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Sarah Palin

Fake Baked Alaska

9/16/2008 7:11 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

She may have ditched the private plane and the personal chef, but Sarah Palin did get her own tanning bed for the Guv's mansion ... for that year-round orange glow.

But, as the Narco News reports, Palin paid for the fake bakery herself, and bought it used from a health club. Similar models -- new -- can cost up to $35K to install in a home, not including parts, said a tanning salon manager.

We knew Palin and Britney had something in common. And need it be pointed out that John McCain has had skin cancers removed twice?

Megan Fox Once Loved a Russian Stripper

That's all we had to say. We know.

But there's more: Brian Austin Green's betrothed tells GQ about her love affair with Nikita, a Russian ecdysiast who would do "beautiful slow dances to Aerosmith ballads" and with whom she was "in love." But lest the hetero men of the world despair, Fox says she's "not a lesbian."

But then there's this: "Olivia Wilde is so sexy she makes me want to strangle a mountain ox with my bare hands." She said mountain ox.

Cindy McCain Slams "View" Vultures

Talk about biting the hand that feeds your publicity machine.

Cindy McCain was not pleased about getting grilled by the yentas of "The View" the other day, and, as ABC News notes, vented to a GOP crowd over the weekend: "They picked our bones clean," said Mrs. Mac of her Friday appearance, referring to various jabs Joy, Babwa, and Whoopi took at her husband.

She called the "View" bunch "not what the American people ... are believing."

Party Favors: Dept. of Celeb Crushes: Slick Willie and Melo ... Timbaland Gets Winey

So Carmelo Anthony is eating at Nobu with Steve Rifkind and James Cruz of SRC when who should come up to him? None other than Bill Clinton, who gushed about 'Melo's gold medal. We're told Bubba was celebrating Chelsea's 30th. ... Over the weekend, Timbaland went deep – into the wine cellar – at Phillippe Chow Miami with restaurateurs Jeffrey Chodorow and Myles Chefetz.


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Sarah Palin is typical white trash: Knocked-up teen daughter , baby machine, allergic to any method of bc and the ubiquitious tanning bed. You see these orange ho's everywhere. Knowing what we know about the harmful effects of UV rays, how can you possibly be stupid enough to buy a tanning bed. Good Lord, I'm just a computer programmer and I know what the Bush Doctrine is..............I hope John McCain lives a long time!!!!

2194 days ago



Michelle Obama-- Beautiful, smart Black woman


2194 days ago


War O'Bama becoming President and sending all white people back to Africa !!!!!

2194 days ago


Get a clue, most people in Alaska have tanning beds due to the lack of sunshine, therefore lack of Vitamin D!!!!

2194 days ago


I hate the view... I dont know why anybody even watches it. All of them gabbing at the same time..... Its beyond annoying. And their "view" does not represent ANY women I personally know. John McCain honored them by even going on their annoying show.

2194 days ago

Get Real!    

Republican for Obama @ 11:22...Remarkably stated...WELL DONE!!!!!!!!

Mayu @ 11:58...Shut the F***up!!! You WHITE folks don't have sh** to complain about...GOT IT!!!!

2194 days ago

chin chin    

Dear Bettyboop~ your savior's slutty mother was knocked up at 16. Real role model, sleeping with a married man :-)

2193 days ago


Get real,
How many GENERATIONS of your family have been on welfare, gotten food stamps, stood around waiting for a hand out from the government? How many of you or your kin ACTUALLY graduated from HS without a child attached?
Your just another vile, un-educated, hate filled, spue spilling, lying minority. So stop your craze fill rants and shut the * up.
Kill whity my ass. If you hate it in America so much go away. But you can't get all the freebies anywhere else, can you?.

2193 days ago



Mayu @ 11:58...Shut the F***up!!! You WHITE folks don't have sh** to complain about...GOT IT!!!!

Posted at 2:26PM on Sep 16th 2008 by Get real!

WOW - how clueless you truly are - you just proved MAYU's GREAT point, Thank you!

White folks, as you call them, have just as much right to complain about the inequality & mistreatment they feel as you do. This IS a democracy. Are you actually worried you will become a slave "again"? Whoopie must be getting to you. (As if you & Whoopie were ever slaves!!)

You, or any other race, are not entitled to any special treatment, advancement, government aid, reparations, or any other free hand out, just because of your race. When you start thinking you are justly entitled, then your are part of the problem, not the solution. So many of you believe your are entitled to things other races should not be equallyprovided. That is discrimination & you are feeding right into it with the mentality that everyone OWES you something.

Did you ever hear of white sharecroppers? They never owned their own property, they worked for their room & board, were treated like other people's property, never able to vote, & those groups of people, who you try so hard to mock by calling "white trash", are not the ones draining this country's welfare & social security budgets. Check the statistics on that.

Chinese were also bought & sold & brought into this country to work the railroads, in the mines, in brothels, many were slaves in households who cooked, cleaned & raised their "owner's"children. Look at the Chinese people in this country now - they are proud business owners, wealthy merchants, the majority are all extremely college educated, very hard working & advance by their own MERITS & are generally, as a whole, fine, honest, upstanding people who dont draw welfare unnecessarily - most of them, if needed, readily take 2 or 3 jobs to avoid that & live to the best of their OWN God given abilities.

Instead of perpetrating racism (& by expecting something more than you believe others are entitled to, solely because of your race, you certainly are) why dont you & all the others that feel everyone else owes them something, do what every other race that was mistreated by another race has done & STOP BEING A SLAVE to it. It's over. It's been over.

& white "folks" & asian folks & spanish folks & indians & middle easterners & japanese & vietnamese & ALL PEOPLE are just as entitled to everything given to you.

2193 days ago


Perhaps this shows that NO ONE in the Mccain Palin ticket can handle simple questions. You weren't picked upon you were merely asked questions that the voting American Electoric has a right in asking. If you cannot handle this, what will your life in the White House actually be like. Maybe it's time for you to throw in the towel. This is apart of the new political spectrum of American's wanting answers to questions that need answering. Grow some gonads Cindy and deal with it.

2193 days ago


if that bitch thinks that the view was getting their bones picked, she and her husband have no business having anything to do with running the country....that was light childs play compared to what they are in for if they (god forbid) win.
what a loser bitch thing to say.

2193 days ago

Palin scares the crap out of me    

It seems that alot of people didn't notice when McCain lied right to your face (on The View) when he said that Sarah Palin has not taken any earmarks since she has been Governor of Alaska. Surprised his nose didn't grow.

2193 days ago



2193 days ago


Perhaps this shows that NO ONE in the Mccain Palin ticket can handle simple questions. You weren't picked upon you were merely asked questions that the voting American Electoric has a right in asking. If you cannot handle this, what will your life in the White House actually be like.

Posted at 3:54PM on Sep 16th 2008 by Michele


Honestly, I would love nothing better than to have a qualified Democrat that I could feel confident voting for but unfortunately I dont feel we have that in Mr. Obama. I have these missing pieces that are holding me up & Mr. Obama will not supply any information to clear up.

Could someone (preferably Mr. Obama but you'll do, MICHELE, if you can answer just 1 of them) clarify & address these things
directly: Too much about BO is hidden - WHY?? Here are just a few closed files that the American public should have open access to, so we may be fully informed as to what type of agenda Mr. Obama really has - sounds like a very HIDDEN agenda when you realize ALL of the following records are sealed or not released:

1. Occidental College records -- Not released
2. Columbia College records -- Not released
3. Columbia Thesis paper -- 'not available'
4. Harvard College records -- Not released
5. Selective Service Registration -- Not released
6. Illinois State Senate schedule -- 'not available'
7. Law practice client list -- Not released
8. Certified Copy of original Birth certificate -- Not released
9. Embossed, signed paper Certification of Live Birth -- Not released
10. Harvard Law Review articles published -- None
11. University of Chicago scholarly articles -- None
12. Record of baptism from any church or religion -- Not released or 'not available'
13. BO Illinois State Senate records--'not available'

Anyone who has all ready decided to vote for Mr. Obama must not care that so much of his past is purposely kept from them. I care greatly.
Until these records & past affiliations are clarified, I refuse to vote blindly & ignorantly down party lines. I will be voting for a republican this election, simply because I have no idea who Mr. Obama is or what he stands for. It seems he is not a patriotic American even a tiny bit, & even though I may have disagreements with McCain on some issues, his past is an open book, no sealed records kept from us AT ALL & I know he loves America to the fullest, will do everything to protect the US & its people at all times, against all enemies, & is very dedicated to the American people, without any hidden agenda or purpose.

Arent any of you Obama supporters concerned at all about why all of these Obama records (& MORE) are kept under lock & key & what they may reveal???

2193 days ago


TO: Posted at 3:49PM on Sep 16th 2008 by VA ALL DAY

You are a very ugly person with a very ugly soul (please dont claim to be a Christian -- with that attitude you most certainly are not!!). You are not shining a positive light on yourself, your race or any religion you purport to follow by acting out in the very manner that all the stereotypes suggest.

You dont seem very intelligent, articulate or educated at all. Just like all the stereotypes suggest. Why dont you do something positve with yourself instead of furthering the very racism you scream about. It is obvious you are proving all those stereotypes are exactly on point. All you are doing by STILL crying victim is making yourself a VICTIM of your own hatred & reverse racism. You are the only one holding yourself back - not any white person.

You are a fool. Just like all the stereotypes suggest.

2193 days ago
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