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Sharon Stone Loses Her Maternal Instinct

9/23/2008 3:14 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sharon StoneA judge has awarded sole physical custody of Sharon Stone's adopted son to ex hubby Phil Bronstein. Don't worry though -- she still has two other adopted children to fall back on.

Stone had joint custody of 8-year-old Roan. According to an order issued September 12, Stone's request to have the custody agreement changed was denied. Instead the judge awarded "permanent sole physical custody of the child" to Bronstein.

The judge said this new custody agreement was permanent unless Sharon moves closer to Bronstein in San Francisco, or vice versa.

Sharon adopted Roan with Phil Bronstein when they were still together. Stone has two other adopted boys, Laird and Quinn.


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It doesn't seem to be anything to do with parenting skills. The kid just can't be in two places at once. She's LA; Phil is in San Francisco. Since the boy is in school in Frisco that's where he is going to be living. It seems a shame he will not have the interaction with his brothers though. Hopefully he can be flown to LA for weekends.

2199 days ago


She should move she doesn't do anything anyway, I'm sure the Nannies, Maid & pool boy won't mind.. the poor kids,she's a nut case

2199 days ago

DingDong DingDong    

There has got to be more to it then TMZ is telling us.

Why would some stupid ass judge make such a ruling?

2199 days ago


Her brain damage was that extensive.
She still thinks she' attractive and relevant.

2199 days ago

ACLU member    

Ha! Karma is a bitch isn't it Sharon? It is better to let the father to have the custody because Sharon Stone obviously has very severe mental problems and is very cold blooded, she will poison the kid or will kill him!

2199 days ago


Googling revealed that this kid is the oldest of Stone's kids and was adopted by both of them - hence the father has a case for parental rights and custody. The other two are younger, and she adopted them by herself after the divorce. The judge apparently decided that the father's home was more stable and more structured (no info on by how much...). But more importantly - Roan has been living mainly with his father, so it would be a disruption for him to leave (but the other two children are not Bronstein's, so they've been living all the time with Stone). Both parents will be involved in various decisions concerning Roan, however, and her phone number is ordered to be programmed into the landline and the kid's cell phone so they can easily stay in contact. It sounds relatively friendly.

2199 days ago

Illinois person    

Gosh, so she lost her kid - must be Karma! What goes around comes around Sharon. You should have kept your mouth shut! Maybe she can hang with Brit and compare notes on, what's next?

2199 days ago


This Phil Bronstein is just mad because she divorced his "kimono dragon" bitten ass! And they are going to give this fool custody" he was reckless putting his foot in the cage of this monster as a joke..then it bit his s@#$ damn near off! what is he
going to do next, allow his kid to play in the bear cage"

2199 days ago


I really hope she moves closer to San Francisco. I bet Roan misses his mom...

2199 days ago


Thank God for a smart judge! This woman has always struck me as a narcissistic, egomaniacal witch (with a B) who believes she is smarter, more clever and more beautiful than anyone else in the world. She makes it quite clear that she feels superior to most everyone else in the world. I cannot imagine her being even a moderately competent, loving mother. It's all about her - and that's not good for kids.

2199 days ago


Jeez, TMZ. How many times can you use the word "adopted" in one story to describe Sharon Stone's kids? Please, join the 21st century. The children, all three of them, are her children. Period. You don't need to qualify them by calling them adopted with each reference. What relevance whatsoever does that add to your story? Had she given birth to them, would you have felt the need to constantly refer to them as her vaginally delivered sons? Adopted kids are kids just like any others. The fact that these children are adopted has nothing to do with this story other than to show your ignorance.

2198 days ago
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