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'Real Housewives' Kid Gets 240 Days in Real Jail

9/17/2008 2:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Joah WaringJosh Waring, the son of Lauri Waring from "The Real Housewives of Orange County," was sentenced Monday to 240 days in the pokey for possession of heroin and ecstasy and an intent to sell.

But here's the rub: Josh was actually turned in by his own mother! Apparently Lauri showed up to her condo where Josh was living, and found drugs on the premises. She contacted the cops, even telling them where her son's hangout spots were and he was busted the next day.

Guess that's OC tough love!


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Good for her! This world needs more brave mothers.

2229 days ago


What a crock of crap - here's a kid who had a rough time, got hooked on drugs & got busted breaking the law. These people may be "real", but not "real OC people. I guess anyone can have a messed up kid, but not just anyone is willing to put his personal mess on national TV. The mother may have done the right thing for her son, but knowing he had "problems" before her TV gig was just wrong. Shame on her self promotion, she should retire from TV so maybe the kid can find some peace.

2229 days ago


All this in time for Season 4! Wow, Lauri really knows how to battle for airtime with the other Ho's!! Will this be George's Ex's fault too! Lipstick on a Pig, Lauri, LIPSTICK ON A PIG!!!

2229 days ago


Am I the only person who remembers Lauri being on a trip with her other kids and calling Josh in juvie and pretty much sticking it in his face that they were all having a good time without him? I'm a parent, and my impression of Lauri's parenting was always that she seemed to enjoy them while they were little, but once they started speaking their own mind, she couldn't handle it. Does anyone remember her saying that her youngest daughter was the only worthwhile child in her bunch? What a horrible thing to say about your children. No real mother would ever say such ugly words about their own children, let alone on a public television show.

Regarding her calling the cops on her son, I think she had other options. Jail isn't what this young man needs, he needs rehab and life skills so he can move on. Jail will just teach him how to hide his addiction better. I think Lauri took the easy way out, let the courts do the raising for her. I also feel like this was a way for her to get back at Josh. I'm sure she threatened that she'd call the cops, and then went through it. I'm also sure that George had a hand in this as well, probably pushing her to make the call. If my children were addicted to drugs to that extent, I would put my 'lovelife' on hold and do what I could to get them real help, through intervention and rehab. I would think twice about calling the police because we all know no one gets better in jail and jail is just the quick, easy and cheap way to handle this problem.

This is what happens when gold digging skanks decide to try to parent impressionable children.

2229 days ago


sad situation, but good for Lauri.

I would do the same.

2229 days ago


Check out these stories about Lauri Waring and George Peterson. Do you all think this is the Fairytale she was trying to con viewers with?

There are 4 parts to the story...READ THEM ALL!!!

2229 days ago


She has had so many problems with him and probably felt this was her only chance of saving him. I can't imagine how hard it was for her, but in the long run hopefully he will be grateful and get clean.

2229 days ago


If you watch the show you would know he's been in and out of rehab and it hasn't worked at all for him. She gave him a free place to live and he still brings drugs in HER house. She did the right thing.

2229 days ago


Maybe if his mother wasn't so self absorbed when he was growing up this kid would not have these kind of problems.

2229 days ago

So What    

Gazoo, yes, I remember, too. How about the time before meeting George Lauri worked for Vicki's insurnce agency and instead of buying the things she needed for her kids that she herself said she should be buying, instead bought $6000 worth of jewelry with money she didn't have. Vicki encouraged her to buy it saying, there is a whole stack of leads back at the office. In other words, she bought the jewelry probably using her mortgage money and was relying on making up the money by selling the leads. When Josh needed an attorney she settled for a public defender. Both Josh and Ashley many times on the 3 seasons made mention how Lauri wasn't around for them. Remember the scene where Josh was begging for his mother's attention, saying how she was involving herself with another family and he felt she was abandoning him? And she did! She didn't pay homeowner's dues, blah, blah, blah. Had her water shut off while she was in Hawaii saying she forgot to pay the bill. Josh said he got a call from Lauri saying she was headed for Europe with George and was gone almost 3 weeks and never once called. He was what, 17? I'm sorry folks but both George and Lauri made fools of themselves and coming back full circle.

2229 days ago


Read somewhere after the season finale last year that Lauri pulled Josh out of Rehab to attend her wedding! Obviously, having the facade of the happy family was more important of having her son get help for his drug problem. Posters said he didn't return!

So, I think turning him in had NOTHING to do with helping Josh, but more about not wanting to deal financially with losing the condo as it is a drug house! She'll need that little piece of collateral for when George Peterson of the Real Housewives of Orange County Dumps her!!


2229 days ago


Perfect move on Laurie's part! I don't have much of an opinion of her as a person from what I've seen of her on the show. I don't think she's 'mother of year'. However... her son has been this way for a long time and I think he was in juvenile hall too. She's the owner of that town home and if drugs were found in there or of he was selling out of that house, she would lose the home altogether. If her daughter were there when the cops came, she would be arrested also. Josh wasn't 'just' doing this to himself, he was putting everyone's life and livelihood in jeopardy Tough love isn't easy, but it's the best way.

2229 days ago


You don't put a mentally ill or addicted person in prison. You put them in a hospital. And if you care about them, you do those things that will help insure they can successfully beat their addictions when they're out. From all appearances, Lauri has NEVER put her son first. She has swept him under the rug while she pursued that doomed relationship with George, and believe me, it's doomed. Any man who treats the mother of his children, as George has treated his ex, will stop at nothing when it comes to screwing over a woman who he has no family ties with. Lauri is easily replaced by a cuter younger version, mark my words.

The story arc on Real Housewives should have focused on Lauri trying to help her son while he was in juvie, and doing things in her life that would help him when he got out. But we never saw that, because Lauri made the show all about her gold digging. I strongly believe her son is in the predictament he is, because of years of neglect by both his parents, and because Lauri was his primary parent he looked to her for support and acceptance, and received neither. Lauri has always been one of the most selfish, greedy and self-serving people on that show. If I didn't know better, I wouldn't even think she was the mother of any children. She puts them on the back burner and pursues the life she wants.

I find her disgusting.

2229 days ago


That's great that she had him arrested. However, if she weren't too busy goldigging and looking for a husband and going to parties at the playboy mansion she might have been around to raise this poor child. He's in this situation because of her. She should have made her kids her priority not bringing more chaos into their lives by constantly prowling around for a man!

2229 days ago


i hope his mom is happy...BEING A F'ING RAT!!

2229 days ago
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