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This Chunky Monkey Tastes Like Aunt Esther ...

9/24/2008 10:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

PETA has sent a letter to the co-founders of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream urging them to replace the cow's milk they use in their products for, ahem, human breast milk.

PETA claims human breast milk would cause less suffering for dairy cows and would make a healthier choice for humans. For their part, Ben and Jerry's say they applaud PETA's novel approach -- but believe a mother's milk is best for her child only.

Think of it this way ... Bristol Palin and Jamie Lynn could use their new motherhood for lucrative afterschool jobs!


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Are the PETA people on crack ?

2187 days ago

Crack is WHACK!!!!!    


2187 days ago


WOW! That's sick....Extreme much PETA?

2187 days ago


How are they going to "harvest" this milk?
Can it be homogenized and pasteurized?
Good way for crack whores to make money?
Sell your blood, sell your breast milk...yuk!

2187 days ago


Apparently PETA fails to realize that Ice CREAM has a Keyword in the name... CREAM... Human Mother's Milk does not have enough fat in it to make actual Ice CREAM... WHole Cow's Milk have 7.93 g per cup and Heavy Cream has 96 g per cup. Human breast milk only has 10.77g per cup. Besides, then you are going to have a bunch of lactating women in controlled diets to keep the flavor os their food from contaminating the flavor of the Ice Cream as well as a Human rights issue if the Cow's right's issue is at stake.

2187 days ago


PETA, you guys are the sick ones!!!!
that's just nasty!!!

2187 days ago


For gods sake, PETA has now officially "JUMPED THE SHARK"!
If they want to be taken seriously and not thought of as eco-terriorists they have got to pick their fights a little better. The cows still have to be milked, what should happen to all that milk, down the drain.?

2187 days ago


Its not at wonder nobody takes PETA seriously,the things they come up with is just stupid. And yes I belive they are all smoking crack....just the vegan orgain bio-friendly kind. Idiots.

2187 days ago


What the hell? This has got to be an April Fool's joke. PETA has already shown themselves to be pushing the envelope of common sense and decency, but are these idiots completely nuts?

2187 days ago


oops before i get trashed talked I meant to say " Organic" not "Orgain"

2187 days ago


Gross. That's it. Just gross.

2187 days ago

mom, any shred of credibility PETA had left after Pam Anderson became a spokesperson------has now been utterly lost.

2187 days ago


VERY FUNNY how everyone is disgusted at the idea of human breast milk, yet COW breast milk, cow's that have been pumped with hormones, antibiotics, and steroids, IS JUST FINE TO DRINK!!!!

EWW, I would much rather drink human breast milk than dirty cow breast milk!

In fact, I would rather drink NEITHER!

Soy milk for life!!!

2187 days ago


This just proved to me the absolute insanity of PETA. Sure, how about I go the diner I just ask for a big old glass of Chocolate Breast milk?! Come on now. How about I also ask Ben and Jerry to toss in some semen while they are at it - I understand it's just chock full of protein! OK - It is definitely time to pass a law against STUPIDITY! Now I am going to their website to tell them so....

2187 days ago


Is this real?!? How about the pain of pumping the breast milk? Yeah, let's save the MILK cows from the suffering of getting the MILK! DUH!!!

2187 days ago
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