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Obama to LiLo -- Oh, Hell No

9/17/2008 7:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan apparently wants to help get Barack Obama get elected: B-O is telling her thanks, but no thanks.

Lindz was so hyped to help Barack, she offered to host "a series of events" for younger voters, reports the Chicago Sun-Times. But, according to a source, the rehabbing freckled freak "is not exactly the kind of high-profile star who would be a positive for us."

Unlike Barbra Streisand, of course, who just helped Obama raise $9 mil ... in one night.

Palin –- The Pig Wears Valentino

Sarah Palin's just your average hockey mom –- in silk shantung Valentino.

The Veep-seeker splurged for a $2,500 jacket from Saks designed by the fashion legend for her big RNC speech, reports the New York Post. It was at the urging of a team of stylists Palin's peeps have been trying to keep under the radar, so as not to confuse her hockey-mom, moose-hunting image.

The Gov's running mate's wife Cindy McCain recently took some flak for wearing big bling on stage.

Jamie -– Foxx Hunting in Vegas

Jamie Foxx, as we've pointed out before, does two things: He wins Oscars, and macks on chicks. That's it.

More evidence? He spent the weekend with pretty much every hot blonde in Sin City. First, Stacy Keibler, who was "bent over his lap" at Lavo, with a full massage in effect, according to Rush & Molloy. Stacy wasn't overly impressed – she "wandered off, leaving Foxx alone."

Jamie then went after Ashley Scott -– no dice. And finally, a non-famous blonde back at Lavo was Jamie's prize after a serious grind on her bumper.


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Good for Obama; it shows he has some common sense by staying away from a loser like WHOREhan.

Also, I know the "writers" at TMZ are 12 year old morons with a 2nd grade education, but calling the potential Vice President a "pig" is disrespectfully unacceptable, even for a douchebag rag like TMZ...

2196 days ago


Sadly, Sarah Palin feels the need to "dress" for the audience. It's what they expect, so it is necessary. Don't think that because Hillary dresses the way that she does for public appearances means that it has anything to do with her thought processes, her aptitude or her fortitude.

Same with Palin.

Americans want their "celebs" to look the part. And they will tear you apart if you don't.

2196 days ago



2196 days ago


Lindsay, at your age you should be interested in politics. However, you don't have the wisdom yet to keep your own house in order, so taking on a national debate might be a bit more than you are capable of at this point.

You could probably do it if you put your mind to it, got a proper education and spent some time educating yourself rather than reading and posing for media rags. It could happen, but it takes work.

2196 days ago


We don't need Palin to tell us how to run our lives.
Posted at 10:59AM on Sep 17th 2008 by Mia

When exacrtly did she tell you how to run your life? Please give your source, thank you.

2196 days ago


Meanwhile the Dow is dancing the Limbo. How low can you go...

2196 days ago


Just wondering - since Obama's not the big star any more (since he did not have the guts to pick Hillary), and he's losing support every day, and since Joe Biden recently stated that "Hillary would've made a better Vice-President than Me", a lot of people are wondering if Biden, who has had two aneurysms, will fake a health crisis in October, and step aside and let Hillary be the Democratic VP choice. Of course this would be seen as an extreme act of desperation on Obama's part, but he's not above it. Is it lawful? And where is Michelle? Have they muzzled her or sent her into Bin Laden's cave to try to smoke him out? I guess maybe they're hiding her because Sarah Palin makes her look SO DAMN BAD! Michelle's Jackie O, wannabee 1960's flip just ain't working! She's no Jackie - and Obama's no JFK!

2196 days ago


You Palin supporterts are all a bunch of sheep."She's a woman,so i support her! All though she would fit right in with republicans,with her refusing supeonas and all.And whats up with her kids weird names,trig and track,WTF?? Obama/BIden 08,a real presidential ticket,not some pig in lipstick freak show!

2196 days ago


annabelle, yes sweetie Rush Limbaugh WAS addicted to Oxy however, he came forward and admitted it. The liberal asses racked him over the coals but, he was honest and upfront about it!

Now, I have a question for you, would you want someone spreading lies about your personal life? Yes, that is what I thought. Palin son is NOT running for office and should be left out of the press as, should all of her children!

2196 days ago


So Palin and Mrs. McCain take flack for how much they spend on clothes... but the Obama supporters shell out $31,000 each for some food and some old bag singing.... maybe they should have donated the money to one of their socialist programs they want all of us to pay for.

2196 days ago


You can dress a pig up in Valentino but it's still a pig. At least if she gets in as VP (heaven help us all) there will be a few saved wolves and bears whose fate otherwise would have been to be run to exhaustion by helicopter and then shot for "sport" by Ms. Palin.

2196 days ago



How many blacks are supporting Obama just because he's black? Everybody takes sides in an election - most people pick the side they can most relate to - that's why women are voting for Sarah Palin. Obama is HALF-BLACK, but looks black, so that's his demographic - that and Hollywood - a bunch of actors, and big nosed singers. Barbra, is that a banana on your nose, or are you just glad to see me?

2196 days ago


I saw McCain on t.v. last night. His voice was "quavering" old man quaver in his voice....great. Just what we need to run the country and since he has a one in three chance of dying before his term is over, Troopergate will be the Pres...yikes!!!!Scary!

2196 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

Internet Rumor...#83,

You're scaring me...
You're reading my mind...

2196 days ago


god i love this - she's wearing designer clothes, but can't seem to let go of the Mary Kay cosmetics (this according to her girlfriends).....

2196 days ago
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