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McCain Swings at Barack Over Lindsay

9/17/2008 2:06 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

John McCainJohn McCain has weighed in over Barack Obama's reported slap in the face to Lindsay Lohan. The Chicago Sun-Times quotes an unnamed high-level Barack source who says they rejected Lohan's offer to host an event because she "is not exactly the kind of high-profile star who would be a positive for us."

Tucker Bounds, a spokesman for the McCain campaign tells TMZ, "So let me get this straight -- they turned away Lindsay Lohan, but Barack Obama has friends like unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers and convicted felon Tony Rezko? Maybe LiLo is just too upstanding for Barack Obama."

UPDATE: Tommy Vietor, Obama's spokesperson, just told TMZ, "Glad to see they're focused on the important issues over in McCain HQ."


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Reponse to "Malone222": just in case you missed my many attempts at saying so, read this:

OBAMA / BIDEN in 2008!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2223 days ago


I was reading Dr. Suess recently. Brilliant mind! In honor of,
one of my own:

There's lots they lack in Alaskistan
And they're up to their balls in bullfish in Bridgistan
There's scam-scam fish and
Lying hoochie-cuties, who's duty it is
To be obsessively clever breeding denial fish beauties

In the shallows they shuffle
While they watch out for trouble
And once it's past midnight
They swim out from behind rubble

In the winterland that's frigidland
(But might soon go agrarian)
The water's always chilling 'em
And midnight oil's always burning again

And that’s when bullfish cheat for their provisions
And even privately pester and pickpocket librarians,
Yes, eventually ski-doo moose go missing and
Helicopter wolf-swatter troops not fired get confusing
And aim for the front cover of National Enquiring End Times Skeet Shooter

Speaking in gills, banning fishing books and protection again
A polyester karma chameleon wants to cheat and eat all of them
Before something else happens that bullfish say doesn’t happen
Which is never any better than what happened when it was happening

Because the great mystery of the bullfish is
“How did they just do what they said they just didn’t?”
Because everyone around had their money and rights threatened
Now the whole land is a public investigation

Shall we run through that again?

Well, surrounding the acres of the river of bullfish
Are Canucks and Russkies who don't believe rank fishy fiction
And now that the attention of Yankee vote-voters is ticking
The press fish for nonfiction and in nominal conditions

To many, it’s sickening!

Alaskistan, Alaskistan,
Flippin the finger at 49 big fans
Land of remote rivers where vote-voters fantasize
That it’s all moose and wolves, Northern Lights and smoked salmon
Give up your secrets and press pressure will fade
The bullfish won't mind, and if they do, they can debate
For there’s more to democracy than "end times" and frying pans
Wasn’t it bullfish who said, “never blink, dilly-doddle or hesitate!”
So come to terms with democracy, bullfish, you’re surrounded,
You came to scam-scam, but Russian Roulette and flim flam
Have been replace by accountability.
Doesn’t it make you feel silly?

2223 days ago


whoa, JR, #92... republicans "never have and never will care about the little guys?" how about the republicans freed the slaves you douchebag.

2223 days ago


So wait... lemme get this straight... Obama's camp want to make comments about what's going on in MaCain HQ yet they have time to even comment to TMZ about it? Good one... reall good....

2223 days ago


that girl kay is RETARDED. yup bush & bin laden are just bffs. anyway, obama is a socialist my friends. look up the characteristics of socialism and compare them to obama's objectives. i don't wanna live in a socialist country, i don't know about the rest of you.

2223 days ago


Response to bree: I wouldn't want to live in a socialist country either, but the Republican party, as it really is, not as your average voter thinks it should be, is FAR away from being just that right/centrist party of long ago. That party doesn't exist. The Republican party was hijacked. For the good of the United States, that gang of international fraudsters and corporate financiers and raiders need to be removed, and the Republican elite won't do it. Voting in McCain the puppet won't harness it in any way. The Republicans MUST be removed from power for at least two terms in order to do so. The House and the Senate must get on the investigations into all their activities once the election is over.

Otherwise, the irresponsible, vested interest, run-and-gun, catastrophic mismanagement of domestic and foreign affairs will radically escalate in severity. Americans must fully wake up to that fact before this election day arrives.


OBAMA / BIDEN in 2008!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2223 days ago



2222 days ago

Mr. A    

LOL! I love how the ignorant liberals around here take it LITERALLY than McCain even gives two stinking SH@#s about the whole Lohan BS. Like he actually made any comment on it HIMSELF, or for that matter, that Obama had any input into the decison to decline Lohans offer.

They BOTH have better things to do and BOTH are doing it. That's why they have campaign mamgers and "PEOPLE" all around them, to handle this petty BS when it comes run interference on the stupid sh@#.

Leave it to an ignorant, naive and gullible snot-nosed punk kid LIBERAL, reading tabloid news on TMZ to make such a dumbass comment like "so tired" just did above.


2222 days ago


Does anyone else feel like we are watching a fight between two third graders. What does Lindsay have to do with how either one will run the country. Lets get to some issues already

2221 days ago


God, I cant wait until November when Obama and all his leftist traitor friends (and more importantly, his socialist supporters who shouldnt even be in this country to begin with) have to bow down to a true American hero...

I thought it was great down here in FL in '04 when the kerry supporters were crying in the streets after W whipped that ass.....this will be 100x sweeter :)

2221 days ago


Ok First McCain calls Barak a celeberty and compares him to Paris Hilton, and Brittney Spears in a bad way. Now he is actually attempting to find fault in Barak saying no thanks to Lohan? What a PUDD! McCain is a flip-flopping, scary smiling Cheese#@%$, and Palin although she is hot, is a Bush type lying moron farce. Charging Women in Alaska For The Rape Test Kit, She ought to be ashamed of herself! She's not a quarter of the woman that Hilary is. These people should not be elected to run the country. just think about it, were facing the worst finacial crisis we've seen in years, and the McCain/Palin ticket believes that the basic principles of the Bush doctrine economy is strong. Maybe for the rich, but the middle is being sucked dry by the greedy blood sucking suupper 1.5 percent of the nation. I call Bull#@$%

2221 days ago

Daddy wants some of the pie too.    

Hmmm. McCain's right. Even if they didn't want Lindsay they could have said it in a better way. Seems like they have issues with people who inherited their parents addiction or have different sexual preferences than theirs. There are a lot of recovering voters and gay voters in America and the Obama camp didn't just slap Lindsay in the face but a lot of those people took it personal. Another example of poor judgement and lost them some votes dissing her in that manner. This isn't about Lindsay Lohan--its a lot bigger than that. Ever hear the adage "You cut one of us and we all bleed"? Some of you bigots dissing Lindsay dont even get it. Could very well be you just like the people in Pennsylvania were "clutching to their weapons and religion out of fear". Fear? What fear? We are Americans and we dont need some maniac telling us we live in fear. He doesn't need to patronize us like we're too stupid to know how we feel. We need a messiah to tell us? PLEEZ. If you think Obama cares any more about you than he does about Lindsay Lohan I suggest you do some serious thinking. Just like McCain suspended his campaign because of the flood and now this financial mess and people saying he did it out of fear of a debate? Why did he challenge Obama to a dozen town hall meetings which Obama ran from? As far as fear of the debate, the first debate is about foreign affairs where McCain has more knowledge in his pinkie than Obama has in his whole body.
Obama would love to get out of Fridays debate because McCains gonna destroy him taking about foreign affairs. Remember how Obama said that we should let NATO intervene when Russia invaded Georgia when Russia has veto power in NATO? DUH-Obama. Obama lies when he says he wants the debate to go on. He'd love to get out of that one where he's weak. But, the sheep believe everything he says as gospel. "McCain stole my theme "Change"" When was there ever an election where a candidate wasn't promising change? Like Obamas got a patent on a theme thats been used in every election for 100 years? I hope you guppies remember who you voted for when you dont get that free health care, college credits and get giant income tax refunds. When Obama blames it on the House or Senate for it not happening--get a clue--he knew it wasn't gonna happen but will he care? NO--it got him elected-all that matters. Not his fault the sheep fell for it. It's called politics. Action speaks louder than words. He has no earthbreaking record for doing things in the Senate. Do you honesty think that records gonna change if you put him in the White House. If you do then you better ask yourself why you think it will. About as truthful as telling suicide bombers they'll end up with 70 virgins. I suppose you believe that too?

2221 days ago
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