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Daddy Lohan Has His Say

9/17/2008 6:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan has insinuated himself into this Obama-Lohan thing, predictably. But we think he might be taking LiLo a lil' too seriously, at least right now.

Proclaimeth Michael: "Everyone is entitled to an opinion and so is Obama and his staff. Then again, you know what they say about opinions. Unfortunately, for them, to make such a comment about my daughter was a big mistake ... Look at Angelina Jolie and the wonderful things she has done in her life, and now watch how Lindsay does the same."


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In the words of Nelson Muntz...."HA HA!"

2225 days ago


Papa Lohan needs to shut his trap.

2225 days ago


Any comparison between lilo and Angelina is pure fantasy. Lilo is a self absorbed idiot and always will be.

2225 days ago

Crack is WHACK!!!!!    

Was an invitation given out by Obama for a 20 something year old to represent him among the young voters? Who asked for Lilo 2 cents? AND PLEASE do not compare her to Angelina Jolie......after all Lilo is going to be the next Julia Roberts! her words not mine.

2225 days ago


where's the option to vote for Both?

2225 days ago


Go Obama! She is good for hosting something just not anything like this.

2225 days ago

Go to hell Rita and Vergie    

What happend to all the people who were bashing Pres. Bush because of the war . That's all people talked about how much they hated him. Now some of these same people are voting for Mccain. I guess they want to stay at war. I hope their happy when they bring back the draft. We all know how exited crazy Palin and Mccain are about going to war.

2225 days ago

Baseball Junkie    

McCain 2008, I had no idea you were so stupid. Some of our best presidents were known drug-users. At least Obama is willing to admit that he did drugs and stopped. I trust him a lot more than Shrub who has admitted to his alcoholism but not his coke habit, between which BTW he destroyed sufficient brain cells to turn him into the man he is today instead of the fairly intelligent college student he once was,
I would much sooner vote for a man who can admit his mistakes than one who insists he's never made one. To err is human, remember?

As to the item itself; Michael Lohan should have his mouth stapled shut and so should his daughter. Yes, everyone is entitled to an opinion but why must I be forced to listen to them.

Go Sox

2225 days ago


Comparing Obama to Lohan - an example of white priviledge - sure, works just like comparing him to Palin.... Switch this - that's exactly what people of color have always known, we can't be equal or merely better - we must excel to the point that we seem "other worldly" and then oops, we're not down to earth enough to talk with earthlings. We get it TMZ - next you'll compare Obama to DMX right? Think how quickly you would have jumped on this wagon had Palin been Black? Go ahead, admit it, if that had been Whitney would you have said the same thing -compared her to Obama... called him a hypocrite? You're the hypocrite for trying to equate what you're doing with sanity and decency when the weight of the world hangs in the balance. Yeah, we need TMZ to tell us about our politics.
I'm listening - Evelyn

2224 days ago


Lindsey's father must be dilusional. To compare her to Angelina. Please.

You know you have to be a loser if someone would rather have a washed up old fat hag supporting him over you.

2224 days ago


I wish Lilo's father would just shutup and disappear. I do not care to hear his opinion.

2224 days ago

my name is bindy not bindi    

#12 no not everyone does drugs in college.... i have never done drugs in my life .. you cannot make a generalization ... you donot know everyone therefore .. you cannot state " everyone does drugs in college" .

i have never done drugs and actually never even thought about it... i don't even take tyenol inless i am half dead....

so don't speak for me ... you don't know me ....

obama does have a history of drug use and i am not voting for him ... i am well educated , i graduated from wellesley college with my BA and taught french... went back to school graduated from Russell Sage in NY and recieved my RN , BSN and now work as a nurse....

mc cain / palin is the right choice...

2224 days ago


Can't blame Obama...
Does Lindsay even have a highschool education? Does she even know how to make an intelligent decision and if so, when has it been excerised? I think Lindsay needs to shut her mouth - live her life any way she wants - and keep her opinions to herself. Seems she doesn't know what she wants in life yet.

2224 days ago

Support our Men in Uniform    

Forget your list. Who is worse? Try Ayers, Rezko, Oprah, and now Biden. Biden can't even tell the truth about how his wife died. He had to blame it on a drunk driver when actually the poor driver spent his whole life shaken by the accident and he was not a fault. Biden...what a loser.

2224 days ago

my name is bindy not bindi    

#23 whitey??? i try not to offend people ... and i want you to know i'm as whitey as you can get... you didn't offend me.... i am white ... but i think others may find it offensive ... whitey's have to be careful what we say so we donot offend african americans .... so i think it should be a two way street.... if i was a sensitive person ... i'd be offended... but since i am far from that ... i ask you to please tone down the racist comments..

i believe in this world we can all achieve are dreams , i don't care if you are pink , yellow , green or a whitey... i taught math in a high school in NYC that was in a very poor part of flushing queens.... i told my students " you can become anyhting you want to be" and many children of color graduated and went onto college ... i have heard the phrase " white priviledge " from some of my students .. and i told them you can make your dreams come true.... and many did...

the point is it should not be about race it is about who is better suited for the job. you have everyright to vote for who you think is the best man for the job. if sarah palin was born african american then she would have been .. but she wasn't ... what if ... what if... ...
what if .....

also TMZ is not the place for politics ...

Mc Cain /Palin for president

2224 days ago
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