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Ryan O'Neal Busted in Meth Mess

9/17/2008 2:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There is no father/son bonding activity quite like being busted together for methamphetamine.
Ryan O'Neal and son Redmond were booked on suspicion of narcotics possession this morning.

Ryan O'Neal: Click to watchAuthorities said they were doing a probation search at the family's Malibu home when they found Redmond O'Neal in possession of methamphetamine and a vial of the drug was allegedly found in Ryan's bedroom.

The father/son are being held on $10,000 bail.

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Redmond looks like the joker in this pic. This is so very sad. Ryan O'neal has an ex wife with cancer, his daughter just got busted for trying to buy cocaine on the street (he didn't bother to call her after the arrest) and the cops found meth in his room!

Hopefully, Redmond had put the meth in his Dad's room!

This is one dysfunctional family.

2205 days ago


First Ryan's firstborn, Tatum gets busted a few weeks ago. Now Redmond (Tatum's half-bro) and papa get busted. What happened to Griffin? He's always in trouble because of drugs (oh and let's not forget the gun/assault incident with daddy dearest). . Ryan O'Neal should be completely and totally ashamed of himself for failing as a parent.. Tatum, Griffin & Redmond grew up to be just like daddy....drug addicts. Terribly sad.

2205 days ago


Throw them both in jail and toss away the key.

Farrah run far away from both of them. What a shame, his mom is battling cancer and has to worry about this mess.

Farrah's biggest life mistake was meeting Ryan O'neal

I wonder how Farrah is doing with her Cancer Treatments... side note: I hope she gets better soon. I've always like Farrah. That poster was Amazing !!

2205 days ago


totally agree with #6. lol

2205 days ago


I am surprised that such a successful and talented actor would do such things. Afterall, Hollywood is a responsible place filled with responsible and moral people.

I am further surprised that the son of such a talented and successful actor would take drugs. The spawn of Hollywood are the backbone of America--strong, educated, and hard working children who do not want things given to them.

I guess I'm going to have to take Mr. O'Neals picture down from my wall. A sad day indeed. I only have Jesus and Dexter Gordon left as my heroes. I am so sadthat my Hollywood heroes think I am stupid for believing in God. I can only hope to be as smart as a Dixie Chick someday.

2205 days ago


That is Tatum's dad! It runs in the family. They need help!! Rehab!!

2205 days ago


Like father, like son

2205 days ago


When is this O'Neal clan going to knock it off - the public is sick of hearing about their chronic drug fest - everyone of them - Ryan and every one of his kids. Farrah is no better. The whole mess of them shoudl be thrown in the drunk tank or in their case the drug tank and left there to rot. Grow up already - all of you. Enough is enough

2205 days ago


I can't even go get my cancer treatment without you two f*cking around. I am flying home with more bail money. Can we get a three for one treatment plan? Maybe Tatum can join you two?

2205 days ago

know it all    

Im no fan of the O'Neal bunch..But I do know something about addiction..And this is a tragic situation...Don't judge lest ye be...etc..This is a horrible drug..and a terrible disease..and touches EVERY family in
America..(Sort of like Kevin Beacon)..Give that a quick thought before you write alot of crap about these people..because nothing you can say..will be worse then what they suffer in their heads every day

2205 days ago


I am willing to bet the drugs were all Redmonds. You have to arrest someone when drugs are fopund in thier home. He is just another victim in his son's addiction to drugs!

2205 days ago


"Love means never having to say you're sorry."

2205 days ago


Don't forget Ryan's first wife who is the mother of Tatum and Griffin - she was an alcoholic and a druggie. With genes like that, those kids never had a chance.

2205 days ago


Here Farrah is fighting cancer and these 2 idiots could care less
Money can't buy you smarts or good looks
I'll never watch Love Story again
what a loser this guy is

2205 days ago


Way to go Ryan! What a shining example you are!

2205 days ago
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