. The only person that slipped something into his drink was himself Trust me, he turns his back on his friends as fast (or faster) than he turns his back on rehab.

2222 days ago

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