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'Real Housewives' Kid Gets 240 Days in Real Jail

9/17/2008 2:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Joah WaringJosh Waring, the son of Lauri Waring from "The Real Housewives of Orange County," was sentenced Monday to 240 days in the pokey for possession of heroin and ecstasy and an intent to sell.

But here's the rub: Josh was actually turned in by his own mother! Apparently Lauri showed up to her condo where Josh was living, and found drugs on the premises. She contacted the cops, even telling them where her son's hangout spots were and he was busted the next day.

Guess that's OC tough love!


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Those who are critical of Lauri should consider "If not for the grace of God, there go I." Thank God that your children are spared, and for your thanks, offer prayers for Lauri, her husband and their other children's comfort and well-being, and healing and wisdom for Joshua. Addiction plagues thousands upon thousands of families. It doesn't respect social standing, wealth or education..

Our prayers are with you, your dear husband and beloved family, Lauri. You DON'T deserve the hell that your son's addiction, lifestyle and subsequent legal problems are putting you all through. Whatever you do, please don't EVER abandon your family for the sake of a child who refuses to accept help or help himself. Hold onto your faith. Recall Job, and remembers that even through your darkest hours, He will NEVER forsake you. This too shall pass and things can become much better than ever, if you remain faithful.

2226 days ago


Nice choice in Boyfriends Lauri! Everyone remember "Steve the Druggie" from Season 1! Nice role-model and SUPPLIER to JOSH!

Lauri is a piece of sh*t!!

2226 days ago


its not easy being a parent , specially in the o.c.- with so many bad influences around teens.... a lot of parents have forgotten that they have to be a parent and not a friend...... while it was a tuff decition for a mother, it shows a responsible parent wanting to protect her son and hoping that the message is heard loud and clear........ her son needs to see that life is not a drug party ,,, and his actions are hurting his family.

2226 days ago


For the record George and Laurie suffer from malignant narcissistic personality disorder. So all they do is very normal behavior for narcissists. George see's his kids as extensions s of him and possessions. So why worry what he is doing to there mother,
Laurie only likes her kids before the age of reason. Age 7. She had each one to use the men she had them with, I do so remember her saying she only liked her little girl. Now that someone else is footing all her bills. Josh problems are a direct result by having a narcissistic mother. One who favors the girls. She really messed him up for life. He is a child of a narcissist.All the things is is doing are the way he copes with being used and abused by a very ugly woman. I don't think George wanted to jelp her son get healthy as it might mean college money. I also think Laurie had no intention of sending her son to college. Mess him up good and say sorry we won't help you until you help yourself. Continuing to inflict narcissistic injury on him. Makes them feel good. Narcissists love to abuse at least on family member. Transfer all the self hate they really have onto a victim. George has his ex wife and Laurie has Josh. No matter what this kid does he will never be accepted. They will make sure the sabotage his success. To keep him in their victim role. The only way to heal is get away from them and never confide one thing in them. Don't ever let them see that they are affecting you. They will have to find new victims to destroy.
Calling the police might be the thing to do if you weren't the very reason your child turned to drugs. She just didn;t want to spend a dime on his therapy. Therapy that might just point a finger at her. If the therapist understands narcissistic personality disorder.

Josh please find a good therapist that can help adult children of narcissists it is your only hope

Gina get one also. George loves hurting you and loves that he gets a reaction. Cut him off. Move on.He may just turn on Laurie,
Wouldn't that be great. She deserves taste of her own medicine

Sophie will be the one one pays her back.

By the way Laurie you are so ugly on the outside. What the heck is up with your face.

2226 days ago


Very well said mymy, I agree with everything you wrote.

It wasn't 'brave' of Lauri to call the cops on Josh, it was lazy. Brave means you deal with the tough stuff as it comes up, not when your son's demons chase him into the ground and he has no where to turn.

The one article where the reporter went to his car and gave Josh a handful of used dress shirts and a coat, so he'd have something to wear to a job interview is one of the saddest images. That's the kind of help Josh needs, and it's not enabling in any way, it's called compassion. A young man who wants to work, no matter what his past has been, deserves a coat and a shirt and a pair of slacks. The fact the reporter had a heart, speaks volumes. No one asked Lauri to put Josh up in a condo, or give him a car, but for god's sake provide the boy with a suit of clothes so he can walk into the world and take his place in it.

George has always creeped me out big time. If he didn't have the money he has, I guarantee Lauri would never have given him the time of day. He's mean and controlling. He smirks all the time in a creepy way, like he's the boss of the world. I think he's a bully and I think Lauri loves that part of him. It makes her feel important that this bully bullies the rest of the world, and she gets to be on his favored side. I have bad news for you Laurie, his type will run you into the ground. He'll sap your confidence. He'll leave you wasted and curled into a ball, helpless and hopeless. You know, the way your son feels, because you're the same way as George.

Josh, I hope it's not too late for you. If I could, I'd invite you to my house. We don't have much, but you'd have a family who would want to see you succeed. You'd have a family who would help you through your challenges. You would be loved and you would be cared for. You'd be expected to work and you'd be expected to remain sober. And we would help you as much as we can. And we'd start out by shopping for a new suit of clothes.

2226 days ago

So What    

To #64 wo said, "She always told Josh that drugs were not allowed in that condo over and over again".

Are you sure you watched the same show as most of us here? Did you forget the scene where Josh told Lauri about her then boyfriend Steve, the Druggie and who he saw using and selling drugs but she wouldn't give him up because, and as she said to Vicki, she was having fun with Steve? How about when she jumped under the not even cooled off sheets with Slade Smiley when she heard he had just broken up with one of her Housewives cast members? Care to explain her getting ready for the Playboy Mansion, time she could have been spending helping her children? How about when she explained how she earned the $30,000 watch George gave her after she "performed" for him. Oh, we could go on and on about what a great mom and role model Lauri was but everyone would get bored. Now, would you care to read a few excerpts from an interview Frank Mickadeit conducted with Josh?

"Josh, for whom I felt the worst. His mom bared his problems with pot and truancy for the world to see. Even newspapers protect delinquent minors by not naming them in most cases. What mother would give her son less protection than a degenerate newspaper editor would"?

"Josh has grown into a good-looking, fairly well-spoken young man. He is also a very angry young man – angry at his mom for, in his opinion, exploiting him and then abandoning him in favor of the millionaire developer George and the lifestyle he can provide"

."She has changed," Josh says of his mom. "She's a different person. I don't know if the show went to her head, or what. At one point, she went off to Europe (with George) and left me with the home and the car. I don't think she wanted to parent me."

He said he called her from Apple Valley, told her he was getting into fights constantly because "I was the only white kid" and was "looking for some empathy in her voice – anything – but there was none. All I heard was, 'I'm going to Europe with George,' and she was gone."

"Since I've known George, I can count up a million dollars he's dropped on my mom."

Mickadeit continued...Of his participation on the TV show, Josh says, "My mom was willing to expose (my problems) but not willing to handle it. It was public entertainment, which pretty much disgusts me. ... If turning your son into a disposable item was necessary for success, she was willing to do it. If you watch this season, it's disgusting the lies I put on for my mom. I don't know why I put that face on for her. Maybe I was hoping she'd spend time with me."

How about the scene where Lauri's daughter Ashley commented how since her mom started dating George she hardly ever saw her so she started partying a lot in LA? How about the scene when Lauri entered her condo to talk to Ashley about the condition of the condo with the cat crap strewn around the house and when Ashley was embarrased and asked for the cameras to be turned off Lauri insisted Ashley continue their conversation, degrading her daughter for all the viewers in her attempt to justify herself? Remember Ashley saying to her mom how it took her 46 years to get her act together in her own attempt to defend herself? Who would do that to their daughter? But then again it made for good TV, right?

Oh, and the list goes on and on and on. It's all captured on tape and archived in newspaper articles. George and Lauri deserve each other and I hope Josh is strong enough, wise enough in his own mind, and come out a better man.

We won't even go there with George. That is a whole other story and one that didn't benefit Josh but hurt him even more.

2226 days ago


She should have been there for him when he was young not after the sh*t hits the fan. I have to agree with poster #1 & #2 she is not typical and she wh*res herself out on national tv. I actually feel bad the kid is from such a low life. Calling the cops should have been the last resort she should have given him the choice of moving out or rehab.

2226 days ago

This is pathetic    

Hmmmmm tough love....... shouldn't that really start a little sooner.... by you know.... parenting..... I have watched this show.... not too proud of that, but I'm not gonna lie..... I've seen this woman....... she was more wrapped up in her fairy tale wedding than she was anything else.......
guess the easiest way in those parts to deal with a kid who has problems is to get rid of them.....
here's an idea..... maybe next time your family is going through crisis, and your son needs help, try to deal with the manner in a family orientated way.....and not with North America watching...

2226 days ago


That woman is the WORST mother ever... this kid never had a chance....she spends more time worried about potential husbands, plastic surgery, and outfits than she does raising her THREE children. Women like this (superficial, gold digging) should never have children. Children need mommies... real mommies, not fake boobed socialites. The reason why this boy is so screwed up is that he is smart enough to know he has never had a real family. (In one episode of the show, her children told her that they didn't like one of her boyfriends. She then explained that this was HER life, and kept the boyfriend. Sorry lady, once you have children, THEY are your LIFE.) I feel bad for the kid... it's not his fault his mom is a soul-free pig.

2226 days ago


By the way, Lauri is the same woman who while visiting her son in jail left her toddler daughter in the car with Lauri's boyfriend while they drove around. yeah... she's a great mom.

2226 days ago


What's wrong with expecting a guy to have money when 1- you are over 40 and 2- you are accustomed to having it? Who is she going to date, the school janitor? She's gorgeous, smart and funny and her daughter is a little clone of her. Her son needs to quit the woe-is-me , I'm a miserable SOB routine and get his sh*t together. She did the right thing.

2226 days ago


I am no fan of Lauri's, but she did the right thing here. Nothing that's been tried in the past has worked, so I'm sure that this was a last resort, and excruciating for her. He's had lots of "last chances," and made a conscious decision to continue down the same path. Hopefully he wll learn his lesson and get the help he needs, but if not, it's on his own head.

2226 days ago


cant blame her, she did the right thing i would rather my kid in jail then dead.

2226 days ago

So What    

Had Lauri stood watch over Josh like she is seen guarding something of monitary value like George's ex wife's artwork which Lauri helped George haul off after he left it 6 years ago, Josh may have stood a chance earlier on. Lauri is "Johnny on The Spot" when there is money to gain.

2226 days ago


I think she did the right thing......only she is about 10 years too late. seems to me that those kids raised themselves. now she takes parenting as a dirt little job of inconveniene. that boy has serious problems and they did not just start.

2226 days ago
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