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Condition Update -- Barker and DJ AM

9/20/2008 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Travis Barker has been burned from the waist down, but he is expected to survive the plane crash. DJ AM's face was severely burned and is being tended to right now.

We're also told the tragedy is all the worse because one of the passengers who died, Chris Baker, Travis' assistant on "Meet the Barkers," was married recently and has a new baby.


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Emily Shuman    

It's always sad when something tragic happens, however, it's even worse when it happens to pro-active people. Not many people in life have a passion or drive. It's inspiring to see that quality someone. The last few weeks Travis Barker has really caught my eye in the media. Every time I have saw him, I consciously gave him a second thought. I didn't think about anything particular, but I watched a little longer and had a feeling of respect. DJ-AM, I always thought was hot. Not necessarily because of his looks, but because of his mystery. It was always visible to me that he chose to stay of the headlines. I got the vibe it was more about his music. I commend him. Every day youth is faced with temptation, it's nature to give in, the experience is usually worth it. It takes strength though to stay true to yourself throughout the adventure. I think both men are amazing assets to hollywood and much needed. My thoughts are with them, and I hope they both pull threw.
My heart goes in t to their families, children, ex-wife, current/previous girlfriends, friends, and the whole hollywood community.

Friends are so important. It's rare to find amazing ones. The saddest part of this is Chris. It puts me at a stand still and I am stunned. With death there is birth, and I think there will be tons of love for his baby. May the family, his wife and friends find peace and keep his spirit alive.

*I don't really blog, this tragedy really shook me.

2224 days ago


God, this is really sad news. I just heard on E news that Chris Baker, Travis's assistant who perished in the crash, just lost a brother 2 weeks ago in a car accident. What a tragedy.

2224 days ago


This is just awful! I just heard about it. I really do hope that they can pull through this. They've already came out of this very lucky individuals. So sad to hear that Chris was newly married and has a baby. Sad sad sad... this kinda thing makes you think differently about living your life to the fullest :(

2224 days ago


Yes they put you in a coma and then you have the pleaure of them scraping the burnt skin off you. My brother was in explosion and had severe burns to his hands and face. its extremaly painful to recover from any type of burn. His skin is splotchy on his hands but amazingly his face recovered and shows hardly any signs of the burns. I hope AM and Travis heal as well as Philly did. Im sure when you are on fire and in a plane crash you are trying to do whate ver you can to get out and driven by instinct, adrenelin and/or shock. I seriously doubt they pushed people out of the way to save themselves.

2224 days ago


OMG....I think it was a "god shot" that those two survived....
It's like a super hero story...They jumped out of the plane b4 it blew up!!
Anyways, of course our thoughts and prayers are with them.
I do wonder though...If travis was burned from waist down????
We love you anyways

2223 days ago


How horrible is this?God Bless evryone invloved and all the negative things people have said, I will not only pray for all involved in this tragedy but, also all you cruel,cruel people that left nasty messages.

2223 days ago


Travis is alive and recovering. He is not dead. and I got that from Assocciated Press.,0,6625409.story

2223 days ago


From the statements of a witness and injuries sustained, it sounds like DjAM sustained his injuries trying to help travis... one person was seen burning, running in circles while another was chasing him trying to help him, removing his burning clothing. sounds as if adam may be a big time hero, POSSIBLY saving a life, without regard to his own safety....?

2223 days ago


DJ AM and Travis are expected to make full recoveries.,0,4694330.story
Prayers to the families of the deceased.

2223 days ago


I am amazed at some of the vile grandstanding being posted here. Two, fellow human beings have been seriously injured and four others have lost their lives.
Consider the fact that they are loved, individually, as sons, brothers, father and friends.
Imagine having to endure the physical and psychological pain these two men are facing, Have respect. We are all lost souls living in a fish bowl.
Namaste to Travis and Adam ... From someone who has never met you but wishes you well.

2223 days ago


chris was also mourning the loss of his step brother .... as of about two weeks ago.... its truley a very sad time.. his mother idolized him. and she is going to need all the prayers she can get....
i am sure god has a special place for all.....

2222 days ago

I'm Travis too    

This is so sad and shocking. You never hear about celeb air crashes anymore. Travis changed blink 182 from punk to more mainstream. People think that after he came they sold out. I kind of think so too, but not as much as Green Day did. Both Green Day and Blink were better in their earlier days. Before Travis, the drummer was Scott Raynor also from San Diego, Barker is from Fontana, CA. From 93-98 they had Scott who was more of the punk music type drummer that sounded a little different from Travis. I like the new era Blink a little bit, but not as much as the original Blink. Most people think Travis was their only drummer, he was their second. They just got more famous with him.

2222 days ago


I live an hour from Columbia SC & 2 from Augusta,GA. The doctors have made public statements here that both have some 2nd & 3rd degree burns, but are both doing much better and have been upgraded from critical. Go to and you can get pretty good coverage,including a dash cam video of the two during the accident, taken from the cars of one of the patrolmen that was first on the scene. It is difficult to listen to though.I do know as a retired medical personnal that has experience withthe Augusta Burn Center's capabilities, that they are in one of the best burn units in the country!It is also right there with the Medical Colllege of Georgia,so they are in really good hands.I hate that this had to happen at all, but being that close to that unit was the best thing that could've come to them in form of treatment. If I hear anything new that isn't on here,I will post it. Check out that web sight though & they will have pretty much what you need.
God Bless to the families of the four other victims.

2222 days ago


This is very sad... It's hard to believe...

2222 days ago

Aaron - UK    

This is so Bad!!! All 6 are in our thoughts here in the UK! God Bless everyone involved!

2221 days ago
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