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Tom Brady Gimps Out of Hiding

9/24/2008 4:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tom Brady came out of hibernation today with his GF Gisele, and the injury that sidelined the NFL star for the season is painfully evident.
Tom Brady: Click to watch
Without the use of a crutch, Tom silently limped into Gisele's New York pad -- and although he moved around pretty well on the street, the devastating injury to his left knee clearly made it difficult for him to climb the stairs.

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No Avatar


Poor baby!! Hope he gets his other ACL torn next year!! GO EAGLES!!!!!!

2217 days ago


I think Tom tries to stay out of the media he seems like a decent guy, leave him alone TMZ.

2217 days ago


WHO CARES!!!! He's a quarterback!!!! He's not anything special!! Now ,if you show his old ladies boobs, that would be a story!!!!
Just saying...............

2217 days ago

independent voter    

Brady! Get back to Boston and your team. I've never seen anything like this! If you want to be in NY so badly get traded! You should be on the sidelines helping your team! Earn your salary. The Krafts better get rid of him soon and his bad Karma. Gisele isn't the jinx Brady is! Now you're old and injured. There is always someone younger and better coming up. If the season is lost then start rebuilding. Brady is not a Bostonian and never will be. The only way he can turn this around is be with his team and help out on the sidelines. THERE IS NO "I" IN THE WORD TEAM BRADY!

2217 days ago


You know what I don't get? You losers come on this website daily (I've come to recognize some of your names by now) and after each story you ask "So? Who is he?" And "Why do we care?" What I want to know is why do you still, day after day, come to this website and write the same stuff if it offends, bothers, troubles or irritates you so deeply? You write the same boring thing over and over. Maybe try a different website? I realize that some of the stories that TMZ has been posting lately are quite lame, but still, it's a "celebrity" web site. Not a real news web site. Considering most celebrities live in a bubble, doesn't it make sense that celebrity reporting becomes redundant, boring or rediculous after a while? I just think people waste so much time saying how TMZ wastes thier time. It's weird. Whew. I feel better now.

2217 days ago

This Black Chick Thinks Shia LaBouf Is Fine As Hell!!    

Daaaaang! She (Gisele) must be giving Brady some SERIOUS ass! Fake an 'injury' just to be up in your woman's ass?!?!

Can anyone say 'whipped'??

2217 days ago


If he's due for tests or surgery he doesn't need to be at the games-#4 you are an idiot and obviously not a Pats fan at all.

2217 days ago


StarStruck you're a PIECE O WORK!!!!
Karma's a b*tch...and so r u!!

He's very talented, respected athelete, who doesn't give the tabloids any salacious stories...do be a hater!!

2217 days ago


I enjoy a good TMZ video as much as the next one but this one isn't even worth posting. And as someone else noted, it felt very intrusive. I know that sounds stupid considering I'm on TMZ, but come on!

2217 days ago


Anyone that wishes an injury on another because they are good has to be a Nitwit. What pathetic lives these dip shjt haters must live all because their team(s) sucks. LOL... freakin losers.

2217 days ago

hell with them all    

Don't worry Tom I'll handel Gisele for ya. I know she needs a person who can move around the bed room alittle faster. MMMMMMMMMMM she good.

2217 days ago


I hope the rest of the patriots games this season end up like the game against the dolphins. I loved watching them get beat at home. Nothing sweeter. Karma to Belicheck for cheating and running up the scores last season.

2217 days ago

Anonymous Bitch    

Guess she'll be riding him like a COWGIRL! Whoo hoo!

2217 days ago


i hope he comes back next year and then suffers a career ending injury. same with giselle. i hope she falls hard on the cat walk. it would be an improvement of what her face looks like now.

2217 days ago


Mr (or Ms) Pat Fan....Brady does not need to be on the sidelines, there isn't anything he can do there. He is however attending all QB meetings and giving his input there. If he wants to live in NY, so be it. Not all Pat fans are from Boston (thank god)

2217 days ago
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