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'Real Housewives' Kid Gets 240 Days in Real Jail

9/17/2008 2:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Joah WaringJosh Waring, the son of Lauri Waring from "The Real Housewives of Orange County," was sentenced Monday to 240 days in the pokey for possession of heroin and ecstasy and an intent to sell.

But here's the rub: Josh was actually turned in by his own mother! Apparently Lauri showed up to her condo where Josh was living, and found drugs on the premises. She contacted the cops, even telling them where her son's hangout spots were and he was busted the next day.

Guess that's OC tough love!


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I feel sorry for this kid, his stinking sister acted cold to him and his mother acted like an "interested but not related" sort ,she was not very affectionate towards him and she was much more interested in other things....and where his real father is ? who knows. A kid needs an actual dad in his life.
Like a lot of young people he probably feels cut off and probably feels distanced from his family.

2235 days ago


#8 you're an idiot---if you saw the show THIS kid was barely INCLUDED in that "family", he's not the snob,his ugly mother is as well as his snot of a sister-----

2235 days ago



2235 days ago


Gorgeous? Smart? Funny? Who the heck are you talking about because I know it isn't Whorie. Laurie singlehandedly destroyed Josh. She ignored him when he needed her. She has him in treatment facilities since he was 12. Ask yourself what kind of background a kid has to endure to be in some type of treatment facility at such a young age. How does that make him feel? Abandoned perhaps? Twelve is so young. That's really a little boy still. He must have been scared and alone. But not to worry, Lauri's jetsetting around, trying to live up to her 'lifestyle' and her 12 year old son was just too much work, and heck, Lauri's looks were fading fast, after all she was in her mid-30s by then.

If you're putting your 12 year old in treatment, then instead of trying to keep up with the Jones, you need to be at your son's side and get to the bottom of the problem. At 12, everyone has a chance, no matter what their start. When you wait until they're 19 before parenting them, you butt up against an angry, depressed kid who has found other ways to cope. Ways that he can depend on, but that are unfortunately harmful to him.

Who wants to bet that Georgy boy is behind this? And what a weak woman to allow him to dictate how her son is treated. I'm betting that in a couple of years when George throws Laurie to the curb, she will come to the realization that she towed his line instead of blazing her own. If anyone has read up on George's kids, they will find that at various times, several were estranged from him. You will find that the way he treated their mother, is the way he treats everyone in his world. He left his wife for his secretary. He left the secretary for Whorie. Hmmmmmm. What a wonder moral guidepost he is. Well, he managed to buy Lauri, and I bet she settled for a lot less than a million and a bunch of pretty baubles, after all, her son was the rag she shucked off when she found her riches.

2235 days ago


messed up teens come from really good homes sometimes to! i lost my sister to a drug overdose and ill tell you, locking your kids up when they are on those drugs probrably saved there live(for the time being)in jail my mom could at least sleep through the night cuz she knew where she in jail.imo

2235 days ago


maybe the hogan family should take a hint. that being said, if your a parent and your kid has been to juvy, and commits another crime after that, what the hell were you doing? I can totally understand your kid getting sent to jail once, but then having it happen again? If my kid was ever sent to juvie he wouldn't leave his bedroom till he was 18

2235 days ago


white people and drugs LOL stupid rednecks

2235 days ago


#79, drugs affect all races, stupid racist!

2235 days ago


She did the right thing?????? Tough love???????? Saving his life?????????

Are you people for real??????

She left her kid to rot

She left him alone all the time.

She wanted other people to fix the problems she created

She did not want to do what any good therapist would have told her.

Stop dating and focus on your child

So put him in places that you don't have to spend a dime on

No love is more like
NO love, no time no effort NOTHING

Neglect is more like it/ If I ever left my son alone in a house in this day and age and went off with my narcissistic lover. II would be sure of one thing. My son would have partied himself into deep mental trouble. Parents are supposed to Keep an eye on their children. Kids brains aren't fully formed till 25/ As Josh had more problem due to Laurie as your average child. More reason to live with him. No brainer really

She is saving her life. Hey when money is your god where so you expect a troubled teen to go. No spirituality to tuen to.

His mom is a whore. That is hard on sons

Looks like her daughter is going to follow in moms footsteps

Laurie was never a mom. She played one when it suited her.

2235 days ago


Smart move--the kid is using divorce as an abuse excuse to put his family through hell. Ya gotta do what ya gotta do!

2235 days ago


At least she didn't turn a blind eye. This is what happens when young people have money and no direction. Hell, it happens to kids with no money and no direction. They lead pathetic useless existences with no thought about their future and no regard for anyone else.

2235 days ago

Miss Penny Lane    

i love lauri. she's a class act amoungst some not-so-classy singer-wannabes on the hunt for a new man. (um, jo.) think about the pain she had to feel doing what she did--but that's a true sign of a good mom. much better of a dad that ryan o'neill! :(

2235 days ago


The police should throw his mother in jail too. She committed the real crime by not raising her son right. He's now being punished for being raised by incompetent parents. He's a pretty, "oc" boy whose gonna have a TERRIBLE time in jail, which is just going to make his relationship with his mom worse. This isn't going to solve any of his problems/issues, just make them worse. Good job on punishing your own son for your incompetence as a parent!

2234 days ago


I can guarantee you she didn't turn him in for his own good, she turned him in to save her OWN flat, sagging ass!

She has shown for many seasons that it is all about her. They showed SEVERAL incidents on the TV where she basically was ridiculing him, using him for her "story" and pretty much casting him aside. So, for those that didn't watch the show, it APPEARS that she did this to SAVE him.

But for those that have seen her outrageously selfish demeanor on camera...we KNOW BETTER!

Lauri is a skanky Ho and happy to throw her son to the wolves...and us taxpayers!

2234 days ago


As a parent, I know the heartache the teen years bring. I also know the heartache of my daughter's friends parents, who find themselves in similar situations. If you compare how children get to that place, you find overwhelmingly it's because the parents left them to their own devices and being so young, the kid turned to something easy to make them feel like they could cope. Lauri has proven time and time again that she's not a parent, she's a custodian at best. Real parents know the sacrifices we must endure for the short-run, to ensure the long tern mental health of our children and our families.

Would a good mother take the rest of the kids on a trip to Hawaii, and then call the most troubled of them in juvie, and make light of the fact that he's crying and telling her how much he misses the family? That right there would have me crying and getting on a plane home. True, the other kids need your attention, and they shouldn't be punished by the actions of the one, but on an emotional level, there is no way I could enjoy a vacation without my child, especially knowing he's going through hell. On top of that, she mocked him and made him feel like it's his fault he's in that situation, never taking responsibility for her role.

Would a good mother tell a national tv audience that the only child she has, worth a damn, is the cute little one? Even if she was joking (which considering her demeanor at the time she said it, is a stretch), what a horrid, wicked thing to say. Her other children must have been hurt, or maybe they're so numb to her lack of compassion, that they just let it slide off their backs. I can't imagine Josh hearing that, and feeling anything but self-loathing and devastation.

Would a good mother pull her obviously troubled son out of a rehab place within a week of his entry, to have him in her wedding party, and then not do anything to place him back in? Josh's dad paid for the rehab, so that makes me believe Lauri didn't agree with it, and this was her chance to give his dad the big f-u.

Would a good mother leave for Europe for 3 weeks when her obviously troubled 17 year old is out of juvie, and basically leave him to fend for himself?

Now these are just a few of the instances we saw her being a very very bad parent. I can't believe these are the only ones, and I can't believe that this isn't the pattern this young man was raised in. Think for a moment, if your parent treated you like this, or how your own children would feel if you treated them like this. I can't imagine any child coming through that with their self-esteem and self-worth intact, not to mention the horrible depression they would feel at being cast aside.

Lauri may have put him into jail to 'save his life' but that's after 18 or 19 years of her ignoring him and abandoning his emotional needs to pursue her own. At this juncture, she doesn't have a choice because she's created this problem and it's gotten too big for anyone to handle.

Lauri and George can go to hell as far as I'm concerned. Josh, I pray you will find the strength to walk away from that toxic mess you call 'mom'. I pray you will find someone who will value you and believe in you so you can change the legacy you were dealt.

2234 days ago
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