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Nate Dogg Stable after Second Stroke

9/16/2008 5:39 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned hip-hop legend Nate Dogg is still hangin' on after suffering a stroke 11 days ago -- his second in the last year.

We're told Nate is in stable condition in a hospital ward, but is using an assisted breathing tube -- which is not required but makes breathing easier for him. Despite other reports, Dogg, who is currently sedated, did NOT suffer any brain damage.

According to our sources it's too early to tell how this stroke will impact the use of his limbs (his arm and leg were affected from the first stroke) -- but there isn't much movement below his neck at this time.

Nate's due in court on the 24th to face felony charges after he allegedly made death threats to his estranged wife.


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awww hope he gets better soon.....luv him

2236 days ago


It's obvious that many people don't know the FACTS regarding Strokes...
#1 - You can indeed have a full blown stroke without lasting permanent damage...I had one at 18 where I lost my speech, and was completely numb and paralyzed on my entire right side, but after two days, I was just fine...I went on to raise my children, earn a College Degree, enjoy a good career, and am currently working on another degree...
#2 - Street drugs generally don't "cause" strokes, but can affect ones circulatory system with prolonged use...Smoking, and the Birth Control Pill are the leading causes of stroke in younger people...Mine was caused from both...
#3 - TIA's can happen without any symptoms being noticed whatsoever...Some 20 years after my initial stroke, I started having them and was not aware that they'd been so frequent until my Dr. sat me down for a chat...

So, for all of you that think you're impervious, think again...It can happen to anyone, at any age, for any number of reasons...

2236 days ago


My first thought was "Karma sucks when you have been bad". Seems to be chewing on this bad dogg's butt right now. Azzwipe he is, legend he ain't.

2236 days ago


Legend or not. Stop using coke and the sizures will stop! Ugh, wake up! Drugs cause strokes also!! Idiot. If he keeps using drugs his life is over!! Get it?? I don't feel sorry for him!!

2236 days ago


skinnymama your the stupid one because all strokes do not leave brain damage. I have had 2 major strokes and a series of tias with no brain damage or impairment. It is possible.

2236 days ago


There is no such thing as an "assisted breathing tube". That would be known as a ventilator and people only are put on vents when they cannot breathe on their own. This is a clear case of the truth not being told-just like Bernie Mac...

2236 days ago


I'm not familiar with Nate Doggs music and I don't know if he is a legend or NOT! But what I do know is HE"S HUMAN and I wish him a FULL speedy recovery

2236 days ago


I dont want to think he is doing Crack, but he is way to young to be suffering from Strokes...
I know Crack Cocaine Makes you suffer strokes sometimes

2236 days ago


as someone in healthcare, his assited tube to help him breath means he is on a ventilator which means that the stroke was severe enough that the doctors decided to protect his airway and/or he can no longer breath on his own. Once on a ventilator which a lot of people call respirators it will take some time to get him off the machine. Unfortunately, he can develop a lot of problems once being placed on a vent (ie) infection, pneumonia, pnemothorax, another stroke,and he could have a cardic arrest and die on the vent

2236 days ago

lady Tahiti    

I just want to say to those people who had stupid and hurtful things about Nate dog what goes around comes around i am a friend of his mother's think about her how would you feel if your child was sick and you couldn't help him. people who care
for him as a human being and his family please pray for them . thank you

2235 days ago



2235 days ago


Hum - It's sad for all you red neck racists to be making comments like that when someone is in a time of need. I just hope that as you laugh and make jokes now that none of your family ends up dropping dead. And as far as what he did with his personal life and what he smoked and dranked I bet there has never been any reports on him SCREWING HIS KIDS as most of you that's being disrespectful I BET has experienced being screwed by your PARENTS OR PRIESTS. hahaha GET YOUR LAUGH ON!

2235 days ago

Ms Lena    

i am really shock at the comments i have read, i know Nate and it is obvious that most of you un educated ppl do not.

he has never done anything wrong to anyone dont believe what you read in the tabloids, regardless of that, even if he was the meanest man on earth, does not give anyone the rt to be just out right evil!!!!
The only truth i see in any of these comments is the fact that he is very sick and has a machine helping him, instaead of being rude and negative why not pray for him and his family..

WE LOVE YOU Nate and you are always in our prayers and thoughts!!!


2235 days ago


I've seen Nate Dogg at a club a few times and he's been nothing but nice to everyone. Who the hell said he was on crack? I've seen crackheads and he doesn't resemble anything close to that. Leave the man alone. I mean damn, how would you feel? People that don't even know you talking crap about you. Just shut up and let him recover.

2235 days ago


Get well soon dog poeple are so ruuuuuuuuuuude!!!!!!

2234 days ago
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