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Obama -- Hypocrite or Just Plain Smart?

9/17/2008 2:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Barack Obama reportedly turned down a request from Lindsay Lohan to host a few Barack events, claiming "she is not exactly the kind of high-profile star who would be a positive for us."
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McCain's camp is incredulous -- Obama's peeps think McCain is wasting time on a trivial matter. But it triggered a debate in our newsroom; since Obama did drugs when he was young, is this a little hypocritical in the Department of Forgive and Forget?


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JD Money    

Obama is the worst

2205 days ago



2205 days ago


What is the "big" black woman's name....................Tina? The one that got all up in arms about the Loreal ad featuring Beyonce looking very white, STFU! Your liberal self is not making a whole lot of sense. I am with Harvey on this one.........Obama is backstroking again. Something, he has gotten very good at. Damn, he ought to enter the olympics!

2205 days ago


It's really not about drug use. It's about being a good role model. She's not a good role model for young adults, adults, the gay and lesbian community (as she is not out), and overall humans. She is selfish, just like the rest of her family. Scarlett Johansen was campaigning for Sen. Obama. She is in a third world country right now doing humanitarian work. What's Lindsey doing? Messing the her press...

2205 days ago


He says MCCain is out of touch with the middle class, and yet he has a fund raiser in Hollywood with all those rich stars. duh/

2205 days ago

sparkys nemesis    

Obama *never* makes a smart move because he is the least experienced of all Pres/VP nominees! Last nite, he partied in Hollywood while the country falls apart financially. Was Michelle with him? She couldn't be bothered to attend a NYC 9/11 memorial movie stars involved there.

2205 days ago

Real Man    

Poor OLD John McCain is grasping at straws,he needs to pay more attention to his DRUG ADDICTED wife CINDY,check out her eyes the next time you see her on TV She is RIDING HIGH...Man thats what we need for a first Lady!!!

2205 days ago


I don't know why Lindsay would even try this? Just goes to show how NOT IMPORTANT her endorsement is. Now if she was an ugly old hag like BAbbs he'd be all over the chance. The Obama camp can try to mask this with policy but seriously at the end of the day it's all about money. He's buying his way into the white house with Hollywood money and Lindsay is just chump change to him.

Hollywood $$$ = Big corporation money -> zero diff. Just another special interest group.

2205 days ago


Um, have we forgotten the numerous issues that LH has had over the last few years?

I wouldn't give LH the time of day, let alone access to susceptible people when I'm running a major political campaign.

If he wants a spokes person, he can call me. Someone who's studied politics, is LH's age, and actually graduated from college. Ne, an IVY League school.

2205 days ago


Ahh. you people r stupid.. he is not of muslam blood.. good god.. if you people have mccanin as our president it will be just like having bush in office for another 8 years!! good job people

2205 days ago

Rosalie who?    

Why aren't you running the story of Hillary backing out of a rally against nukes because Palin is going to be there? I want to see how the MSM can spin this one so that Hillary looks like the good guy! She's running scared!

2205 days ago

Golden Gate    

Better Cindy McCain as a first lady than Michelle Obama. :P

2205 days ago

Real Man    

YEA LEONARD!!! CINDY and LINDSAY should pal around together--They can DRUG together!!

2205 days ago


We all seem to forget what we were like when we were young. Sex, booze, you name it - some of the most self-righteous people on the planet had a great time, and now they think they can tell today's young people what they can't do. (Think Laura Schlessinger, for example.) I don't care if McCain screwed around or Obama smoked pot, as long as it happened before they became representatives of the American public. I wouldn't be surprised if Obama's camp didn't take Lindsay up on her offer because she's unreliable.

2205 days ago


To: kittinprincess_76

We're the ones that are stupid, but you can't manage to spell "Muslim" or "McCain" correctly...nice!

2205 days ago
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