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Amber Frey Going Once, Twice....

9/24/2008 3:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's bad enough Amber Frey's home went into foreclosure. Know what's worse? No one wants it, even for a bargain basement price.
Amber Frey
Just minutes ago, the house went on the auction block in Fresno, Calif., with a starting bid of $306,000. The 13 prospective bidders all passed and after four minutes the house officially went back to the bank.

Is it the tanking real estate market or Scott Peterson's karma? We report, you decide.


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that looks like a nice house for a good price. must be karma.

2186 days ago

The Observer    

So, start the bidding at a lower price. The free market has spoken and the price was too high.

2186 days ago


first bitches!

2186 days ago


How dare you make fun of someone losing their home. It's terrible!

2186 days ago


Whose Amber Frey?

2186 days ago


That house has a BIG ole stigma attached to it...! yup, karma.

2186 days ago


Serves that bitch right. Get involved with a married man, then plays the role of duped victim when it all goes south. She knew exactly what she was getting into.

2186 days ago

Your mom    

No, that isn't a bargain starting bid 306K in Fresno...pfff try again.

2186 days ago

oh yaaaaaaaaaaa    

GREED ! I can't wait until the arrests start coming down on the biggies at the top of this nightmare! How the heck could the government get away with approving and not stopping people buying houses with nothing down. What a freeking nightmare this all is. The Federal Reserve is just watching this all play out to its delight. The American people have been so duped by the Reserve and their own government, and the world will suffer for it. Nice job men!!!!!!!!!

2186 days ago


Bank's not worried, Bush's 700 BILLION dollar bail-out covers them!

2186 days ago

your mother    

I need to start buying some investment property in the U.S. For $300,000, you only get a 1150 sq. ft. half duplex here.

2186 days ago


Maybe TMZ could run a little background info to refresh everyone's collective memory about who some of these people are - took me a minute to recall who is Ambre Frey???

2186 days ago


What an idiot she is. I'm so tired of her. She 'claimed' to be a born again Christian, but slept around with anybody and everybody. She insisted the wrong guy was the father of her daughter and went after him for child support. OOPS! Wrong guy. Turns out the real father was married at the time of conception.She then had another baby out of wedlock. Yep, that's the Christian way... sleep around. She made enough money from her stupid book, she could paid have cash for the house, or bought a resale for less money and paid cash for that.
She married someone in her neighborhood, so maybe she moved into his house and let this one go???
I am glad she helped the MPD get that ba$tard who murdered his wife and baby. Good for her in that decision. But, obviously she still doesn't know how to make right decisions for her life.

2186 days ago

The Hose    

What is that B@$#% doing with a 400,000 dollar house? I'd have thought she lived in a trailer.

2186 days ago


Where is Gloria Alred now that she is in real need

2186 days ago
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