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Mama Spears -- Palin Praised, We Got Crucified

9/24/2008 7:22 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lynne Spears raises a very good point about her family and the Palin family's respective pregnancies: While Sarah and Bristol were celebrated, Lynne's lil' girl got "crucified."

"I just feel like it's been a very hypocritical situation," Lynne tells Newsweek. "Every woman in the world has applauded her strength and her convictions and poor little old Jamie Lynn, you saw how she was crucified." And yet, we've been told J-L has tried to reach out to Bristol in some way.

Let's ask Orrin Hatch what he thinks.

Lance -- Pulling Fast One on Tour de France?

This is weird – and intriguing.

Lance Armstrong is expected to announce his big comeback tomorrow, and the Los Angeles Times suggests he might actually be trying to BUY the French company that owns the race. That's like the Yankees buying Major League Baseball. The idea behind the purchase is apparently to help squelch speculation about Lance and steroids.

On the other hand, who would believe test results from a Lance-owned tour?

And Now, For Something Completely Obvious

Glad he cleared that up.

Party Favors: Brangie Going to South America to Adopt Another Child? ... Q Says N to MJ ... Strange Lunchfellows at Phillippe

Brangelina could be headed to South America, like Bolivia or Paraguay, to adopt their next child, says the Chicago Sun-Times ... Quincy Jones tells FOX News he has no intention of producing Michael Jackson's next album ... Ever wondered what Roger Stone, Jalen Rose, Keith Ablow and Hank Sheinkopf might have in common? Perhaps not -- but they've been packin' them in at Ronn Torossian's lunches at Philippe Chow. So now you know.


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Any thought that Bristol has been spared any scrutiny is insane. But, as has been stated, the Spears family is notorious for whoring. I completely agree with the idea that Lynne would much rather having Jamie famous for being pregnant at 16 than unknown and virtuous. The only reason Bristol is out there is because of slime attacks from the libtards.

2218 days ago


Lynne Spears is right for once, jamie Lynne was crucified . People on here wrote awful things, like she is a whore and they hope her baby dies. But now all these conservatives are changing their views to get Palin into office. Teen pregnancy is suddenly ok.

2218 days ago


JL was put under the spot light because she is an idol to young girls - that's the difference. All eyes are on her on TV, Bristol is just a girl. Best of luck to you both with your new additons though - no critisism from me.

2218 days ago


The enitre Palin family is ignorant TRASH! At leaset lynn spears isn't trying to preach her hypocritical beliefs on the entire nation, she knows shes F***ed up......Sarah has 5 kids, one w/ special needs and her ass was back at work 3 days after giving birth.....gee and u wonder why ur daughter was boozing it up with some southern comfort and getitng knocked one's there to watch those train wrecks.

2218 days ago

Belle Start    

Clay couldn't make the cover of People when he had that crappy album that didn't sell, he couldn't make the cover when he adopted (the same time Ruben got married, I guess that was just a conenience) so he had to come out to make the cover and tell us that he is gay. With everything else interesting going on we have to look at that pervert that exposes himself on the internet, how do perverts adopt male children. He is so ugly and the baby is a publicity stunt, he doesn't want a baby, he's looking for a man. Well, you finally made the cover Clay are you happy now, please don't record anymore do us a favor and just stay home and be a good little mother you stupid idiot. And People magazine is in love with Clay, they can't get enough of this freak Liberace looking pervert.

2218 days ago


Really? I think Palin's daughter and Brit's sister are both whores. There, you're even.

2218 days ago


KC - "trying to preach her hypocritical beliefs on the entire nation" - cite your source please.

2218 days ago


The media hates the Palin family and so do the Hollywood liberals. They have been vilified by the media and television. They have been trashed by Saturday Night Live et al. Hardly praised but only by a few.

2218 days ago

hell with them all    

little Spears get over it your sister is a WHORE and smokes crap and you are a GOLD digger and want fame. You opened those legs you little screw whore. get off the world. GIVE ME GIVE ME GET A JOB

2218 days ago


The reason the Spears were crucified is because we expected more from them than we did from some trashy political family. With politicians, hypocrisy and low standards that they preach others to live up to are expected, as well as trash behavior. On the other hands, people respected the Spears family, so when this came about, it came as a shock.

Well, maybe that's not how it went down, but the way I see it, is those who want respect and want to be held in higher regard should be held to a higher standard and have higher expectations. So, when someone like Little Trash Palin makes a mistake and people make excuses and rationalizations for that mistake (which are in no short order among the hypocrite "conservatives" who worship that nutcase here), I can only assume it's because such failings come as no surprise and are expected. On the other hand, when someone we expect to uphold standards fails to do so, they are duly crucified.

Using logic, I can only conclude that the difference in treatment is because it came as no big surprise that party-girl Palin ended up knocked up.

2218 days ago


I don't think Bristol Pailin is getting special treatment. She has been trashed and called a whore all over the Internet and blogs. Even her mother has been trashed for having a baby at 44 and with the stupid rumor that she isn't Trig's mother. I think the Spears have been treated better. No one wants to be Palin now. She is hated by nearly everyone.

2218 days ago


Palin even got her e-mail account hacked by some loser teenager. She IS hated. I would be rather be Spears.

2218 days ago


Tina Fey couldn't even say Palin's name on the red carpet during the Emmy awards. She kept calling Sarah "this woman". Yeah, she has been trashed by Pam "b'itch" Anderson and Pink of all people. Sarah Bernhardt even went on some kind of irrational tirade about her. Disgusting.

2218 days ago


Let me tell you something sweetie. Had you and Palin's daughter kept your legs closed and your panties up you wouldn't have to have this conversation.

2218 days ago


People are praising her for keeping her baby, but not for beng a whore.

2218 days ago
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