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Mommy Pics of Brit's Sis Trigger Criminal Probe

9/22/2008 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A stolen picture of Jamie Lynn Spears breast feeding her baby has sparked a federal child pornography investigation.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ federal and local authorities are on the hunt for someone peddling 12 pics of Britney Spears, Jamie Lynn, daughter Maddie and baby daddy Casey Aldridge. One of the pictures shows Jamie Lynn breast feeding Maddie -- Jamie Lynn's left breast is exposed.

The pics were taken on Casey's digital camera. We're told he took the camera card to his local Wal-Mart in Louisiana for copies. Law enforcement believes someone at the Wal-Mart may have made extra copies, then tried selling them.

Because Jamie Lynn is a minor, selling the pics -- or buying them -- could constitute a violation of federal laws prohibiting child pornography. Peddling pictures of a minor's breast -- even if not taken for sexual purposes -- could land the seller and the buyer in federal prison if they are marketed across state lines for the purpose of being lurid. Also, anyone purchasing the pics could be prosecuted for the crime of receiving stolen property.

Other pics in the set include Britney holding the baby and one of Jamie Lynn, Britney, Bryan (Brit's bro), Lynne Spears and Jamie Spears around Jamie Lynn's hospital bed. There are also pics of Maddie by herself, and there's a picture of Jamie Lynn in a negligee holding the baby.

Authorities are trying to find the man who is attempting to sell the photos. In addition, we're told Britney's lawyers are thinking about going after Wal-Mart for the alleged security breach.

UPDATE: Wal-Mart tells TMZ, "We saw the story on the wires and it's news to us too. We'll of course investigate what, if anything, has happened here."


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wow, let's just keep setting good examples for today's youth.

2186 days ago


1. Jamie is harly a minor. Yes, she is under 18...But she is engaged, she is having consenual sex. So lets not refer her as this innocent child.
2. What kind of bonehead goes to Walmart to get pics printed. Especially with the resources the Spears family has.
3. With all the home photo printers available, why in the heck would they have chosen Walmart.
4. Stupid is , AS stupid does. Invasion of privacy....yes...but protect yourselves..ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE HIGH PROFILE.

2186 days ago


I bet they never catch a candid shot of any of the Spears family reading a book.

2186 days ago

Tired of this drama    

Who cares, we are glorifying her for having a baby at such a young age. I know it happens across the country everyday, but i venture to say if she were any other color and had had a show on a children's network they would have hung here out to dry and made sure that she could never act again. Don't believe me look at the girl on High School Musical, If Raven had done anything close to what Vanessa H. did I bet her show would have ended before you could. say "That's So Raven"

2186 days ago


Ok everyone of you are dumb. First of all he probably wanted to get them printed off at Walmart for better picture quality. Second o allf he can't be charged with anything. It's HIS digital camera that he used to take a picture of HIS fiance and HIS daughter. As for the statitory (sp?) crap. Ya'll are just stupid. No one is going to charge him with that unless it's her parents and obviously they're not going too.

Jamie Lynn deserves just as much privacy as anybody who's not famous. She was breastfeeding her daughter. Any low life who steals those pictures of a woman sharing such a moment with her daughter should be thrown in jail. Those are THEIR personal photos.

Now go back to your degrading. Cause most of you don't have a life anyways.

2186 days ago


Ppl on these blogs are so immature it's pathetic. Families take these kind of pictures to celebrate their lives & show their children later in the future. It's a wonderful experience & nothing pornographic about unless as stated here....they were stolen & sold as such. It's the ppl who breached the privacy law at Wal-mart who yes indeed need to be sued. Why....because they were wrong & need to be taught a lesson. Why....because it can ruin ppl's lives! Wal-mart needs to fire this individual & take them to court w/ their own charges. Also it's great to hear that Jamie Lynn has decided to nurse her baby naturally instead of feeding her that man made poison they call formula! I'm proud of the maturity she has shown in making good choices so far. She has not let the media, family, friends or so-called friends sway her in any way not to nurse etc.... I hope they find this individual & put it to him the nasty creature!! Good luck Jamie Lynn & family!! GOD BLESS!!

2186 days ago


As a professional photo finisher, what that wal-mart employee did was completely unethical. You do NOT retain a customer's pictures, nor do you share the contents of said pictures with anyone. My company would call that gounds for termination. And if it 'looks like' child porn we may possibly call the police or at least our security firm and find out. Although granted this IS a breast feeding picture so... I wouldn't call it child porn. No more than I would a picture of a little toddler running through a sprinkler without a diaper or a baby getting a bath in the sink or tub. Some stuff does have to have common sense. Now if say there were pictures of Jamie Lynn baring her breasts and posing, well then THAT would raise the red flags and alarm bells. But the simple fact that the Wal-Mart employee made a copy for him/herself (gotta be fair y'know more women than men work in Photo) and then possibly wanted to try and sell them - that photo person should get the book thrown at them.

Oh and home photo printers simply do not compare to the quality of a real silver-halide photo print, they last longer, are somewhat cheaper actually, and won't fade over time nearly as badly as a home photo printer. Although Casey probably should have just used his own computer to make copies of his memory card than taking it in, if they were concerned about privacy. I mean, honestly most every laptop or pc nowadays comes with a cd or dvd burner. I can appreciate him say, wanting to put some $$ into the system but still... its so much easier and cheaper to burn a cd or dvd yourself than take it into a lab for them to do. And its not like he's a tech phobic grandma.

2186 days ago


Maybe it was the father himself.

2186 days ago


It was the father, Casey.

2186 days ago

izzies mom    

I am so happy to read that Jamie Lynn is nursing her baby. That is the best for her child. I am sorry someone has to steal the pictures and make it a scandel.

2186 days ago


oo government steppin in - LMAO thats funny - shes made love or whatever u call it now adays - she had a baby - ROFL LMAO i cant stop laughing ...its so so funny - why dont the government GO AFTER THE FATHER - ..hey wait aminute its a spears - WHO CARESSSSS

2186 days ago

Your mom    

Too easy, where to begin...Wal-mart and whitetrash. All I need to say, the easiest way this could have been avoided was to purchase a printer. Duh.

2186 days ago


oo now oo since these people are rich - AWWW u cant shop at walmart - LMAO rich people shop at walmart - besides who cares ifu are rich why dont u people GROW UP - why pay 50 dollars to get peoples made up when u can go to walmart and pay 10.00 ..WISHED some people would grow up in this world - and TMZ get a life your just like the paparazzi talking crap about people- TMZ wont be around for long - hey harvey stay on peoples court son :P GROW UP WORLD - THIS WORLD IS OVER CROWDED

2186 days ago

Kayan Phoenix    

OK first off .. who take a pic of some one breast feeding there child .. especially if her boob is exposed .. n second WHY would u take it to wal mart or n e place that print pics by uploading the pic to print .. Third There RICH .. why don't they have a photo printer at home .. they have the money they can probably get a really good one ..

And last .. if there SO worried about child porn .. why didn't they press charges on Jaime Lynn's Baby daddy for statutory rape considering she was only 16 when she got pregnant .. i mean i have a friend that got pregnant at 16 and the State pressed charges even tho her parents didn't ask them to do that .. i mean come on now .. ya know

2186 days ago


Like there was anyone left in louisianna that hasn't seen that little sperm sponge's boob. What are the odds Casey is really the father, no velvet rope around that thing, EVERYONE gets in.

2186 days ago
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