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Mama Spears: Casey's Feet Talked to Me, Y'all!

9/17/2008 10:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

This little piggy ... told Lynne Spears her daughter was pregnant?! WTF!!
Lynne Spears: Click to watch
Mama Spears told the "Today" show how she found out Jamie Lynn was pregnant -- and it involves note-passing and Casey Aldridge's feet on the table.

We couldn't make this up if we tried, folks.


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Who really cares about these red-neck, trailer park trash people?!?!

2205 days ago

Dawn folks are reaching....

She was talking about how Casey's behavior at that moment confirmed that it was true. Did you even actually watch the video that you put up? How do you manage to come up with this stuff?

Slow gossip day, huh?

2205 days ago


apparently you took the time to

2205 days ago


Thank you TMZ now, I can get on with my day!!!

What is up with this site lately? You suck!

2205 days ago


All she said was Casey's feet were on the table.'re retarded. Apparently you CAN make this stuff up.

2205 days ago


poor woman...if it wasnt for her britney wouldnt live lifestyle she does..she would probably sing at redneck bars in Louisiana ..only reason britney went through her issues is because she didnt have any respect for her parents..

2205 days ago


uhh when you are pregnant your feet swett about 2 shoe sizes....what's so hard to figure out, looks like they were stretching for something to make fun of on this one

2205 days ago


ynne Spears continually tops her own stupidity when she opens her mouth to talk. She has become the perfect poster girl for DumbAss.
As for being shocked or surprised when Jamie Lynne came up pregnant, ask this -- Why was Lynne so shocked? She was allowing Jamie Lynne to sleep with and have sex with that dumb jock So, why the shock?
When Britney was 17, Pimpin' Lynne stated "I don't worry about her.
She's one tough cookie." How stupid was that? Maybe if she had been smart enough to worry about a young uneducated girl suddenly thrown into the life Britney was, then perhaps Britney would have been made to get an education and had guidance and wouldn't have crashed like she did. She primed and pushed and groomed Britney all along and now claims she didn't. She is actualy stupid enough to think people out here don't remember the things we've heard in past years about her
and Brit. Also, Lynne who supposedly has a college education (sure
doesn't talk or act like it) thought a mere GED was good enough for her daughters. And after Britney crashed and burned, Lynne began wearing a gigantic cross around her neck so that everyone could see it and started getting all "spiritual" and proclaimed herself a "martyr" because people were seeing and speaking out about her appallingly horrible mothering. I could go on and on, but you get the drift. Now her book of lies is out and she is pleading with the world to love her and not think she's a "bad mama". Sorry, Lynne, but if you want to clean up your image you need to learn to keep your mouth shut

2205 days ago


#8, you are sooooo right! How wonderful to hear the truth. I am amazed at the people who defend Lynne. Anybody who has followed the lives of the Spears family since Brit shot to fame can see what a fraud she is. She was certainly lapping it up, mugging for the cameras, spending Brit's money, making herself rich by cutting herself into a share in the contracts, living the good life. Well, there's nothing wrong with enjoying wealth, but the point is she was loving it all ... then when thigns started going bad for Britney and people started talking about Lynne's bad mothering, Lynne couldn't handle it. And if you recall the time magazines ran articles saying Brit thought Lynne was sleeping with Kevin F., well, she may not have actually had sex with him, but she was seen numerous times hanging all over him like a bitch dog in heat. All these people who defend Lynne obviously haven't met her or that family or lived nearby and seen through the years how Lynne is.

2205 days ago


Brit's mom is is just plain sad... the good loving moms live for their children this one just leaches off of hers - it's pathetic. This woman should get a life (her own)!

2205 days ago


must be a slow news day.. who makes up the taglines? awful.

2205 days ago


Lynne simply loves being rich and being in front of the cameras. She always has. She has had a lifelong love affair going on with her mirror and the fact that she's getting old and losing her looks escapes her notice. She has always loved herself first. Ask Jamie if you doubt it.

2205 days ago


REACHING, party of TMZ.

Casey's feet didn't talk to Lynn, it was the way he was positioned that confirmed to Lynne the pregnancy. And I learned that from your video. You should watch it again, before making up odd headlines.

Is it Dax that posted this and pointed this out? He kind of reaches like this I've noticed on the show.

Lame, usually you're pretty good, but this one is a miss

2205 days ago


Hey #6 -- If it wasn't for Britney and her talent Lynne wouldn't be living the lifestyle she is enjoying and the reason Britney went through her issues is she had a greedy, selfish, narcissistic mother who gave her no education or street sense.

And #9, Casey the Creep's feet wouldn't swell because his girlfriend is pregnant. What are you trying to say?

2205 days ago


I really don't understand what the big deal is TMZ.... what couldn't you make up? And what the heck does her explaining how Casey was acting at the moment have anything to do with his feet talking to her? This one was terrible........ give the new guy some training before you let him post his own stuff

2205 days ago
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