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9/22/2008 2:17 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

So let us get this straight -- one of the best writers in TV got an Emmy from someone who is on a show so badly written ... no one wants to admit it's written. We're just sayin' ...

Lauren Conrad and Tina Fey


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i like the hills

but idk what lc was doing there.

30 rock is awesome =]

2159 days ago

Pote Barski    

ok what they are saying is LC is on the hills that show is scripted! Its so badly written that no one wants to admit that its written, LC handed the emmy to Tina Fey, she is a great writter. There for one of the best writers in TV got an Emmy from someone who is on a show so badly written ... no one wants to admit it's written. GET IT ?

2159 days ago


Thank you Pote Barski!!

I didn't get it since I didn't watch the emmy's, I was hoping someone would explain it :-)

2159 days ago


Lauren was there b/c she designed one of the dresses worn by the 'trophy girls'

2159 days ago


Tina Fey is alright, but the organizers of the Emmys sure blew a good thing. The laugh in tribute was a bore, the constant theme of reality Tv was a bore, as we all know reality is far from real, and I for one am sad the emmys became nothin short of the MTV VMA's.

2159 days ago


'Saturday Night Live' skit suggests Sarah's husband guilty of incest. Can you imagine if this was done to Obama?
There would be a riots in the street!

2159 days ago


Tina Fey, Alec Baldwin, 30 ROCK, and SNL ALL SUCK!!!!!!!!!

Who did Baldwin, and Fey pay off for this freakin' Emmy? I didn't watch last night, and DON'T watch any of these shows. Can't stomach them.

2159 days ago


I just want to know WHO VOTES for these awards??? The mosy popular shows that EVERYONE talks about & that everyone watches didn't win !! Neither did the stars who make these shows so popular. Loved the award shows durin the writers strike, no STUPID skits, just right to the point.. Hope Josh Grobin was paid MEGS BUCKS, what an insult to his talent; 2 seconds on each theme song, STUPID STUPID STUPID.. The show really was awful, Please don not do this again. AND AS I ASED, WHO DOES THE VOTING ???????????????

2159 days ago



SNL rules!

Why stay up so late to watch it if you know you aren't going to like it?


2159 days ago

artie help    

you guys suck 'just saying'

2159 days ago


what an insult to Fey to have the ditz LC present the award to her. It's comparable to winning the Nobel Peace Prize, and having Bush hand it to you.

2159 days ago


Why this retard, Loren Conrad, is even in the same room with people who actually have some talent is beyond me. I don't care what anyone says, she is retarded -- both emotionally and mentally. I can't wait until her ass disappears from anything, anywhere. I can't stand even looking at her anymore.

2159 days ago

Glisten Garbor    

I like the way Tina grabbed the Emmy from Brooke Shields and then went over to Craig Ferguson and gave him a kiss on the cheek..Cute..

2159 days ago

Angry Democrat 'Sky Blu' from LMFAO attack GOP Romney on Purpose .    

The Emmys turned into a Democrat fund raising event for the ## time. Why don't we call the Emmys the DNC Campaign headquarters. For the record , the financial meltdown is due to the policies of the democrats in the 1990's , by people like barney frank , shumer , Dowd (all democrats , the goverment run company is called Fanny Mae)

2159 days ago


the emmys had to be fixed - that show is the worst show i've ever seen - not funny at all - it's in the same boat as lousy SNL - how they get air time is beyond me - it seems like the worst shows/movies always win awards - who's voting for this crap?

2159 days ago
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