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Amber Frey Going Once, Twice....

9/24/2008 3:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's bad enough Amber Frey's home went into foreclosure. Know what's worse? No one wants it, even for a bargain basement price.
Amber Frey
Just minutes ago, the house went on the auction block in Fresno, Calif., with a starting bid of $306,000. The 13 prospective bidders all passed and after four minutes the house officially went back to the bank.

Is it the tanking real estate market or Scott Peterson's karma? We report, you decide.


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Illinois person    

The house that love sex bought. She needs to go - her 15 minutes are way up!

2186 days ago


An old song "A House is not a Home "

2186 days ago


The investors don't give a single damn about Scott Peterson....Lacy Peterson......or Amber Frey.......if there were 14 investors there, THEY knew the value of the property and at $306,000 it was overpriced. Now that it is bank owned, it will sell for much less.

2186 days ago


Don't be so harsh on Amber, she was unwittingly duped by a murderer!! Can you imagine meeting who you think is Price Charming who wines and dines you and then find out he is/was married and his wife is missing. What a nightmare that was for her and her family. People are losing their homes all over this country, let's not say bad things about them let's hope they can find somewhere else to live.

2186 days ago

frogs and gravel    

Does anyone know how much Amber got for her book deal? I am sure if Gloria (It's all about me) Allred
was involved Amber got very little money. Maybe she spent all the money on condoms and gambling. Oh, that's
right. Amber does not use condoms. "Look how good his haircut is and look at those quills."

2186 days ago

that's all    

Unwillingly duped by a murderer? She's a worthless tramp who slept around with any pair ofpants, and after the first day of meeting and sleeping with that sociopath she BARELY KNEW she let him take her 2 year old daughter ALONE to her daycare.
Ugly Amber FRIED, I hope you enjoy Karma after you tried to make yourself a victim and made money off of Lacy and baby Conner's tragedy.

2186 days ago

connie brighton    

i have followed this case since the begining and read all the books on it, for those of u saying shes a dumb bitch u really dont know a damn thing about the case. its very possible to date a married man and not even know wabout it guys are good at playing dumb, and making you feel like everything is ok, i wish Amber the best and life and hope she can move on from this whole Scott Peterson thing. She deserves better and so do her daughters. i say good for her, sell the house and put everything that has to do with Scott hehind her. more power to her and good luck Amber

2186 days ago


why in the hell would she think she could afford a house like that, and before all that stuff happened she was a massage therapist or something like that, people need to stop living beyond there means

2186 days ago

Big Bear    

Why can she not find another married guy to date?? The married guy could make all her payments for her. Too bad you lost your house!! Try making the payments and they will not repo your house. Why would someone buy something and not pay for it?? Not paying for things one buys is acting like trailer trash!!!

2186 days ago

BJ Rocks    

In the end she came out and did what she could for the victims. She did now know he was married he is the criminal in this mess not her. He should be 6 feet under right about now. He does not deserve to live.

2186 days ago

that's all    

Big deal. What did she do for the victims? Tell the truth like she was supposed to? Since when is telling the truth in a case like this a favor? And wtf was with the book writing deal? That's blood money no matter how much you try to couch it. You can't polish a turd. Now I'm just waiting for allred to get her just due

2186 days ago


BLOOD money, it's never a good thing. She bought this house using the money she got from books about the deaths of Laci and Connor.

Plain and simple. BLOOD money never works out.

2186 days ago


i don't feel sorry for none of those idiots that bought homes for" zero down"

I saved for years & put 20% down so my payments would be low, I also bought a modest home not some fancy mansion

those folks had little invested they got to live in a fancy house(same as rent ) 7 now they cannot afford it...too bad.don't make stupid choices, what is funny is she could have paid cash,,,she had the money

2186 days ago


Serves that home-wrecking whore right!

2186 days ago


It looks like it might be a nice house. I would buy it if it were cheaper. I don't care who used to live there.

2186 days ago
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