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Tina Fey

Still Traveling Coach?

9/23/2008 10:16 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

She picked up three Emmy awards Sunday night, but even Tina Fey had a minor hold-up at security check-in yesterday at the airport.

Tina Fey: Click to watch
Maybe they thought it was Sarah Palin.


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2221 days ago


that doesn't look like tina fey.

2221 days ago

Leave him alone    

yes, love the no make up and her perky petite...
she is so sharp and dorky at the same time, love her!!

2221 days ago


I know Sarah Palin, and ms. fey, you are NO Sarah Palin. Sarah has a great deal of basic common sense intelligence, has a sterling record of personal and governmental achievements, and I doubt very much that you, dear fey could match even John Kerry's level. After all we all know he had to marry all his money, had poorer grades in Yale than our President Bush who has been hammered mercilessly for 6 years by people like this brain addled ms. fey.

2221 days ago


Not everyone cares who Tina Fey is and she shouldn't get special treatment, she's just an actress...

2221 days ago

Leave him alone    

jake, cut the political crap she is a friggin comedian, seems like you could use a little laughter in your life angry man!!

if you want to get political, go figure out how to rid our country of this strict right/left party line so come november we don't end up with two complete losers for our choices!!

we should have one national primary that we all vote in to get the 3 or 4 canidates for us to cote on come november-

2221 days ago


Thank you Jake!

2221 days ago


6. I know Sarah Palin, and ms. fey, you are NO Sarah Palin.

Posted at 10:57AM on Sep 23rd 2008 by Jake


Have you ever met Tina Fey? Or this backwater woman you call Sarah Palin? Tina Fey is an accomplished comedian and won an Emmy. She's an intelligent, witty, charming and friendly woman. Sarah Palin who is running for the second most important position in our country during an important election is a dimwit who ran from the press for almost two/three weeks after her rollout at the Republican Convention. If Palin is so damned great, why hasn't she allowed the press more access?

She's against a woman's own right to choose, against gay rights, lives in a back water town where guns are used for sport not violence---so of course she's pro gun. Makes fun of people who get involved with their own communities. She and her husband had personal vendettas and acted upon them when she was Govenor. She is not cooperating with the Alaskan legislature investigation regarding her conduct in this matter. If she's done nothing wrong, what gives? Just what we need, someone coming into the Vice Presidential office with a scandal/misdeed already.

Fey doesn't want to keep imitating Palin after November 5th. If you don't like Fey then vote for Obama Nov 4th, and you shall be spared you pea brained twit of a person!


2221 days ago

dont know    

Love Tina Fey, but how did she get tha terrible scar on her face--anyone know?

2221 days ago


I heard she ho'd here way up the ladder at SNL. Comes across as nice, but just another Hollywood/New York tramp!!

2221 days ago

UH HUH    

LOVE her!

2221 days ago

Leave him alone    

i think Mike and Jake should get together...
wtf...i heard she ho' her way up the ladder at snl, wtf and who the hell do you know that could validate this...LOSERS!!

2221 days ago


Thanks #6 Jake and #8 Dallas.

2221 days ago

artie help    

super star steve SHUT UP !!

2221 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

The Emmy's were the worse show I've seen in years. Awful! Can't understand how that nutcase Alec Baldwin won. Did you see him rant and rave in an interview with Diane Sawyer? If I were his ex-wife I wouldn't want him around his daughter, either. He needs anger management classes - oh, yeah, he took them and failed. What an Idiot! Also, why is Jay Leno never nominated? He has the best ratings on nightime TV and is far funnier than any of the others. I didn't think most of the winners deserved to win. Who votes, anyway?

2221 days ago
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