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McCain -- Palin-vasion is "Shocking"

9/18/2008 7:27 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sarah Palin's personal email account got hacked into yesterday, and today the McCain camp is hopping mad about it.

Maybe they're PO'd because Palin, as Gawker suggests, got caught doing Alaska state biz using a personal email address and not an official one ... which could violate laws about retaining emails. (Fun fact: Palin's hubby's handle of choice is FeK9Wnr -– which is short for Iron Dog Winner. You figure it out.)

The Secret Service has already asked for some of the email messages, but so far news orgs haven't complied.

Babs Changes Tune on Barack

Barbra Streisand had a moment of serious stage fright at that big Obama fund-raiser the other night, and it wasn't because she was scared to sing for B.

No, apparently she decided to ditch her usual songlist for something unusual, reports the Chicago Sun-Times, and she was worried about how it would go over. Babs passed over "People," for instance, in favor of "Make Someone Happy" and "My Shining Hour." Yentl thinks "Shining Hour" should be the theme song for the campaign.

Somebody Likes Jess Simpson's Croonin'

Unlikely, yes, but Jessica Simpson's album is actually topping the country charts.

"Do You Know" has debuted in the top position, even though concertgoers and reviewers from around the country have been slamming her country stylings left and right. Apparently enough people were curious or bamboozled to sell 65,000 copies of the album. And who knew that Jessica had released six albums.


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typical example of how you hollywood media types are out out touch! Ya just don't know what goes on in middle America!

2224 days ago



2224 days ago


Just push Sarah right into the White House. It's incredible how the liberal media and people try to skew everything she's ever done. And now it's HER fault her email was tapped into. Give me a break! Middle America is not Hollywood--our lives have much more meaning and we don't need the vices that the Hollywood Liberals need in order to live with ourselves. You all should be ashamed! Horrendous behaviour!!!

2224 days ago

I Love Memphis    

Did she buy all the cd's herself????

2224 days ago

Lenn K.    

I kept asking myself why does the media want to destroy Sarah Palin? No one tries to hack Joe Biden e-mail, hell no one even cares to even talk about Joe Biden. The problem is for everything the liberal socialist democrats are against. They want to kill their kid if it doesn't fit their lifestyle, she hunts, they hate guns (unless their bodyguards have one), she loves God and is a christian, they have fake religions and think Islam is peaceloving. She is a woman on a republican ticket and that's not surpose to happen, because republicans don't give blacks and women roles like the democrats. If you believe that I got ocean front property on gulf coast. I can't think of one really job a black got from a democrat administration. Clinton appointed a woman as Secretary of State and that's about it.

2224 days ago


Fe-chemical symbol for Iron

What's so hard to figure out TMZ??

2224 days ago

just wondering    

I bought one just to listen - have it on EBAY for sale, its sucks!!!

2224 days ago

i'd touch it    

when is she going to pose for playboy?????

2224 days ago


The idiots who hacked her email will get busted soon...they posted the entire page with traceable numbers back to them. And what's to figure out about her hubby's email address? It's a race, dummies. (TMZ)

2224 days ago

Washington st. Dem    

It's not against the law for Gov. Palin to use that email account for state business, it was well known she was using it at times. But why don't you report that it IS both a federal crime and a state crime to hack into someones email account and the Secret Service, the FBI and the state of Alaska are all investigating the hacking. The Federal law calls for possible prison and large fines. The state of Alaska has very tough laws for privacy protections.

Also, why don't you mention that as part of the hacking they got her 17 yr old daughters cell phone number and posted it on the internet.

Nice folks. Stay classy Obama.

2224 days ago

Washington st. Dem    

I was voting for obama but after this past week I will either not vote or vote for McCain. He is absolutely disgusting and both his campaign and his supporters are in a race to the gutter. They are running the dirtiest campaign in my lifetime. How can anyone support this kind of politics. I always heard about "chicago style" politics, I guess we all know what it is now.

2224 days ago


Wow, TMZ, why don't you look at this from a broader point of view. You're saying that the McCain camp is hopping mad about this (and well they should be) and then you say that the reason they're mad is PERHAPS Palin was doing something illegal in her personal e-mail account. Personally, I can think of a lot of reasons the McCain camp is mad. How about 1) It's ILLEGAL to hack into someone else's account, 2) there's definitely going to be suspicions as to who hacked into the account (personally I would be looking hard at someone in the Obama camp, 3) did I mention that it's ILLEGAL to hack into someone's private account, 4) if someone has the ability to hack into a private account, might they not also have the ability to make changes to what appears to be in that account - you know, to perhaps embarrass the account owner?? (not that a dirty trick like that would ever be used in politics since we all know that politicians and their camps are all squeaky clean in their campaign practices! and we all have noticed how squeaky clean this years race has been) 5) maybe both camps better be worried because Palin isn't the only one in public view right now who could also be hacked (well, ok, maybe McCain doesn't have to worry about that himself since Obama's ads claim he's not savvy enough to be able to use a computer - of course, they're right in that he doesn't sit in front of a computer himself but it's because of his permanent arm and hand injury from being a POW. 6) a really good hacker could do more than just rip off information from an account - a really good hacker could alter what's there, or add to what's there, or erase what's there and 7) did I mention that it's ILLEGAL to hack a private account (or a public account for that matter). OK, I've watched enough news casts about this to realize that it's not cut and dried as to whether this is totally illegal - there are grey areas concerning the internet that are being investigated. Even if this is not an act that can be prosecuted, it's still as unethical and dirty as can be. And the part here I find sickening is the fact that TMZ, rather than being enraged that something like this was done, is touting that perhaps the reason for rage from the McCain camp is worry that Palin PERHAPS did something wrong. I KNOW that the hacking of the account was wrong, but so far I've seen no proof of wrong on Palin's part.

2224 days ago


palin's email was hacked instead of biden's because, now... here comes a shocker... biden actually uses his government email for government business like he is supposed to. those emails are accessible by people who can make sure he is using it for legal gov't business.

now, why would troopergate palin want to hide her emails from people? wonder of wonders. lets see... not complying with investigation you invited? check. filing an ethics complaint against yourself? check. letting gop declare your investigation unconstitutional? check. gop trying to delay results of said investigation until after the election? check. liar? check. cheat? check. abuse of power? you know it!!!! looks like you republicans have outdone yourselves with this choice of leader!!! outstanding work!

as for super-douche-gop-cheerleader up there, im just wondering when exactly your opinion came to weigh heavier than mine? how is it youre so awesome? man... because you thinking i need to never have an abortion because you think its wrong, man... i see the light now. your opinion on the matter is so much more relevant than mine!!!
and im sure you know plenty of islamic followers, so i wont even question how you know they are all violent.
and you, of course, are right. god didnt want us to have free will or choose our religion, and there must be only one religion and one way to follow that because god made us all the same. i mean, its not like its written in the constitution that we are to be free to choose whatever religion we want.

its even funnier that these are the "issues" you focus on. because having an anti-choice, pro-gun, pro-hunting, anti-islam, self proclaimed "christian" in the office has made this country SO AWESOME these last few years. he sure did a lot to further your causes, too! i mean, abortions never happen. everyone has guns and uses them legally, and we are all christians following in his footsteps! woohoo!

if you dont want abortions, start teaching people how to use contraceptives. if you want peace and love in our country, start by peacefully loving the people you currently ostracize. (gays, islam's followers, women who have abortions, minorities, and on and on and on) i mean, if god loves them, why cant you? i guess that bit in the bible about loving your neighbor and leaving the judging to god just isnt the part you want to follow?

2224 days ago


Biden has been teaching Obama how to bork. Two classy gentlemen playing gutter politics. I bet the hackers are sitting in Obama HQ.

2224 days ago

Julie from Boston    

Hey #4 - TJ, you idiot - when they said "figure it out", they didn't mean "How does this stand for Iron Dog Winner?" at all. They meant "Figure out what the heck Iron Dog Winner means".

2224 days ago
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