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Now Scammin' on Lady Ass?

9/23/2008 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Has Lance been pulling a "Chuck and Larry" this whole time just to bag girls?

Lance Bass: Click to watch
Lance Bass was all over his dance partner Lacey Schwimmer on "DWTS" last night -- and then left One Sunset with a car packed full of chicas afterwards. OK, so his BF was at the club too ... but they didn't go home together.


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Um, has anyone stopped to think that maybe all those hot chicas with Lance could possibly be family members or just good friends being supportive?! Seriously people - broaden your minds just a bit!

2191 days ago


Oh... I'm sorry! I was completely unaware that Gay men could not be seen in public in the company of women... how stupid am I?
I am a heterosexual woman... does that mean I can only be seen in the company of men?
You guys are truly desperate for stories... get a life!

2191 days ago


Hey no8. Let me ask you a question. Just what in the hell did I judge? I called him a homo. That's what he is. And one more thing. The purpose of sperm is to produce children for god. When it (sperm) ends up inside someone's rectum no children will appear from it. NOW YOU TELL ME. WHAT PART OF SPERM ENDING UP IN SOMEONE'S RECTUM IS MAKING GOD HAPPY?............WELL.............I'M WAITING!!!!!

2191 days ago


Who cares it's all PR anyway.

2191 days ago


6. Anyone who names their kid Lance knows exactly what they have produced. He can't be nothing else but a homosexual. He and his partner are doing nothing but wasting sperm that could result in children. Yeah, he's making god happy.

Posted at 12:18PM on Sep 23rd 2008 by pncmsing

Hey pncmsing, many straight men beat off every day. What is that called? Remember "There's something about Mary?" It wound up as hair gel. I guess perhaps you are an angry straight woman who can't get any. What do you call a man who wears a condom? A straight guy wasting sperm? There are so many walking and breathing mistakes walking around in this world one wonders exactly what a "waste of sperm" actually means.

2191 days ago


Lance use to do girls back in the day. He has only been gay (haha) for the past 6 years. Him and Topanga use to knock boots!

2191 days ago


if he doesn't f**k her (lacey) i will.i will f**k her brains out

2191 days ago


Wow, homophobia much? Nice to see so many enlightened posts. Yep, Lance and his beau are "wasting" sperm... except that they might someday adopt a child whose own (straight) parents are unable or unwilling to raise it themselves, and provide a loving and supportive home. I have a feeling God would be happy about that.

2188 days ago


reg u would be so right if you could turn a gay man striaght. seeing ass how he wont f**k her i will say it again i will

2184 days ago
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