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Disney to Miley: Face the Music or Else!

9/22/2008 3:23 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Miley and Billy Ray Cyrus want off "Hannah Montana," and their conduct has triggered a war on the set.

Our spies on the set tell us Miley has bragged that she will get fired, making it clear she wants to focus on singing and not the show. For his part, Billy Ray has also made it clear that there is more money in singing than a Disney cable show. As a result, the father-daughter team has been showing up to the set ridiculously late, stalling production and infuriating cast and crew.

Emily Osment, who plays Lilly Truscott, used to be extremely tight with Miley. Now we're told Emily is so bitter she literally turns away from Miley after each scene. We're told Emily's dad got in a screaming match with Billy Ray, complaining he and Miley were unprofessional.

Family Guy Look-Alikes: Cick to view!Sources tell us Billy Ray has told people on the set that he and Miley will do 12 more episodes and then they are out. Disney was so pissed they called his agent, railing that Billy Ray and Miley were ingrates. Disney insisted that Billy Ray and Miley not only finish the 24 episode season -- but Disney was adding six more episodes.

To put it mildly, this set is far from the happiest place on earth.


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good girl gone bad    

if you ask me if not for that show she wouldnt be where she is! like everyone else says she is not all that and is being very greedy!!!! I say FIRE THE DUMBASSES

2191 days ago


I would expect nothing less from a couple of no-talent, redneck hill trash.

2191 days ago


miley is such a whore she dosnt need to be a rolemodel. fire the greedy b!thches ass and let her carrer bite the dust..if shes gonna be stupid and ungratefull little beeotch then fire her ass!

2191 days ago

Illinois person    

Thank you to all of my fans for making me rich and famous. Now go to hell you fools as I no longer need you. Now if I could just get rid of that final hanger's on - my father- I'd be free for sure. How long before I'm 18? Miley!

2191 days ago

Jem fan    

That Jem wanna be needs to be off t.v

2191 days ago


I never got the Hannah Montana thing anyway. She is one ugly kid. Just more white trailer trash like Britney and Jamie Spears.

2191 days ago


Do you guys not realize when your being punked?

2191 days ago


I hope Miley is saving her money because shortly she will be out of work .. She is a no tallent bum that is totally produced.. Good bye

2191 days ago


People actually believe this crap?? I don't believe a word. People are always making stuff up about Miley to make people not like her anymore! If they didn't want to do it they would wait till their contract is over and leave, not try to get fired!

2191 days ago


Redneck, white trash losers!!!!!

2191 days ago


The person I feel most sorry for is Emily. That girl has much, much more acting talent than Miley. In a couple of years, Emily's acting career will take off, much like her brother Haley Joel's did a few years back.

Emily will be reaping in many rewards while Miley is going to languish. Who knows- maybe we'll see Em as a Bond Girl in a future 007 movie!

2191 days ago

Just call me trailer trash....    

Billy Ray was a nobody for a long time....he'll be a nobody will is spawn

2191 days ago


I call B.S. on this story. The media is so fixated on trying to ruin this girl's career. It's ridiculous the amount of crazy stories out there trashing her. :(

2191 days ago


who do they think they are billy was a one hit not wonder, they got on a show where miley got known, they both need caned from the show,(why) miley is not good for younger kids, she acts and dresses like a little whore, I think something is going on with her and billy gay, something isnt right. they say she is going to be more into her music, miley you cant sing you sound like a guy, you are on your way real fast to being a has been like billy gay, you both (miley and billy guy) are white trash go back to the hills of ky where you two belong. ( they get into the family thing in the hills)

2191 days ago


Wow, that's pathetic. They're both primadonnas.

Just let Disney fire her. Her supposed music career won't last long anyway. She'll fade just like those past musicans and bands...

2191 days ago
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