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'Real Housewives' Kid Gets 240 Days in Real Jail

9/17/2008 2:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Joah WaringJosh Waring, the son of Lauri Waring from "The Real Housewives of Orange County," was sentenced Monday to 240 days in the pokey for possession of heroin and ecstasy and an intent to sell.

But here's the rub: Josh was actually turned in by his own mother! Apparently Lauri showed up to her condo where Josh was living, and found drugs on the premises. She contacted the cops, even telling them where her son's hangout spots were and he was busted the next day.

Guess that's OC tough love!


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Another Mom    

Tough love is the only thing that "might" work. She has tried going easy on him and talking it didn't work. This was probably one of the most difficult things Lauri has ever had to do. As I mom, I salute and support her decision. I would do the same for my son.

2176 days ago


Wat ti go GF its about time.... tough love.... I want to say that those of use who live in the OC that is north of Cota, Laguna Beach, Newport... where the rich and fam live are regular people... they should do a show call The Real Honest to Ghetto Housewives of holla

2175 days ago


I beg you as a mother!
Drop everything and get to Josh asap! In jail and after.

He was a sad and an alone little boy and was completely abandoned! Drugs took away the pain.

Then,he gets punished and is expected to fix it all himself. It is so obvious to me what happened to him.
He may never be healed. He was broken as a little boy. It is not his fault! He needs you sooo much. Pls. be there for him. In person and stay there!

Please Lauri get to him and stay with him! Do not let some counselor tell you what a mother should do. All he wanted was security, love and loads of time and support from you during and after the divorce!

Stop blaming it on him. Get there and tell him how much he is loved and that you are very proud of him! Keep your arms around him and tell him how special he is and how he has a purpose in this life!

Ask him for his forgiveness and let him know that tomorrow is a new day and you will start over. You were wrong Lauri, he was very sad and lost and was soooo alone. He tried to fix his pain as a young child then gets punished!

Josh is on his way to death. Please let go of everything, take no advice from husband anyone else and spend the rest of your life present in his life. Kiss, hug and do not expect anything. (he may always try to fix his brokenness in whatever way works for him)

Josh is a special young man and I will pray for you and him.

Always keep your arms open and stay with him now.

Do not tell him what he should do. He knows.

Please drop everything now!

2174 days ago


I totally agree. Lauri is a total moron. Her son will be raped, beaten, and sodomized... and she thinks she did a wonderful thing. She should have gotten him into a better (24/7) rehab center than that weird church.

2174 days ago


Lauri is ugly and evil. I only wish the worst of the worst upon her and her god awful ugly husband.

They are Satan and spawn of Satan and deserve to burn in hell.

2174 days ago

So What    

#94 - Cindy, I couldn't agree with you more. The problem is Lauri will never drop her rich lifestyle for Josh or any of her kids. Her husband is the kind of man who controls women and he will not let her out of his sight. Trust me, I know. If Lauri loses George, she loses the lifestyle. The only hope Josh has is our prayers and we need to be praying for his siblings too.

2173 days ago


When her son got in trouble previously, this woman did not even hire an attorney for her son who was still a minor. She allowed him to be incarcerated so she could go about her own self-absorbed merry way. Maybe the right thing was to turn him in. However, it is unfortunate that she waited so late to start doing the right thing. It is obvious that she is her own top priority, not her children.

2114 days ago

Tim Adams    

C-Forman, Yes, Lauri will be back for S-6 - or so it is rumored. Most of the Brady's will not be featured. Josh is still in jail, the letter authored by George's only son listed below speaks for itself, and that leaves only 3 kids left "willing" to be involved. Of course, Ashley Zarlin, Lauri's oldest daughter, the one that didn't fall far from the tree, is first in line after George and Lauri screaming for attention.

THIS IS SLAYTE!!! Not an imposter, the Real deal! I am George's EX son. Lauri is nothing but a golddigging bimbo and none of our family members like her or want her around. She does nothing in our home but check herself out on the internet and is so full of herself. Both her and George think they are Real Celebrities! They are a joke! She is the evil step mother from hell and nobody can stand her. I ran away from home 6 months ago because of the abuse George has done to me and my SISTERS! Before that he had me sent away because I didn’t want to be beat by him anymore and wanted to stay with my mom. Guess what George and Lauri, I am 18 years old now and you can't keep me from being heard now. You made sure that our lives were miserable these last few years while you pretended to be the great people that you aren’t, boy do I have a story to tell!!!! I want the World to know the REAL TRUTH about your fake Brady Bunch and the way you cuss at us all and the monsters that you are. I am Free now, but my sisters aren't!! They don't deserve to live like this until they are 18!! Why don't you tell the truth about what you did to us and my mom! You had everything George and you lost it all because you are an evil control freak who beats his kids till we do exactly what he wants us to do.
Stay Tuned.

Another letter authored by George's son....

lauri you area lying HO. this is slayte georges EXson not a imposter! the real guy. you are a gold digging bimbo who cares if u make 400$ a months you suck the money from my dad and most importantly my SISTERS and me! get a real life s***bag and get out of our lives!!!! your the evil step mother from hell! no one wants you around the plastic surgeons even feel bad for you nobody cares about u or your life your not "famous" like you want to believe. your a nobody your a joke and so is george get out of my life stop threnatning me and my sisters. i ran away from you and george 6months ago and now iam 18 andfree and going to be speaking my mind and telling the REAL STORY about the "real housewives" so look forward to this.

Lastly..."ya this is slayte. i have psalms 28:4 on my left side and i was at mt bacholor. sage walk. and aspen institute."

1454 days ago
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