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Condition Update -- Barker and DJ AM

9/20/2008 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Travis Barker has been burned from the waist down, but he is expected to survive the plane crash. DJ AM's face was severely burned and is being tended to right now.

We're also told the tragedy is all the worse because one of the passengers who died, Chris Baker, Travis' assistant on "Meet the Barkers," was married recently and has a new baby.


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My friend works at the burn unit and Travis is NOT dead! DJ AM in surgery.

2203 days ago


Jet fuel burning on a face - chances are high that DJAM will be blind,if he suvives.

When he broke up with Nicole it almost killed her, we could all see how skinny she got from the stress.

It's sad, the stuff that happens.

2203 days ago


Kobe, it IS fun to watch when goofy celebrities do goofy things. That's why I love tmz! This is something totally different.

2203 days ago


Me and a buddy seen the crash last night,it was sick.travis and djam are still alive.We seen them jump out the plane and put themselves out..travis's legs were the only thing he was trying to put out.but djam was burning on his upper body.But by the time me and a friend got there they were both lying down but they were talking.god bless..

2203 days ago


See, there's this thing called "compassion" which some of you people have forgotten. Whether you're a celebrity or not, people will be impacted by something that happens to a person they care about. And even if they haven't been significant in your life, you never want to hear something horrendous like this happening to anyone. The fact that you feel you can make light or joke about a situation this tragic that happens to ANYONE is extremely disrespectful and rude.

Why don't you go back to your little 4chan and be the 13 year-old you are.

And TMZ, you really should start doing something about these losers.

2203 days ago


First of all my condolences go out to the families of the deceased. LEAVE TRAVIS ALONE ALL YOU FREAKING HATERS!!! How do you know his penis is gone you dumb idiot. You need GOD! You should pray that they get better because they have children and families. My prayers go out to them as well. All you other idiots shut the hell up!

2203 days ago


I still think he was an A-Hole.

2203 days ago


Why do you people keep 'reporting' that Travis Barker is dead?! If you are going to claim something like that have the balls to back it up. Clearly he's not and you are just sitrring up trouble. I feel awful for the families of the people who passed and Travis and AM are in my thoughts. I was a HUGE Blink 182 fan and always had a littel celeb crush on AM.

2203 days ago

I have a throbbing boner    

Who are these guys? Never heard of them.

2203 days ago


Travis Barker isn't dead. You are a bunch of retards. Gotta Love the Idiots- takes one to know one.

2203 days ago


TMZ: Someone has hijacked my name and is using it to hurt other people. Please fix this.

2203 days ago


my prayers go out to all the families in this time of need. god is watchiout for all

2203 days ago


GCD I appreciate your comments

2203 days ago


I thought #73's post was worth copying & re-posting:

73. As a firefighter and a music fan, I have to say that this is truly a horrible thing to hear.I wish Travis and DJ AM the speediest of recoveries...

Just to bring things into prespective for everyone, the palm of your hand is considered to be 1% of your body surface. When you hear that someone was burned 30% of their body, think 30's a lot of surface area and it doesn't take much to add up quickly.

Generally speaking, once you start getting 50% and higher, the odds are against you for survival. It's not so much the burns that will kill you, it's the secondary infections that result from severe burns. The skin is one of the primary defences against infection and once burned, it loses that ability to protect.

In this case, where the burns are likely extensive and severe, the problem is that the body will lose a large amount of fluid we all know, the body is made up of a lot of water (Lean muscle tissue contains about 75% water, blood contains 95% water, body fat contains 14% water and bone has 22% water)...what happens in severe burns is that it disrupts the blood circulation and causes problems with the body's salt balance.

If the reports are accurate and Travis was burned from the waist down, then his odds are good for recovery. Depending on the severity of the burns though, he still could face amputation of one (or both) legs. It's very doubtful that he will ever play drums again..and it's still possible that he may not recover though.

Unfortunately, from the sounds of it DJ AM is definitely in worse shape with burns to his face. People who have burns to their face usually also have burns to their nasal passages, windpipe and possibly lungs. Skin grafts can repair your face, but nothing can repair your windpipe and lungs from damage.

Either way, my thoughts are with both of them. I truly hope they do recover from this.

Posted at 1:13PM on Sep 20th 2008 by GCD

2203 days ago


What compels you brain dead idiots to come here and chastise other peoples views?? Something wrong with your own life...control freaks. Have to control everyone and their opinions. Idiots.

2203 days ago
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