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I Hit the Bong with Chong

9/21/2008 11:31 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Puff, puff, pass -- that's how Arnie rolls.

Arnold Schwarzenegger bluntly confirmed Tommy Chong's revelation that Chong and the Governator used to burn one down together back in the day.

Honesty from a politician? It's weird, we know.


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john wayne gacy    

we can surely trust that gov. germinator smoked

his share of the competitor's peace polls,

back -in-the-day in plenty of gym locker rooms.......

2192 days ago


Arnold is a PIG with OR without lipstick roflmao

2192 days ago



butt plugs disturb me YMMV

2192 days ago


lol. Arnold is cool! Thats old news. You youngsters should check out Arnolds' first body building flicks- Pumping iron etc...

2192 days ago


Re Sarah Palin
* She was elected Alaska’s governor a little over a year and a half ago. Her previous office was mayor of Wasilla, a small town outside Anchorage. She has no foreign policy experience.1
* Palin is strongly anti-choice, opposing abortion even in the case of rape or incest.2
* She supported right-wing extremist Pat Buchanan for president in 2000. 3
* Palin thinks creationism should be taught in public schools.4
* She’s doesn’t think humans are the cause of climate change.5
* She’s solidly in line with John McCain’s “Big Oil first” energy policy. She’s pushed hard for more oil drilling and says renewables won’t be ready for years. She also sued the Bush administration for listing polar bears as an endangered species—she was worried it would interfere with more oil drilling in Alaska.6
* How closely did John McCain vet this choice? He met Sarah Palin once at a meeting. They spoke a second time, last Sunday, when he called her about being vice-president. Then he offered her the position.7
*She had an affair with her husband's business partner that almost ruined her career.
Todd Palin appears to be his wife's most important adviser by far. But he hasn't been elected, nor does he hold any official position in his wife's government. He appears to be enormously powerful, yet he's essentially unaccountable -- and that's a scary combination.

Todd Palin (Sarah Palin's dog musher husband) has no qualifications in politics whatsoever -- yet his role is unprecedented. Does the spouse of any other governor in America regularly attend important government meetings? Is the spouse of any other governor in America regularly cc'd on the governor's emails? Is the spouse of any other governor in America so deeply involved in the workings of their spouse's administration? Does the spouse of any other governor in America participate so extensively in virtually every political decision their spouse makes?

2192 days ago

Brainy Sly Chic    

Don't dismiss the fact that Sarah Palin is Commander of the Alaska National Guard-- consider this.

Alaska is the first line of defense in our missile interceptor defense system.

The 49th Missile Defense Battalion of the Alaska National Guard is the unit that protects the entire nation from ballistic missile attacks. It's on permanent active duty, unlike other Guard units.

As governor of Alaska, Palin is briefed on highly classified military issues, homeland security, and counterterrorism. Her exposure to classified material may rival even Biden's and certainly by far exceeds Obama's.

She's also the commander in chief of the Alaska State Defense Force (ASDF), a federally recognized militia incorporated into Homeland Security's counterterrorism plans.

Palin is privy to military and intelligence secrets that are vital to the entire country's defense. Given Alaska's proximity to Russia, she may have security clearances we don't even know about.

According to the Washington Post, she first met with McCain in February, but nobody ever found out. This is a woman used to keeping secrets.

She can be entrusted with our national security, because she already is.

2192 days ago


If you've ever watched the movie Pumping Iron, you would already know that he's smoked a little in his past.

2192 days ago


At least he inhaled . . . unlike Mr. Clinton.

2192 days ago

Brainy Sly Chic    

Obama and his wife believe late-term abortion should be legalized as a medical procedure. If you want to vote for Satan himself, go right ahead.

2192 days ago

Truth Sayer

Here...take a hit and pass the bong. Don't be a bogart.

2192 days ago


right on Truth sayer!!!!!

2192 days ago


Obama is a socialist!!!!!!! only people that are in welfare are in his favor. PLEASE! wake up America...I rather have another Bush than to have someone that is so hypocritical, pretending that he likes white people when in fact for years he belonged to a church that praised the hatred of the white. Even his minister admitted it alter on....

2192 days ago


Hey, Number 2..."Obama is a Socialist".... So the F what?! Your Repugs just socialized the entire finanical system in the U.S. . Bail out banks with taxpayer money, anyone?

Oh, but heaven forbid we use taxpayer money on social programs! Got Universal HealthCare, America? No, you don't. Just because the evil empires of Canada, Sweden, Germany, France, England (to name half of the countries with Socialized health Care) have Universal Health Care for their citizens...

America has MORE important things to spend taxpayer money on!!


2192 days ago


yea.. okay.. I totally see the connection Palin's underqualified idiocy and Obama apparently being a racist against white people has with Ahnold and his past tokin with Chong.. losers. There was nothing remotely political about this posting, if you can't handle sitting on your opinions until TMZ posts something even remotely related to either perhaps you should switch blogs to something solely political to boast your opinions, as it is getting old here, especially when there isn't even a place for it.

2192 days ago

justice is served    

McCain-Palin '08 ~~~~~~~

2192 days ago
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