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Big Bro Walks Over Memphis

9/18/2008 2:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Big Brother" is in a little doo doo this AM.

In the first episode of BB10, Memphis won a sweet 1969 Camaro in a car-pulling contest (don't ask). Small problem -- "Big Brother" couldn't give the car away because the show didn't own it. We're told someone else actually held the title. In fact, the car had already been returned to the owner almost immediately after the contest.

Memphis the Mixologist was none the wiser because no one told him about the snag while he was inside the house. But on Tuesday, Memphis gained his freedom, losing to Dan, and learned the car he had come to treasure wasn't really his. Another problem -- the car has been repainted since it was on the show.

We're told producers are now scrambling to buy the car from the real owner. Sources say the real owner will turn the keys over for $24,000. A '69 Camaro online sell for anywhere between 7 and as much as 80 grand. Fact is, Big Bro doesn't have a lot of bargaining power, so they are more SOL than HOH.

We made several calls to "Big Brother" -- so far, no comment.


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Captain Biff    

Does this mean the road trip to Las Vegas is off?

2224 days ago

Joe Mama    

i don't watch "reality" shows,but if that camaro is a real ss not a clone, then 24k is a fair price.

2224 days ago


This crap about houseguests not winning because they are "Liars" is just that CRAP! Since when is it against the rules to lie and cheat to win big brother. Your name must be April.........(who looks like she gained 10 pounds in her ass in the jury house! ) Memphis played a great game, but Dan I believe was the ultimate game player. They better do something to get Memphis his car!

2224 days ago


Let me tell you all something. Allison should be fired. What do you all expect of her. She wears her hair like that, so you all won't take notice of just how fat this pig is. They need to fire her and NOW !

2224 days ago


I'm soooooo glad that he got fu--ed over!!! I hated the both of them from the start...If you ask me Jerry should of won it. I rather see anyone esle but those two in the finals....and as for cbs...good job on the prizes this year...MORONS!!!!!

2224 days ago

Seerr Max    

Memphis, what he deserved,.....exactly nothing. Talk about flying under the radar,.....even Renny did better than him. I was besides myself when Keesha got the 25 g's and not the ol' 'aw shucks' Jerry. Could not have been better,.....poor stupid Keesha, really got played.

They need to come up with a better way to end the BB House,....a new twist to decide the winner,.....I stopped watching 3rd to the last episode, it was just s--o-o-o predictable. Not that I was a big fan of Keesha's,.....but she should have never trusted those two guys,.....moron. I was also appalled the way Jerry used his family, and his ' aw shucks, I'm a old f**k, and aw shucks, I sure couls use the money, and 'aw shucks, my family needs money', was disgusting. Back tp Memohis,....he got what he deserved,......

2223 days ago


Good. I hope he never gets it. Lets a 95 pound girl carry him through the game and then stabs her in the back. That's karma for Keesha, Memphis-----

2223 days ago

St. Stuart    

Alright. Here's the deal. The reason they didn't buy the car upfront is because they didn't know who was going to win it. What's easier? Buying a car here and shipping it across the country or just buying one in the area of the winner? Most shows do this, by the way. They brought a car to him, offered him the car or the money value, and he decided to take the cash value instead. His choice!

2222 days ago
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